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Looking for cool starwars games?

Looking 4 cool STARWARS games? then u have come to the right place! I have a star wars studio called star wars conquest studio. I am looking for a curator to help make SWCS games. if u don't want to, then just come by and play SWCS 1,2, and 3! 1 lets u play as a jedi, ship, or trooper! #2 lets u play a clone trooper and u must fight droids in the forest of Yavin 4! and number 3, my lastest one, is now rendered in 3D!!! So if u want to, come over to my studio,
If not, then that is totally fine!

set [level of awesomeness] to [4,000,000,001]

if <(level of awesomeness) = [4,000,000,001]> then
broadcast [FREAK OUT]

when I receive [FREAK OUT!]
play sound [Cow mooing sound] until done

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