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I Need New Pixel Art Ideas And Project Ideas?

You may be thinking, how might this help you, well if one person is to post an idea then anyone after that person can use that idea and leave one behind, I will give you possibly a list of ideas and their code. I need new pixel art ideas and project ideas in general. You can help me get more ideas for pixel art by doing one easy thing: just give me the link of the page or whatever you want the idea to be, you can also just write a list of ideas. For project ideas, my usually projects are getting any views, and I have dropped dead no follower gain in a while. So I need something you like and what you think many other people will like. I will probably create a project where you can just remix and add ideas to the list, doing so making a long list. I will not add Ideas yet but you can too. This is the link. Now more about pixel art, there is a picture under this text and it shows what I am working on, if you are to give me ideas try not to go way over 1000 pixels.
Now for some ideas.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
-3D Objects
when green flag clicked
go to x: (0) y: (0)
define Build
change y by (2)
Using this code you can also have a switch costumes, for example check out my 3D object here
-racing game
-shooting game
-3D maze
-guessing game
-clicking test
-speed art
-chat room(not recommended)
-3D pen(hard)
Well I hope that is enough ideas if not make sure to add more, I am always on discussion so if you have a recommendation I will probably respond. Else I might be on vacation. Also off topic New Years is almost here so have a great New Year. Bye
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