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epicdiamondgirl01's character shop

Hello and welcome to my character shop!
First lets talk about my shop.
So, there's a few of the drawings of characters that are studio-stored. Those characters cannot be bought unless you have a gold card. BUT…. We'll get to gold cards later.
So, here's some characters that are open for the taking:

The rest of them are studio-stored, and unable to be purchased unless you hold a gold card.
Now, here's all about the gold card I'm talking about.
This that I'm talking about gives you the ability to purchase (or pre-order) studio stored characters if you have a better reason to buy them than the first person that purchased them after they come to my store without a gold card.
Now here's a link to my studio to add your own merchandise to:
Click here to go to the “warehouse” studio! Follow it, then add your own characters! To do it, click on this blue text!

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