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EV3 Scratch Extension

Here's a link to our Scratch Extension to control EV3:


It is still a work in progress but works pretty well. It's probably going to only work on Mac right now. Follow the instructions on the link above.

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EV3 Scratch Extension

I have an EV3 (Lego Mindstorms), and I am on windows D:
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EV3 Scratch Extension

I'm very interested in this as well. I have two old RCX 2.0 mindstorms, for which I did some java programming years back. Now my 7 year old is doing Scratch at school & home, and I'd love to get him started on robots. It seems as though the RCX is too old to have Scratch and the EV3 is too new! Also we are (for better or worse) a Windows household…
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EV3 Scratch Extension

Does it work? I know that there is an extension on scratchx

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