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This one's story line is taken from a book.

“Joseph!” No reply “Joseph!” A boy comes stumbling down the staircase.

“What??” He asks. Irritated at the interruption of his events.

“Take your brother with you and get some wood!” The old woman was his mother. She was getting old. Even though Joseph and his brother, Daniel, were both under twenty years of age. Ever since their father died the tow bothers had to take care of everything. Joseph hated this. He believed his dad had died due to suicide. Daniel thought otherwise, “Take your brother with you!”

“Seriously!? It's just getting wood! I can do this by myself! I don't need my brother to micro-manage everything I do!” Joseph disliked his brother has a passion. Since he was younger than Daniel his mother always had him be supervised by him. That ticked him off to no end.

Daniel came down the stairs, “What do you want us to do?” He asked as he addressed his mother.

“Go get some wood with your bother!” The mother always seemed to be cranky. She had lost her sight a few weeks after the father's passing. She never got up from her arm chair.

“Ok.” Daniel was always quick to follow orders. He had pity for his mother and was willing to do anything she asked for.

Daniel grabbed his coat as Joseph grabbed his, muttering, “This sucks.”

“I hate this as much as you Joe.” Whispered Daniel.

Joseph wasn't sure whether Daniel ticked him off purposely or not. Together they walked into the dense, dark woods that lay beyond their house. Daniel let Joseph carry the axe. He never thought about what was going to happen.
“Why the heck didn't we cut down that tree!?” A couple of hours later they were both in the dense forest. Daniel losing his mind over Josephs stinginess about tree cutting.

“It was't good enough!” He yelled.

“What the heck do you mean!? ‘Not good enough’!?”

“Would you just shut it!? I'm sick of your bossiness! Leave me be!”

“Bossy!? BOSSY!? I can show you bossy you ungrateful swine!” Daniel swung a fist at his brother. That's when it happened.

Joseph raised the axe in defense. Cutting his brother's hand off. Daniel's hand fell. Blood pouring out. He turned white, staring at Joseph. Then, as if a demon had come over Joseph, he struck down his brother. Swinging the axe mercilessly until nothing was left but a dead body.
Joseph dropped the axe in terror, “What the heck did I do!?” was the only thing that he could hear. He went to a very large nearby well, and threw Daniel's body down. It landed with a thud. Joseph sat by the side. Taking in everything that had happened. He thought what he would say to his mother. How he would explain, “I can't tell her.” he thought. With that he got up and walked back to his house. When he entered his mother asked, “Who's that?”

“It's me, Joseph, mom.”

“Joseph! Did you get the wood? Where's your brother?”

“He's here.” He lied, “We got the wood.”

“Daniel? How'd it go?”

“H-He doesn't want to talk.”


“Nothing. He just doesn't want to.” That night Joseph slept. He awoke to the smell of cooked food. He went down the stairs to see his mother being fed by a man.

“Who are you?” Joseph asked.

The man turned around. Looking at Joseph he smile and said, “I'm you brother Joe. Duh.” The man was Daniel.

Joseph turned white, “W-w-what are you d-doing here?” he asked.

“I got the wood.” He smiled. motioning with the plate in his hand to a pile of cut logs, “Breakfast?” He gestured toward the table. Food was on it.

“N-no thanks.”

Joseph spent the rest of the day in his room. trying to find out why his brother was still alive. That night, he decided to go back to the well.
When he approached the wall it was the dead of night. He had brought a rope. He entered down the long dark tunnel that was the well. When he came to the bottom, he found Daniel's body. Exactly as he left it. Joseph was relieved. That night he slept in the well. Just to make sure.
Joseph was fast asleep. That's when Daniel's body turned over. Eyes wide open.
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