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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

JGames101 wrote:

I have managed to port one of my extension to Scratch 3 (the blocks don't completely work yet, but I'm working on that, but they do load)

I followed the instructions to download the latest version of the scratch gui to work on it. I then copied the example extension, and rewrote my notifications extension in that format. Then, I uploaded it to github. I found the file that controls the list of extensions in the extensions button, and added mine. I set the URL to my github file, and it loaded in, and as you can see, the blocks appeared.

Official instructions for developing Scratch 3 extensions will be coming sometime between now and August (Scratch 3 release), according to The FAQ.

Update: I have everything working, except asking for notification permission. For some reason, that doesn't work.
Code can be found at https://github.com/JGames101/scratch-extensions/blob/master/notifications/3.js

To test your extension, add it to the index.js file located here: https://github.com/LLK/scratch-gui/tree/develop/src/lib/libraries/extensions
You can use actual URLs.
Then, if you open the page, you should see an extra Extension under the extensions popup thing. Clicking it will add your extension to the project, and you can test it.

So… testing your extensions currently requires downloading the source for scratch 3's GUI. No parts, like the VM or Renderer, are needed to be changed to test extensions, despite where default scratch extensions are stored (I went through the process of forking the VM for nothing…)

I will be making some simple demo extensions, that you'll be able to see below, and then I'll publish a fork of Scratch-GUI with some sample extensions.
do you know if you can make a project with all of those blocks?

please check out my projects
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Creating extensions for Scratch 3.0

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