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Top Games Of 2013 Forum (Post top ten games in forum!)

when backdrop switches to [Top games of 2013 fourm v]
say [Hello welcome to the top 10 games of 2013]
So here you can post your top ten games of 2013
Please read the rules below If you do not your votes will not be counted
The top 10 winning games will be shown when I edit this Message

1. games must be released in 2013 if they are not they will not be counted

Rules may update sometimes so please look (If reply is said before rules change and is against the rule They will still be counted)

The whole reason I made this in this forum topic is because: It tells people new games they might of not heard about, And if you wish… You may say your username from that game so then they can join in to!

Thank you
Good luck

Please Join (I rarely get anyone asking for stuff on my topic ): )

Pick your 10 and then, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

If I don't have any by Friday this whole top 2013 games thing will be closed

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