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Sharing/saving to a studio

Hello, I have been using Scratch for some time now at the Museum where I work, so I created a studio to share/document the types of projects guest make using Scratch at the museum. What is the easiest way for me to guests save their works so they can be added to the studio? I would really like to use our upcoming hour of code event to launch the studio with the awesome holiday card lesson that was put together.


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Sharing/saving to a studio

It'd probably be easiest if you logged into a computer and let people line up to add their project to your studio. Or, if you'd rather do the adding, then you could have everyone put the link to their project onto a shared Word document or piece of paper.

Anyway, I'd like to say good luck with your fun event! I'd like to be there, but I haven't heard of any in my area.



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