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Tekki's Music Shop!


I know what you're thinking. How can I get music in my scratch project that is specifically for my project? Look no further, for I am here! I will compose music for your game! It is pretty simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Follow me, @TekkiMusic
2. Comment in the shop what your game is about. Make sure to include details about how you want your song to sound. If you want a specific instrument, just ask! I can make it happen.
3. Wait. I will put you in line for your music. Be patient, because if the line is long, it could take weeks for the song to be released.
4. Receive a notification on your profile. Then, go check out my profile. Your song should be there.
5. Press “See Inside”, open your backpack, and place the song in your backpack. Then, place the song in your project.
6. Credit me please! This will help spread the word about my shop!

Thanks! Make sure to apply for a song today!

1. @huntgrimmer (4 songs for Please Don't Touch Anything)

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