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Bumper needed for SolarWind Stores!

Attention Scratchers!!!!

Do you want to work in a shop, but don't have the skills?! Then today is your Lucky Day!
My shop, Solar Wind Stores has gone under, because I have not been able to Bump it. All you will need to do for me is to Bump the topic once a day, and you will be an official staff member! If you like the sound of that, you can apply by posting here or commenting on my profile But hurry, there's only ONE position up for grabs!


Hi, and Welcome to my signature! It doesn't change that often, but, hey, might be intresting to read; you never know (or at least not until you read it.) If you've got this far, it's pretty obvious that you're reading this to see just how intresting it is. Yes, you're reading this to see if there's a bonus bit at the end. You have to satisfy your natural curiosity and see how it turns out. Well, I dare you to stop…
You couldn't do it, could you? Sorry, you lost! Bye now!
Cats' kidneys are so efficient that they don't need to drink water! (but they should)

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