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Hi there, has anyone read a book series called the bad guys? If you did then tell me.
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The game I'm making is at the file size limit and it's not even half done yet. Is there a way I can keep working on it?
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I Think I Just Invented a New Kind Of Platformer

Let This Explain

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I am trying to make a pen platformer, but i can't get a Gravity effect to work, Can someone help me with this?

when green flag clicked
if <not <touching color [#164ba0] ?>> then
change y by (-5)
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Paranormal Things Around The World!

Had anything paranormal happen to you!? Things that seem normal may have things hiding in plain sight!

So, if you or anyone you know has had anything paranormal happen to them, discuss it here!

Paranormal: Weird events to do with ghosts, demons and spirits!
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提供Scratch 3.0建站指导
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Welcome To Honeydukes!
We Sell Magical Candy From Droobles Best Blowing Gum To Salt Water Taffy! Mostly For @Knuffle_Bunny_Old!
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Hey! Now that Halloween is coming, I wanna ask ya'll something. What should I dress up as? I wanna be a Legend Of Zelda character. But I'm having a hard time deciding. Vote here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/246621739/

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If you ever need any amount of inspiration, then go to the front page! That is where I get a bunch of my inspiration! And if you want even more inspiration, then check out the explore tab! Sort it by Newest First and then try remixing something that someone else made! Trust me, it's hard not to find an idea when following these steps!
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I think there should be a dark theme for scratch 3.0 for people who are working at night, or just to make it look overall better! Please consider this.
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its a adventure game
thats just a demo currently
i'd like some feedback
play it here:

its just a demo okay
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Please join my studio on my profile and we can create games and hangout xD
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If you need a new intro, just tell me your preferred colors, music, what it says, etc. Check out my profile to see some examples!
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So I'm making this 2d house scroller with scratch cat, similar to the Sims(not 3d though). But you are not controlling scratch cat with the arrow keys or anything. I want to know how to make him wander around the house randomly, but the scripts I have tried have just made him wander side to side IN the screen. The house is longer than the screen, but he doesn't go around outside of the screen,around the house. I'm very confused.( PS: Instead of the scrolling variable being called “scrollx” its called “distance traveled” in mine. )
Can someone please help me with the scripts?
Thank you.

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Wie kann ich eine Hochzahl in scratch berechnen?
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In the old vector editor when you go into the tool where you can drag the points around there is a smooth button. I use it in every single project. I think it is a very important button.
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I wish there was a previous costume button. I would use it in basically every project. It would be super helpful.
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if you show a variable in gigant mode and after you doesn't show it anymore it goos to normal mode
say [it's weird]
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Hi !

I had an old account (@Mathma78) that I gave up to learn English better by creating my projects in English (sorry if I make some mistakes…). I thought it would be interesting if you could watch my project “Luck Contest at the Raffle” !

Good luck if you participate


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Feel free to participate in the Luck Contest at the Raffle !

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Is it possible to have, in few months, a python extension with python blocs adapted to scratch ?
It will be possible to do incredible things with that !!!!!!
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Welcome I am offering signbot,tinytags and more
Ever wanted a animated LED sign but don't know how to make one? Well, you don't need to know how, because I'll make one for you!
There are two things that you MUST put in your order or I will not be able to complete it! These two things are:
1. What you want the sign to say i.e. ‘This sign is cool!’ or ‘I like Chocolate!’
2. The size of sign. You can choose Small, Medium or Large. Underneath are demos of the different sizes

Small (Works best on profile pictures and studio thumbnails)

Medium (This and small are better than large when it comes to projects in my opinion, but I think they are all good for projects)

Large (Works best for logos being used as headers for shops on the forums)

Credit to ZZ9PluralZAlpha for these sings

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