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London Hotels

Whenever the city of London crosses the mind of any traveller, he or she gets enthralled by the very images of the River Thames, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, the Malls and why not? All of these images cumulatively paint a beautiful picture of this mighty English City. With the touch of modernization, London might have started to participate in the trend of beautifying the city more according to the norms of a modern urban hub.

Historic buildings transformed into grand hotels ranging from budget to luxury, many renovated into penthouses. No matter how technologically advanced London has become, this city holds a completely different aesthetic flavour of which still lingers in every corner. It stills hooks on to its beautiful marble and mosaic conglomerate, even amongst the rising concrete jungle.

Popular range of hotels in London City
For luxury try the Guoman Cumberland Hotel situated at Cumberland Place, London W1H and offers double rooms averaging £180 pppn. For mid-range the Travelodge Central Hotel has a superb location near to top attractions and is equipped with the new Superooms feature. If you're on a budget then Park Grand Hotel maybe perfect for you. Rooms here will set you back around £50. All three hotels are near to Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and the undergrounds.

What London holds for its travellers
The city has got three individual centres in places like The Wharfs, The City of London and the West End. The West End, as well as the Wharfs, is considered to be the popular tourists’ retail destination. Only a few people know that London was formerly a Roman town around which the area of Greater London was built. The city is filled with compact mazy courtyards, cobbled streets, passages, and thoroughfares.

Remarkable monuments can be found along these pathways which can give the travellers a flavour of the medieval past. One can make a point to visit the esteemed St. Paul’s Cathedral, much-beloved monument among the British people. This place witnessed some popular funerals of many militaries as well as political figures that played significant parts in both the World Wars. Other popular attractions include the Old Bailey, Tower Bridge and the building of the Bank of England. London also houses many art galleries and museums, some are among the largest art centres of the continent of Europe.

The esteemed Museum of London is a mandatory spot for the tourists to visit where the people can witness the architecture built in the true Gothic style Guildhall Art Gallery and also the Clockmaker’s Museum. You might have heard about the great London Eye, which is a slow moving Giant when created for the people to have a look at the city from the top. Riding on the London Eye is an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime; this is a guarantee to a traveler from a traveller.

Attractions you can visit
1. Pride in London - a whole two weeks of celebration across the city, usually takes place in July every year. See pushprojects.moonfruit.com for more information.
2. Alongside the River Thames, London is beautifully decorated with so many natural parks, like Regent's Park, Hyde Park, and even St. James Park.
3. The oldest scientific zoo of the world, the London Zoo is also situated at the heart of the city.
4. The western London is considered as the entertainment hub. It can also be considered as the shopping capital of the city, thanks to the presence of a large number of shopping malls, souks, and even small markets.

Visiting London is not just a trip, it's an event. Whether you are enjoying some English cuisine or watching a romantic live play with your partner, you will have really good time. It doesn’t matter how you arrive into London, one thing that you can be sure is you will be coming back with some great memories.

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London Hotels

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London Hotels


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