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Incomplete "Nihogo" (easy Japanese)

“Nihongo” (easy Japanese / Hiragana) is incomplete in v456.0.2 (Offline editor) and v456 (Online mode).
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Incomplete "Nihogo" (easy Japanese)

v i s i t m y p r o f i l e o r e l s e y o u w i l l b e b a n i s h e d f r o m t h e l a n d o f e x i s t e n c e . f o l l o w t o o .

this is very sad. can we hit 50 likes pls?
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Incomplete "Nihogo" (easy Japanese)

I'll ask to move this to the translation forum, hopefully it will get more notice there.

If you can read this, my signature cubeupload has been eaten by an evil kumquat!

or you just used Inspect Element, you hacker

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Incomplete "Nihogo" (easy Japanese)

You can help make it more complete: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/5155/

And there is also a discussion thread for the Japanese translation: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/4196/

repeat until <not <(language) = [English]>>
set (language) to [Gàidhlig]

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