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Problems with Scratch Device Manager

My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Chrome 56.0.2924.87, Flash 25.0 (release 0)

I'm trying to setup scratch + lego wedo 2 on asus zenbook ux305 that supports bluetooth 4.0
The machine can connect to wedo 2. We wanted to do some project in scratch that uses wedo. We followed instructions and installed Scratch Device Manager. Trying to run it after install fails.
The application shows for a moment in tasks manager then disappears.
Looks like it's crashing and there is no message.
I tries to find some logs but didn find anything useful.
Let me know what can be the problem or how can I find any more info.
I've been java developer for 15 years so I can help with debugging - just let me know if you have any debug flags to enable. I don't have any VS or debug tools on my machine but if you need I can install something.

Also please don't delete my forum messages without any notification, thanks.
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Problems with Scratch Device Manager

Hi, I have trouble connecting to the ScratchX micro:bit extension from the Scratch Device Manager. (following instructions at https://llk.github.io/microbit-extension/). When I click connect in the Scratch Device Manaager, there is an instruction to ‘Press the button on your micro:bit’. I can't figure out what button this is. I've tried A, B, A+B, on the LEDs but nothing works and I can't connect to the micro:bit. I get an error message ‘No micro:bit found’. Does anyone here might know how/which button to press on the micro:bit to connect?

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