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Shred's Scratch Help Shop!

Shred's Scratch Help Shop!

How's it going scratchers! I will give scratch helps on blocks and how to make stuff. I am quite experienced and good at making games so you can ask if you're having trouble with a game, just ask and I will go and tell you the solution on your profile.

I have a card system inspired by BlazingWave which rewards you for doing requests.The higher your card rank, the faster I shall get yours done. I shall soon make pics for the cards.

Normal card: Make 1 request

Normal card owners:

Iron card: Make 10 requests
Iron card owners:

Sword card:Make 25 requests
Sword card owners:

Bronze card: Make 50 requests
Bronze card owners:
Bonus: You can give me 2 requests at a time!This bonus will go up into the other card ranks.

Silver card: Make 100 requests
Silver card owners:
Bonus: You can give me 5 requests at a time!

Gold card: Make 150 requests
Gold card owners:
Bonus: You can give me 10 requests at a time!

Platinum card: Make 175 requests
Platinum card owners:
Bonus: You can give me as many requests as you at a time!

Elemental card: Make 200 requests
Elemental card owners:

Soul Card: Make 250 requests
Soul card owners:

Super rare card: Be the first one to make a request!
Super rare card owner:

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