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Videos in project

Hi, i tried cutting the video into 10-30 second parts as gifs but it didn,t work because of the file size
is it possible to simply, when clicking on a certain sprite, to direct it to a video and make it stay inside the project without clicking on the link?
When i try to put the gifs i get a message that says it exceeds the size by xxxxx kb…
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Videos in project

Hi. It's not possible to link to videos inside Scratch projects, but you could always upload pictures and animate them through code. Remember to make sure you have rights to use anything you upload.

If you have lots of frames in a GIF animation then you could exceed the file size limit, which is 50 megabytes per project.

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If you own a Scratch shop, you should check outthis,this, this and this,

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Videos in project

You can use gifs as icons (like my one) or videos in projects to use them in projects you want to right click the gif/image and save the image as. then click the upload from file button, next tothe “paint new sprite” button then get your gif out and do this simple code:
when green flag clicked
go to front
wait (0.01) secs
next costume

hope this helped!

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