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I'm aware that there is a deadline for getting translation work reviewed by the end of September and that there will be a new version of Scratch released in the autumn.
1. Is there a specific date in a month when the translations are imported into Scratch? I can then aim to get new strings translated and reviewed by that date.
2. Will the new version of Scratch affect the number of translation files in Transiflex that need to be translated? Will the legacy files still be used?
3. Is it possible to be clearer which files will be used in a limited number of languages - conference and camps, for instance, appear to come into this category.
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Work for this Month...

We're releasing updates to Scratch and the website on a regular monthly basis, usually at the end of the month although releases can be delayed when there are US holidays that interfere. We pull updated translations from Transifex on a nightly basis. So when the release is built it has translations that are current as of the previous day.

The change that is going to happen is which translations are pulled from Transifex on a nightly basis. Translations can be reviewed or unreviewed. When we moved from Pootle to Transifex, everything was unreviewed and we needed time for people who were reviewers on Pootle to move over to Transifex. We didn't want to not have Scratch translated all of a sudden, so we decided to import both unreviewed and reviewed translations from Transifex when building Scratch. Now that we've been on Transifex for six months it seems like a good time to switch to just using reviewed translations when we build Scratch. In October we'll switch the script that runs nightly to only pull in reviewed translations. That won't actually be visible on the Scratch site until the end of October.

We announced this change mainly for any languages where there is a large percentage of unreviewed translations, to give people a head's up to focus on getting current translations reviewed in that case. For languages where reviewing translations is mostly caught up with translating, it's just business as usual.

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Work for this Month...

I am a 1-woman band trying to maintain 20+ products in my spare time, so I don't have the time to hit the “Review” button on eveything. Can you make an exception for languages with small teams, to continue using unreviewed translations?

Reviews are great if you can afford them. I can't.

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