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Divine Studios. (Game Publishing Powerhouse)

Sup guys, I am the CEO of the game making scratch studio named divine studio, we are currently working on a online RPG game, with a lot of worlds to explore. We are so close to release it’s amazing, the game is filled with incredible custom music, graphics, and PVP.

But recently we have been talking about expanding our platform, meaning taking the time out of our day to help people make there games, and in the process we both make gain. Tell me if you think you are interested, we will send a top notch programmer your way ( he even knows real coding ).

We have also been developing a way to advance scratch, we are currently experimenting, to create a 3D game, that has decent graphics. Then we plan on releasing that code, for scratchers to implement into there games. We will also offer a full blown tutorial on how to use it. We are also experimenting on other things as well, we will tell you all about it in our next post, just let me know if you want to join.


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