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Weapons guide for TeamRumble for RPG

For TeamRumble/T.R. (A Collaboration Group): See project here- http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/12035208
Information about weapons for T.R. RPG (What it does/how to use it, not type of weapon, or amount of damage it inflicts. However I set the damage amount for each weapon to inflict)Note: Speed is how much time it takes before using. Note2 amage is listed on gamer’s guide( http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/13853/?page=1#post-115129 ) :
Note: Only user control is programmed, considering the A.I. didn’t exist at the time. Skeleton will have to make each weapon inflict damage to the A.I. enemies (however like mentioned before each damage indication is set)
Axehammer: Z to use. Takes 10 seconds to use (before it shows on the screen, before you can use) each time and you have 5 seconds to use it.
Doodle Sword: x to use Takes 4 second to use. You have 6 seconds to while using
Space Combat Knife: c to use. Takes 1 second to use. 3 seconds while using
Zoomerang: q to use. Katana: f to use. Takes 2 seconds to use. 3.5 seconds while using.
Katana: f to use. Takes 2 second to use 3.5 seconds while using.
Orblet Gun: 1 to use. 2 to shoot. 8 seconds to use. 5 seconds while using. 10% accuracy+ depending on skill of the user.
Plasma Beam: 3 to use. 4 seconds to use. 6 second while using. .
Simple-? Wand- 4 to use. 10 seconds to use. 6 seconds while using. 75% accuracy as long as you are not off the screen.
Staff- 5 to use. 15 seconds to use. 6 seconds while using. This weapon appears weak, slow and appears to be useless, but it’s has something special: It hits most of the field for almost 100% accuracy as long as the user is in the middle of the screen. 50-75% accuracy if the user is anywhere else (half the screen can still be covered with room to see (aka: half the screen), however enemies will be dealt damage).

Armor- (it is included as “weapons”) –Would’ve been here. See link below.
(Note: These 6 weapons just got deleted by scratch 2.0 online editor. We will have to start from scratch ASAP).

Note3: Debuff, crit, and accuracy (some accuracy depending on weapon. Ex: orblet gun and staff) has not been programmed. The weapon’s abilities make each differ. Neither has HP (Weapons shouldn’t affect HP except the armor (ex: shield and helmet). That’s why some of the weapon’s HP increase/decrease haven’t been programmed. However the armor has been removed. See comment here explaining: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/14542/ (FOR T.R. TO READ ONLY NOT THAT YOU WOULD WANT TO READ IT!)
Note4: Range is also on gamer’s list. Note5: The range has to do with each weapon’s accuracy.

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