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Dustbox Saves and Large Changelog

Dustbox: Rebirth official changelog and saves sharing.
Hello! Welcome to the Dustbox: Rebirth change log and save discussion!
Alpha 1.00: Public early access build. Adds many new things upon Dustbox 2.0!
- Added Boom time
- Added Life Slowness
Alpha 1.01: Bugfix
Alpha 2.00: Brightness added.
Alpha 2.10: Fixed some brightness bugs.
- Fixed a bug where brightness wouldn't appear
- Fixed a bug where it wouldn't show on the preview.
Alpha 2.15: Fixed bugs from that bug fix.
Alpha 2.20: Bugs fixed.
Alpha 2.21: More bug fixes, lots of these.
Beta 1.00: Official beta movement!
- Added Black holes
- Added Gravity option.
Beta 1.10: Bug fix
- Fixed a bug where saving was completely broken.
- Fixed some smaller bugs.
Beta 1.15: Bug fix.
- Fixed a bug where Explosion Delays were not saved.
Pre-Release: Private testing of 1.00
1.00: Release!
- Added boulders.
- Fixed a bug in pre-release where boulders would fly.
- Fixed a bug in pre-release where boulders would behave completely wrong.
- Fixed a bug where dust couldn't die.
1.10: Small bug fix.
2.00: First large update in release.
- New thumbnail to show new features.
- Added ability to draw the floor by holding 0.
- Added Track 4.
3.00: Large update.
- Added Playable Dust
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Added more options tab.
3.11: Bug fix.
- Fixed a bug where the clearing button was the same as the playable dust's jump.
3.61: Tweaks to playable dust.
- You can move while jumping
3.92: Tweaks to playable dust.
- Moving system change.
3.93: Bug fix.
- Fixed a bug where size got messed up because it was never reset before loading saves.
3.94: Bug fix.
- Fixed a bug where gravity would have the same problem.

Some save codes.

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Dustbox Saves and Large Changelog

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