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I got some project Ideas!

20 Project Ideas!
these are in no order

1: Maze Game

2: Platformer Game

3: 3D

4: 3D Maker

5: Race Game

6: Programming Language

7: Robot/AI

8: Calculator

9: Tutorial

10: Art Project

11: RPG

12: Animation

13: Project Ideas

14: Clock

15: Celebration Project

16: A project that tells about you do NOT put your name were you live, or anything like that

17: Music or Sound Project

18: Sprite Pack

19: Project with Hacked blocks

20: Projects with custom blocks to make coding easier.


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I got some project Ideas!

Great ideas! I've added your topic to this list of idea topics. Thanks for helping out!

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I got some project Ideas!

help me
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I got some project Ideas!

how to make highscore:
when green flag clicked
set [score v] to [0]
when green flag clicked
if <[score] > (☁ highscore)> then
set [highscore v] to (score)
when I receive [end game v]
say (join [Your score is ] (score)) for (2) secs
say (join [Your highscore is ] (join (☁ highscore) [.])) for (2) secs
stop [this script v]


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