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“This is kind of like Doodle4Google.
You make a project designing a thumbnail for this studio, and leave a link to it in the comments. Make sure to follow the requirements below with your thumbnail. Often we will look through your projects and find a new thumbnail to change the studio to. We will also give credit here in the notes (of course).

Feel free to provide a short description of your thumbnail and what it represents in your project notes or inside the project – that would be awesome!”

- The description of Design this Studio's Thumbnail

The Design this Studio's Thumbnail studio (as said above) is a studio for projects designing the thumbnail of the studio.


by @Wahsp

by @bigpuppy

by @stellar_11

Note for stellar_11 and Wahsp: If you'd like your thumbnails removed from this post, feel free to ask me. I uploaded them to cubeupload, and I'm not sure if you can delete them from there.
But it won't cause any harm if no place is linking to them. So just ask if you want them removed from this topic.

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▶︎▶︎ Design this Studio's Thumbnail

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I still think it needs a bit more….

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