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סקראץ' ויקי בעברית!

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אנחנו yzyzyz, liorking20, bip901 ו yonatan07.
אנחנו החלטנו להקים סקראץ' ויקי בעברית, שנמצאת בקישור הזה
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hi! I'm yzyzyz, the owner of the #bring_it_back studio, a sticky, 400+ projects and 500+ posts.
I am an active scratcher.
advertise in my signature!
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סקראץ' ויקי בעברית!

אחלה רעיון!
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סקראץ' ויקי בעברית!


Scratch Team Member, kayak and pickleball enthusiast, cat caregiver.

This is my forum signature! On a forum post, it is okay for Scratchers to advertise in their forum signature. The signature is the stuff that shows up below the horizontal line on the post. It will show up on every post I make.
(credit to Za-Chary)


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