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I need an idea for a space game with a rocket ship!

Hey everyone! I don't have many ideas for games, and I've been stuck on this problem for a bit now. I've made a game in space with space ships, and I have all the menus working. All I need is a game to actually play! The project can be found here. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/201809304/
Please help!

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I need an idea for a space game with a rocket ship!

When I tried playing your game, I didn't know how to play. When you say “All I need is a game to actually play”, I think you mean that there's no game?
So far, I think the graphics are REALLY nice and the code is nicely executed, as far as I can tell. If you're familiar with cloning, you could make enemy ships that slowly go to the player's ship and the player must shoot them.

Hope I helped! If there's a problem, I'll see if I can fix it!

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Hey guys! I like making thumbnails, so tell me if you want me to make one for you! :)
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