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Extensions setup

LEGO WeDo 1.0
If you use Chrome, do you use Windows or Mac?
If you don't use Chrome, do you use Windows or Mac?

Status: Hardware Devices
You'll need a device to have a working extension. There are thingys called stats and lights that help us determine whether a device is not plugged in, plugged in but the extension just can't sense it, and ready to go. The three stats are shown below:

Red light: There is no device currently plugged in
Yellow light: There is a device but the computer can't sense it
Green light: The device is ready to go!

  • Make sure you've installed everything you need to install.
  • Make sure you have allowed your browser to run the plugin.
  • Reopen your browser.
  • Make sure you don't all ready have Scratch open.
  • Make sure everything is hooked up.

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Extensions setup

What do you mean by Extensions setup?

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