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Am I allowed to add a Scratch download on an external site?

I am posting one of my games to itch.io and I want to include a download link to Scratch. My game will be an optional-donation name-your-price thing, but I am making it very very clear that I am not selling Scratch, I am providing the download link so it is easier to get to. They are paying (if they want) for my game. Is that okay?
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Am I allowed to add a Scratch download on an external site?

Yes. Scratch is open source, so as long as you made the game yourself, you can pretty much do anything with it (but you can only share it on Scratch if it follows the Community Guidelines

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Am I allowed to add a Scratch download on an external site?

FAQ on the website wrote:

Can I sell my Scratch projects?
Certainly - your project is your creation. Keep in mind that once you share your project on Scratch, everyone is free to download, remix, and reuse it as per the terms of the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license. So if you intend to sell your project, you may want to un-share it from Scratch.
Yeah it's fine

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