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Tropical Waves - |Member Application|

Activity(How active you are): eeryday for a while
Skill(1-10): 8
Resume(Best Project): profile link https://scratch.mit.edu/users/dogsrule6610/
Guidelines and main thread(if checked no, your application will be denied): yes
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Tropical Waves - |Member Application|

Since this topic hasn't seen a new post from the topic owner in a long time, I'm going to assume that it is dead and close the topic. If it still is alive, the topic owner just needs to use the Report button to ask a mod to reopen it

Scratch Team Member, kayak and pickleball enthusiast, cat caregiver.

This is my forum signature! On a forum post, it is okay for Scratchers to advertise in their forum signature. The signature is the stuff that shows up below the horizontal line on the post. It will show up on every post I make.
(credit to Za-Chary)


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