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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

NitroCipher wrote:

It would be a pain in the butt, but it might be possible for us to write a ScratchX to Ex3.0 conversion script.
This is a pretty old post, but I think this would definitely be possible, and probably not too hard…

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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

If Arduino could be supported in later versions of Scratch that would be great
define arduino main operating system
(Pin 13)
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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

I am a software developer very interested in creating STEM based extensions for Scratch 3.0. I have already begun developing extensions for upcoming Scratch 3.0 and have some questions.


1. Currently, I am installing my extensions as ‘built in’ extensions akin to other extensions
that are distributed with ‘scratch-gui’ project. Is this still the ‘only way’ to test custom built extensions?

2. Has an official date been determined for when Scratch Team will publish ‘final’ specifications/guidelines for “unofficial” extensions?
I understand that these extensions can only be used within the ‘offline’ version of Scratch 3.0.

3. Has an official date been determined for when Scratch Team will accept ‘extension’ to be included with ‘official’ extensions?

Please advise.
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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

Now I need help.
I want to implement my extension blocks and menus to be multi lingual.
So, I read Scratch-3.0-Extensions-Specification and implemented “translation_map” option. But it didn't work. For example, It always displays the default extension name “Mincramming Junior” whatever locale is.
My source is like below…
What is wrong with it?

getInfo () {
return {
id: Scratch3Micramming1Blocks.EXTENSION_ID,
name: formatMessage({
id: ‘extensionName’,
default: ‘Mincramming Junior’,
description: ‘Extension name’
blocks: [
opcode: ‘Chat’,
text: formatMessage({
id: ‘Micramming1.ChatBlock’,
default: 'チャットする「 」',
description: ‘マインクラフトにメッセージを送ります。’
blockType: BlockType.COMMAND,
arguments: {
MSG: {
type: ArgumentType.STRING,
defaultValue: formatMessage({
id: ‘Micramming1.DefaultChat’,
default: ‘こんにちは!’,
description: ‘hello: the default’
description: ‘hello: the default’
translation_map: {
‘ja’: {
‘extensionName’: ‘マイクラミング 低学年’,
‘Chat’: 'チャットする「 」',
‘Chat.MSG_default’: ‘こんにちは!’
‘ja-Hira’: {
‘extensionName’: ‘マイクラミング ジュニア’,
‘Chat’: 'チャットする「 」',
‘Chat.MSG_default’: ‘こんにちは!’
‘en’: {
‘extensionName’: ‘Micramming Junior’,
‘Chat’: 'Send to chat ',
‘Chat.MSG_default’: ‘Hello!’

I am developing an extension with scratch-vm. And I have succeeded to make some original blocks to manipulate a Minecraft's world through Rapsberry-Pi mod.
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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

If you do not have the blue tooth connection to micro: bit, how can you connect with Scratch 3. 0.
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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

The extension for Scrathc3.0 to program a Minecraft world, that I have almost finished build.
You can play it from below URL.


(1) You can use blocks without “| helper” label at their tail.
These are only for memberships.
(2) This requires “raspberryjammod” based on Forge extension.
Please see below and install them before trying above extension.


I hope you enjoy it.

スクラッチ3.0 でも、マインクラフトの世界をプログラミングできるようにしました。


(1) ブロックの末尾に「ヘルパー」の表示がある物は使えません。

(2) 事前にラズパイmodをインストールしておく必要があります。



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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

OnMax wrote:

LegoRobin6 wrote:

I want lego boost!

There's already one but it was temporarily removed as a Speech extension

Hello OnMax,
could you explain a bit for a Newbee?
I found the extensions in:
and there was no legoboost like file inside (like you said), but unluckily I was not able to find “Speech extension”

My goal is the following project (If there is someone with similar setup, I would be really happy to perform some review, etc.)
- RPI 3 with BLE
- Arduino nano with IR diode (I will try to create myown extension, using RS232 as interface to the Arduino
- Lego Boost with 3 motors, color/distance sensor Tilt sensors, LED controlled by BLE
- Lego train with IR (red/blue,1..4 channels)

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