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This section has just got deleted so things may be less clear then they were but understandable. So the armor wasn't coded considering they would (should) be power-ups in the final game. Therefore you would have to place them like the mines. I figured that I would be unable to code the placing of the armor basing placement off the mines update skeleton made. I would be able to program everything else however I can't do anything w/out placement. Lists are my weakness. I'm am really sorry to the members. However future note: The weapons has been posted and the planet's forces will be posted right after this edit is made. There isn't really a way around it for me. However skeleton/gamer since you know the movement better than I, that can be still achievable is you want to make the armor or not. It is still debatable. New RPG tasks:

Gamer and Skeleton: A.I.:

Gamer or/and skeleton: Placing the armor and programming them. Programming them shouldn't be too hard based on gamer's guide. I would be able to that but placing them it the hard part ironically.

co13: Uploading the weapons. Working on the planet forces.There will be 5 decided using these keys to dont use them : 6,7,8,9,0. They are pull user close towards a planet, pull user away from planet, pull user left of all planets [Edit: Pull (looks like teleporting) user to left side of the planet, pull user left of the planet [Edit: Pull user to the right of the planet), and lastly circle around the closest planet without using arrow keys for randomized dodge/shooting effect. There isn't up/down planet forces. . . It will be still considered as one though]. Then I'll be working on 1 of the T.R. gameplay projects if you know what I mean (mentioned in the T.R. studio a little while ago in days though). Note: THE RPG HAS TO BE FINISHED BY SEP.5th NO LATER, HOWEVER THE OTHER 4 SIDE TR GROUP PROJECTS PREVIOUSLY EXPLAINED, HAS TO BE FINISHED ON SEP8th. If this does not happen T.R. will sadly shut down. However then I'll try to meet my scratch goals on my own. That will be 3x more difficult but I could try. However if we do succeed TeamRumble has potential to be great. It's been almost 2 years and seven months on scratch for me, so I don't want to blow it now. I finally figured out how T.R. can become great however time is needed. This is the ONE last chance we got. You know something once without giving up can mean something amazing. Surprise yourself. SCRATCH AND RUMBLE ON! Note: This section got cut off by a scratch error not allowing me to paste the edit. Therefore see more about the planet forces in the project once the link is posted.

Note: The weapons as mentioned before will be uploaded later today, and the weapon guide will be posted later today. It's a bit unorganized but worth having considering the speed of the weapons has to do with time (mentioned in weapons guide).

Weapons update is now posted. See here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/12035208/

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