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when green flag clicked
say [Welcome to Scratch]
move (10) steps
insert [new scratcher] at (1 v) of [Scratchers v]
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Hi! Since you don't appear to be a New Scratcher introducing yourself to the community, I will report this to be closed.
Scratch Team member Harakou said it best:

Harakou wrote:

Please only create new threads here if you're a New Scratcher introducing yourself the community. We don't need any more guides/intro topics right now, thanks!
Also, please don't use the BBCode Scratch blocks in the way you just did, known as blockspam.

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Well, not yet! But if you don't want to see this message on Scratch, then you support Net Neutrality! Net neutrality ensures that we can view websites and videos without fees, throttling, and/or censorship. But the FCC is hoping to stop all that, and allowing ISPs like Verizon and Comcast do the above mentioned things! We could have to pay to see websites. Our ISPs could simply say “Nope!” if we try to access a website. You could see a message like the one above everywhere on Scratch–and on other websites like YouTube! Don't you want to be able to use the Internet freely, without paying extra money? Then go here to see what you can do to help. More information is over there!

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