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Mario Platformer Collaboration

hi I am making a mario game. and I need help. if you want to help I would be delighted to add you to my collab. so I will need:
after you have been added, you can tell me what you have done by commenting me on my collab studio(the studio is the collab). you can show me your spritesheets by adding your sprite sheet to a project and add it to the collab studio. I can take it from my backpack. and your art. by art I mean backgrounds and stuff. do the same thing for them. put them in a project, add it to the collab studio and I will take it in my backpack. one more thing.
I only accept ripped spritesheets and ripped backgrounds. I need a Mario sprite, goombas, koopas and bullet bulls. For art I need backdrops and terrains.

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Mario Platformer Collaboration

i'll do art and sprites

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