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edit variable

You can edit variables now. Oof.

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edit variable

flun wrote:

I feel like someone else has probably already suggested this, but I think that it would be extremely useful to right click and edit a variable (just like editing a custom block) to change its name and change if it is ‘for all sprites’ or ‘for this sprite only’ or if it is a cloud variable or not. If you know of another topic exactly like this one just link me to it so I can support.

YES. There have been times when I accidentally made a variable a non-cloud variable when it should have been a cloud variable, and other times I've forgotten to make a variable a “this sprite only” variable. C

flun wrote:

MushroomMan99 wrote:

Support. Definitely come in useful. At the moment we have to delete the variable and recreate it in order to do that, so this would be much more convenient.
Exactly, to rename you have to delete, make a new one, and go to every instance of the variable in your project to switch it to the new name, which gets frustrating. Thanks for supporting

If you for some reason had no clue what I was talking about, then you can read some of the above

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