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Private messaging to other users.

Just thought it would be cool.
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I don't know what this “discuss” means…

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Private messaging to other users.

Sorry, but private messaging (or PMing) has been rejected by the Scratch Team:
2. Private messaging
When communication is public, people are more likely to be respectful because they know that everyone can see it. However, when posting PMs, people know that only the intended recipient can see it, so don't think as much before posting. Even if a “Flag PM” function is implemented, the Scratch Team currently does not have the resources to moderate it, because of the reason I said before there would be a lot of inappropriate/disrespectful messages.
Please make sure to read the “stickied” topics at the top of a forum before you post, as those topics often contain important information. Thanks!

Also, please don't fill your posts with unnecessary whitespace - it makes threads harder to navigate. Thanks!

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