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Project Ideas

GREEN - easy, doesn't call for as much experience
ORANGE - moderate, might require some experience
RED - advanced, requires lots of experience

Simple calculator with four operations
Simple clicker-style game
Platformer without a particular theme
Animate your name
Endless runner
Animation on the evils of corndogs (IDK)
Interactive story (difficulty depends on how interactive)
Welcome to Scratch project
About me project
Ambient vector art

Pen-rendered animation
Analog clock that tells real time
Tutorial - the difficulty depends on what subject you want it to be on
Pen art, like fireworks or spirals
Platformer where you can only press either the left or the right arrow key, and the key you can press switches every level
Infinite multidirectional scrolling RPG
A game where you are in free fall and you need to dodge rockets, birds, planes, balloons, etc

OS simulation
Pathfinding AI
Archery/cannon game, with actual trigonometry-based physics
Massive multiplayer game in which different colors are different teams, and touching a color block switches your color
3D platformer
Raycaster/First person shooter

Please give credit if you use one of those ideas, it is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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Project Ideas

I'm working on the school project, which is a food trip in my body and how I breathe.
But how do I work on the second project, which is how I breathe.
Please help me
I know you have great ideas.
Wait for your answers.

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