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This is my first extension, and it's a extension that will (hopefully) have a good amount of extension downloading blocks

When you run it, 5 new blocks will appear. Each Block represents a extension, and as such installs it. (Speech Extension, Web Stuff, Web Extension, VarExt, Temporary Variables & MiniNinja Extension at launch)

How to install:

Step 1: Copy the text in this link

Step 2: Go to Scratch Editor/Project

Step 3: Open your javascript console (Right clicking then clicking “Inspect” if you are on a project page) Then click “Console”

Step 4: Paste it in!

Step 5: Hit enter.

Step 6: Enjoy the extension!


It Doesn't work!

There is a couple reasons why it couldn't work. This only works in Scratch 2.0, Not scratch 1.x (Scratch X not tested) Additonally, you may have not copied everything. Try recopying & pasting it.

I want my extension to be in this!

Then just submit your extension in the comments. It must work on normal Scratch 2.0 since it's not ugly, unlike Scratch X i want this to be compatible with Scratch 2.0.

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Extension Extension

Just as a reminder, projects that contain unofficial extensions cannot be shared on the main Scratch 2.0 site.

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Extension Extension

technoboy10 wrote:

Just as a reminder, projects that contain unofficial extensions cannot be shared on the main Scratch 2.0 site.
There is a flaw in the Scratch System that does allow you to share projects containing experimental extensions, by sharing and then putting in the code afterwards.
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Extension Extension

I was intrigued by this but after copying and pasting into console I got this
Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

(I'm using Win10 with Chrome Browser)

Note Tight-clicking doesn't bring up Inspect - I went to top right menu and got console by selecting developer tools
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Extension Extension

Just learnt that Ctrl-Shift-I gets me straight to console

And I just tried another extension out

and that works fine

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