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Silver + Cassy

Here is one of my book series that I collab on with -TsumiKia- ( that's a collab account )

Now here is Silver + Cassy by: The Silly Little Salamanders!

[}~ Chapter One

“ I don’t get this question at all ,” muttered Silver. “ Do you Casse?”
Cassie looked at the question.

21 : What is the Grim?
“What, don’t you Harry Potter?”
“ Yeah, I do.”
Soon Silver’s BFF’s - Shadow, Lucky and Mei - appear, and walk toward Cassie.
“Hey Silver!” waved Mei. Silver sniggered. Not because of Cassie’s face, but that her BFF’s mistook her for Cassy. “Did you see the new episode of Kasumi of Hoshi?”
She had.
“I’m Cassie. You should know this. Maybe I should wear two hairclips. Silvy over there could wear one. Then you would know who is who.”
Silver ducked under her desk to avoid them seeing her laugh.
“Now, may the REAL Silver please stand up?” Silver stood, still laughing her head off.   
“ Anyway Silver, I know you saw the episode. Every elemental character in the Oasis family got their powers taken away.”

Silver noticed she missed Millie and Flame.
“What, are Millie and Flame next door neighbors?”
“Eh,” muttered Lucky, “ They got out because they’re SPECIAL!!”

Silver ducked under the desk again.
“Why are you guys here anyways?” asked Casse.
“ You know, to talk about Kasumi of Hoshi.” Replied Shadow.
She hugged her sisters.
“Woah, woah, woah. Hold on a minute. All THREE of them are SISTERS?!”
“That explains a lot.”

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