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chikorita speak

chi ko ri ta ri ta ri ri ta.
( hello chat, my name is chikorita )

chi chi chi… ri ko ri ri ri?
( so you may wonder, is it a fake language? )

ko ko chi.
( It's not. )

ri ta chi ko chi ko chi chi
( hope it doesn't get removed due to the strict rules )

ri ri
( bye bye )


So, Chikorita speak is a new language developed by a 11-year-old human trying to find a chikorita. Eventually, just by smelling a chikorita, that chikorita learned a whole new human language and the human knew a language that is spoke by chikorita. Chikorita started to talk proper English, which is referred to snuggle speak by the Chikorita. The human started to smell the chikorita more and more, each day by keeping it on a Pokemon ball and releasing it. After that, an evil Chikorita started the worst computer plague in history: The Chika Virus, which spreaded to computers and changed their backgrounds to Chikorita, making more humans speak those language. The cure to the plague was found by a 12-year-human who used antimatter and chlorophyll to form a lavender liquid, which by conventional means, changed from a lavender liquid stored in a USB drive. Eventually, all the desktops changed back to the original photos. Now, rumor has it that if you see Chikorita152A's profile page and smell the Chikorita on a project, the Chikorita speak will spread. So do the following before you post.

1. Go to Chikorita152A's profile page
2. Smell the Chikorita on a random page ( often found in the featured project )
3. Post what you learn here with an English translation.
4. After doing this, do not try to smell the Chikorita according to law. Only one person rumored to exist in the capital of the Chikorita civilization can smell the Chikorita many times. Failure to abide may result in addiction.

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Chikorita152A- Lagstorm
Lagstormers : Age of Ceebee's Wrath
Into the Lagstorm
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chikorita speak

Sounds interesting and rather creative!

However, this still isn't considered a real language (since “Chikorita” isn't widely known yet ). So, please don't post here unless it's to help native speakers of real non-English languages, or if you're a native speaker of such a language.

You could make a project about this and advertise it in the Show and Tell forum though.

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chikorita speak

As mentioned above - very creative! But not a good fit for the forums section. Please make a Scratch project and advertise it.

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