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SB file size

hello, I wonder how much megabit I can use with scratch offline
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SB file size

Online/offline the maximum you can use in a file size is 50 MB. If you're offline, then you'll know when you try to upload your project to the Scratch Website; Scratch will display this generic error message when your file is too big to upload that says
“Server error:
Then a button that says ok.

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SB file size

There is no limit to a project size as long as you don't upload the project to Scratch. If you do, the limit is 50MB.
Also, if you prefer to speak French (the official language of Congo) we are happy to do so.

Il n'y a pas de limite à la taille d'un projet tant que vous ne téléchargez pas le projet sur Scratch. Si vous le faites, la limite est de 50 Mo.
Aussi, si vous préférez parler français (comme c'est la langue officielle du Congo), nous sommes heureux de le faire.

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