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SimulaterZ -Dasoni-


IMPORTANT: When you are wanting to join you must follow this Discussion and When you do enter please follow Dasoni Studios.

What is SimulaterZ? Its basically an online OR offline game. But on this game it has SAFE chat, Good conrols, And Shop. You can earn coins by playing the game. And we need people. it might be you!

How To Join:

1. Whats your nickname? (EX: ElderGuy)
2. Why do you want to join? (EX: Cause i am a great programmer. This is just an example. Add more detail)
3. What position do you want to be in? (Only pick 1 or 2)
Positions: 1. Cloud Programmer (Your good at using clouds)
2. Programmer (Your good at programming but not Clouds)
3. Artist (Draw or find pictures)
4. Animator (Animate parts of the game)
5. Sound Manager (Find or make sound effects)

Thank you!!!

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