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The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Club!!

Hey guys!!! Wuzzup here
Many of you know me as @helloyowuzzup. Or @Wuzzup_Contests. Or @Wuzzup_RPG.
XD I have WAAAAAAY too man accounts!!! Well, ANYWAY….
I created this account because, yup, you guessed it, I'm a Whovian!
As we all know, there are TONS of Doctor Who studios out and about. I'm trying to make ONE HUUUUUUGE studio, where people from those studios, and people not in studios, can come and chat about the Doctors! So, I'm trying to build partnerships with as many Doctor Who studios as I can find.
If you have one or curate one (or more), PLEASE tell me! The link to my studio is: http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/324389/ .
Now, I am trying to make it a real club. So, you have to fill out this: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16484287/ to join!! Don't worry, basically everyone who fills it out will get to join! (I'm not going to let people who have never seen Doctor Who before curate, for example). I just want it to be nice and organized!
Some features~
*Different positions, like monitors.
*Whovian of the month
*Poll of the month (i.e., who's your favorite Doctor?)
*Debate of the month. (i.e., who would win, Daleks vs. Weeping Angels?)
And as I said earlier, partnerships with other Whovian clubs! This way, if you're looking for another place to chat with people like you, it's as easy as looking in the description!!!
Also, I need a Doctor Who icon!!! I have a contest for it here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/16475923/
PLEASE, comment for questions!! And join today!

(helloyowuzzup, Wuzzup_Contests, Wuzzup_RPG)
A girl who loves Doctor Who!
Owner and creator of The Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Club! Let me know if you want to join

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