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Previous costume

I support! I got really confused and thats why I had to look this up!
Although I know how to now, new people to scratch would have NO IDEA and might not even know scratch wiki is here.
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Previous costume

define previous costume
switch costume to [previous costume v]
then it's the wrong shade of purple

red link
[url=redlink.com][color=red][u]red link[/u][/color][/url]
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Previous costume

here it is.
previous costume ::looks

:-) ::#228b22 reporter //this is minim, he defends my signature from evil kumquats

@turnRight ::#000000 cap // the rewinder, made to make evil kumquats turn around from your signature

this is me, your friend great_elmo.
you will laugh at this
I speak fluent German.
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Previous costume

Oof. Previous costumes, then next costumes, and then backdrops…
Actually there are previous/next backdrop blocks.
switch backdrop to [previous backdrop v]
switch costume to [next backdrop v]
next backdrop
Needing next costume block? It's already there:
next costume
But the previous costume? It is easy, too! You just need 2 reporters and one stack block. 2 costumes and 1 operator block.
switch costume to ((costume [number v]:: looks) - (1)) // Changed number # to number [ v], boom 500 IQ -teassing myself-
No Support.

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Previous costume

Considering how simple the workaround is (shown in the post above), I don't think a previous block is needed.
This opinion is basically a copy paste from another previous costume topic that was closed for being a duplicate so ok.

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