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Tardis27 Sponsorship Deals

In order to begin my quest to become a great Scratcher, (not my only quest), I'm closing down all of my other side projects (except for Best Project on Scratch ). I am starting something called Tardis27 sponsorship deals, which allows people to have me advertise for them on anything of their choice, and I promise I will (I don't ignore promises ) and you can do something for me in return (and I can tell if you' re not going to do something, so you get to go first.) Several of my methods of Advertising:

A: Forum Posts. I will try my hardest to get your project at least 50 more views and 10 love-its
B: Any other advertising project or thing.

What I might ask from you:

A: If you have a popular platformer project, I might ask to put a small logo or my name on the credits and something that says in the notes “Sponsored by Tardis27”

If your project doesn't become popular within the next two weeks, you don't have to give anything to me.
So, what do you think? You want your projects to be more popular???
Just call Tardis27 Sponsorship Deals Today!!

See some of my awesome projects!

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