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idea #004 Enlarge the Focus from Scratch to POCKETCODE

#004 Enlarge the Focus from Scratch to POCKETCODE alias Catrobat. Because many African children and even teachers have no access to a PC/Laptop/tablet its necessary to have a “Scratch-Like” tool that runs on Smartphones. Smartphones are much more common in African countries than PC/Laptop/tablet. Even the future Scratch 3.0 will not run on Smartphones (mobile yes, but just tablets) and Mitch Resnick himself recommended to use PocketCode where only Smartphones are available.

Please comment if you like this idea and if and how you want to contribute to make it real.
Find out more in the thread #001 Create a list of Ideas about “Scratch for Africa” in the forum and a thread per idea

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idea #004 Enlarge the Focus from Scratch to POCKETCODE

Thanks, Martin! Catrobat is free open source and non-profit, patterned after Scratch, and allows you to take advantage of your phone's high screen resolution, all sensors as well as the cameras and multi-touch, includes a physics game engine, and much (much!) more. Our Pocket Code app now also has a built-in Scratch converter, which is still beta and thus a bit hidden in the overflow-menu on the main screen. Please note that Pocket Code has been optimized for teenagers.

W.r.t. Africa, please please please help us to translate Catrobat's apps and websites such as https://share.catrob.at into your language. The next release of Pocket Code will allow to also select non-system languages for the interface, i.e., languages that are not officially supported by Android or iOS, such as Sindhi. An improved right-to-left language support, e.g., for Arabic or Hebrew, will also be included in the next release. Please go to http://translate.catrobat.org/ to start — thank you very much!

Kind Regards,


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfgangslany/

Catrobat website: https://www.catrobat.org/
Google+: http://catrob.at/plus
FaceBook: http://catrob.at/fb
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pocket_Code
YouTube: http://catrob.at/youtube
Education Website: http://education.catrobat.org
Pocket Code on Google Play: http://catrob.at/pc
Project sharing site for programs made by the users: https://share.catrob.at/
Contributing: http://catrob.at/contributing
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idea #004 Enlarge the Focus from Scratch to POCKETCODE

@hej_wickie_hej: Thank you for your post and for founding the “POCKETCODE-Movement” Wolfgang! I hope that your vision, you explained to me at the Africa-session at Scratch2017BDX will come true: To help much more children in countries where PC/Laptop/tablet are not so common, to learn with and by creating their own programs using Smartphones. Hope you'll find many people that want to help and will join this thread!

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idea #004 Enlarge the Focus from Scratch to POCKETCODE

How to Create a https://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Scratch_Wiki#Starting_a_Scratch-Wiki_in_your_language:
You're free to get the steps.

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