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I Hate scratch 2.0!!

The editor is so confusing! I have a really popular art contest and only some of the entries are shown on scratch 2.0 but i cant handle 2.0 so how am I going to do anything :I
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I Hate scratch 2.0!!

Then just use 1.4.

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I Hate scratch 2.0!!

Hiya Pinkkoala!
I understand that you are frustrated - but do please try to be patient, we're only just in beta. And either way, you know it's never helpful to say you hate someone's project - say what you think could be better, and make suggestions. That's how things improve - both when it comes to Scratch projects, and Scratch itself.

Btw - I think it would resolve some confusion if you read this:

I recently shared a project to the old Scratch website. Why isn’t it showing up on the beta 2.0 site?
Around midnight on January 25th we took a snapshot of the old website’s data (projects, comments, etc.) and copied it over to the beta 2.0 site. The beta 2.0 site won’t know about projects or comments shared to the old website after January 25th. When we’re ready to release Scratch 2.0, we’ll copy over all the stuff shared to the old site since January 25th.

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