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Fighting dinosaur games

I've recently made a game called War for Wi-Fi which is a game about google chrome dinosaurs fighting each other. I am still updating the game and will continue to do that. Anyways, the game has 3 different attacks and 1 power up so far. The 3 attacks are charge, bite, and jump attack. The power up is shrink. There are 4 different maps which have not been given a name. There are 2 modes which are 1 Player and 2 Player. 1 Player is just fighting against an AI. 2 Player is 2 players fighting against each other. I still need ideas for music and attacks also power ups. If you have any ideas for the game then post them here. The link to the game is https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/188836128/

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Fighting dinosaur games

Nice game mate.

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