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☁ Cloud Projects Studio: Official Discussion Topic

☁ Cloud Projects

Welcome! This is the cloud projects official discussion topic. Cloud Projects is a studio that showcases projects that use cloud variables in complex or creative ways.

Along with the discussion topic dedicated to the studio, we also have a dedicated project here

Cloud Variables
a cloud variable is a variable that stays the same for all scratchers. If one person sets it, everybody else will see the same number. It can be used for multiplayer, saving data, and connecting users in creative ways. Go to the tutorials section to find resources to help learn about cloud data and make cloud projects. To make one, go to the “data” section of your blocks and press “create a variable”. Select the option “Cloud variable”. Sadly, if you are a new scratcher, meaning you haven't received the message inviting you to become a scratcher, you can not make cloud variables or use cloud projects. The scratch team does have reasons for this.

Want a project added? The project must be centered around cloud data, and should use it in a complex or creative way. Not something simple like a highscore, or a few
set [☁variable v] to [number]
blocks. If it isn't clear, explain how the project uses cloud data. Post your request in the studio. if it isn't checked for a few days, please wait and don't post again. We will view it eventually.

Cloud Projects is a very popular studio. That means there are a lot of comments to look through. So, spam and unrelated comments are very annoying. That's also why we want you to be very detailed with your requests. Also, no advertising please- do that here.

These tutorials should help you to make cloud projects or to learn about them! If they don't, try to ask one of these users.
-This youtube video and project series shows a lot about cloud variables, the projects are here and the videos are here
-This is a tutorial for multiplayer.
-A cloud list tutorial (a cloud list is a list that saves to the cloud, not just a variable)
-A pre-made easy to use cloud list engine.
-encoding and decoding cloud data to add more than just numbers to them
-The scratch wiki's basic article on cloud data
-Making simple multiplayer games
-Making a saving leaderboard
-There are probably lots more tutorials in our studio

Becoming Curator
Curator slots are closed right now. Sorry!

Becoming Manager
For current curators, if you have many cloud projects to contribute or are very helpful in the studio, you'll be promoted.

Current Curators and Managers
If anything should be added to this discussion, please tell me, Furrypig. We still need more tutorials, so if you find any, please give the link and I'll add them. Make sure you stay active in the studio.

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☁ Cloud Projects Studio: Official Discussion Topic

It seems like a better idea than having an official project…
Now if only all the viewers could read this.

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☁ Cloud Projects Studio: Official Discussion Topic


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☁ Cloud Projects Studio: Official Discussion Topic

Hi Cloud Projects! I like this much better than having an official project. How you doin' managers and curators? XD
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☁ Cloud Projects Studio: Official Discussion Topic

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