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I get notifications about my own activity

I have a bug with my studios. If I post a comment on a studio that I curate (or change the description, thumbnail or title), the next time I log in I get something like this in the messages window:

There was new activity in Studio today

If I then click on the studio, I get:

python_megapixel left a comment


python_megapixel made edits to the title or description of this studio

My activity was the only thing to happen in the studio since I last viewed it.

This is frustrating because it clogs up the messages window.

By the way, the Scratch ‘paste browser / operating system version’ failed. But it is irrelevant, since I get the bug on any browser or OS.
My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 51.0.2704.79, Flash 27.0 (release 0)

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1000+ posts

I get notifications about my own activity

This happens to everyone
It's not a bug, it's just showing the activity of the studio like it's meant to

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