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Spidertes's engine is doing something strange…..
I add new textures, but it doesent like them(When it draws it sometimes only 1/6 of it is done succesfully, other 5/6 of the part is black.)!
Any help?

PROJECT: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/262471073
ORIGINAL PROJECT:https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/155851099/
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Hi! Patiencesoul07 here! I recently did an art dump and i was wondering if anyone could rate and give feedback about my art style. Here's the link to the art dump: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/262862554/

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Scratch used to be the king of programming in schools.
However, with the introduction of services such as Tynker and code.org, it has lost its place.
This is mostly due to the fact that scratch, by itself doesn't lead to “real” programming, unlike Tynker and code.org that albeit being unsatisfactory due introduce their users into “real” programming languages, such as Javascript.
If scratch were to introduce their own way to introduce scratchers into “real” programming, it would become much more popular in school environments.
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A funny animation about a dinosaur's age compared to a human's age. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/184238996/
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Hi! You might have noticed we don't allow people to curate by just asking if you would like to curate fill out the form.

To become manager:
Be nice and respectful
Add at least 1 project
Respond to comments
Don't ask to be manager
Alert a manager when an off topic project is added

Featured! Thank you scratch team!

-add projects that are on topic if asked
-don't add unrelated projects or you might be removed
-When you add projects that other people asked to be added please reply to their comment

-Don't change the title or description unless @Happyscratchyfuzzy says you can
-delete unrelated projects
-don't change the thumbnail
-don't delete projects
-all the curator rules

-PLEASE don't spam
-if you would like your project added just ask
-if you would like to curate fill out this form

Deleting and re-adding your project isn't allowed because others don't get a change to show their project. Thanks to @1dork for suggesting this rule.

Studio made by @Happyscratchyfuzzy

Shoutouts: @CoolCatKoder
and @superpirate07

Form for asking to curate:

1. Why would you like to curate?

2. Provide a link to an original noteblock music piece that you made

3. What do you think you can do for the studio?

4. Comment “Stuffed” if you would like to join (it's also a code word for us to know you read all the rules, so hide it in a sentence)

And you're done! @Happyscratchyfuzzy or another manager will add you if your form is good.

Have a nice day!
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Hello! I am trying to get Binoculars 2.0 featured! This is one of the best choices I have. I know it is in bitmap, but I like it that way! I need someone to ask if they can add Binoculars 2.0 to this studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4228481/. Whoever proposes this project will be followed. If the project does get featured, I will add a shutout to the proposer in the “Notes and Credits”. Note: Only 1 person may propose the project. Once someone does, I will just make this topic an advertisement of Binoculars 2.0 Note: Do not propose this project if you feel pressured, don't like it, or are just doing it for a follow. Thank you so much!
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So just as the title states, I would like to make a video game aventure style similar to what first megaman (for NES console)

So…. any helpful advice for a newbie wanting to take the next level let me know.
I have been watching some scratch tutorials on youtube by some people who look very knowledgeable and gave me wonderful tips about RPG game creation..and i am borrowing some of those features but…its not the actual approach am going for.

Basically all I want is
4 levels that user can go through and finish with boss. then once these 4 are completed, a new (not-shown-before-on-menu level) level shows up (final boss) and thats it.

In addition am thinking some kind of ways to go through levels and get stronger like better armor or more sophisticated weapons.

Is this too crazy to think after doing only two gameS? (you can check my profile and you will see all I have is cat and mice prototype game) …

now you may say “hold on a second kid, you want to slow down a bit before thinking too much.” then my question would be " what is next? what would you recommend me to do FIRST before going to that (and keep in mind , thats where I am aiming at)

thanks for reading already
great community. willing to stick and learn! YAY!!

happy scratching to all
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Hello everyone! This is my first project :


Rotate | A @skwitz game

❤ / ★ / ✚ - Love, Favourite, and Follow

-Aim with your MOUSE and SPACE BAR to shoot.
The aim of the game is to shoot without hitting the orange circle.

Comment your score!
No Cloud Variables currently, still a ‘New Scratcher’

Version 1.0 - Updated on 17 Nov 2018

v1.0 - Release

I can't post images yet so there's not much to put here. Anyways, check out the game! :
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Hello everyone.

So I finished my first “cat and mice shooting” game
but I noticed when he is shooting on the right side of the screen, bullets dont show up properly, and I am a bit confused what I did wrong.
Can anyone help me to make it look functionally okay? is this what curating actually means? as you can see these are all naive questions. I am extremely new and learning.

And if this is not the right place to comment about this topic let me know.
Thanks in advance and happy scratchy to everyone!! yay!
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Dowiedz się jak zarabiać przez neta na https://5tysiecy.pl

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So, I have this game I have been working on for a while and I´m trying to put as much effort and updates in that I can and I would like some feedback on the project. It is a game where you are basically playing Air Hockey. When you are in battle, you shoot one puck at them to damage them, then they can shoot multiple pucks at you for more of a challenge, and you have to move around to block them. The more people you defeat, the progress you earn and the harder it gets. If you are interested, try it here at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/247105807/#player. If you want to get in on development, go here at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/194822478/ make a remix, and then use the template to make art or music. If you want to do music, go for an 8-bit theme. If you want to go as far as to coding, then make a remix of the project, and code new features into the game, comment it on the game, and then tell me what is new so that you have a chance for the feature to be implemented into the game. If you tried it and didn´t like your experience, Tell what was good and what was bad and should improve one instead of being outright negative. Thanks!
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Hi I am super new here and at programming.
But I made my first game ever and I feel like I discovered a new planet.
Very excited really and looking forward to stick around this wonderful community.

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Progress through the game and unlock more ships with a multitude of abilities by earning score!
Play - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/258666126/
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https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/262832137/ <—- Demo
A game where your choices matter… and the characters remember

S P A C E F E A T is an upcoming game based off of the original spacefeat game ( https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/143584867/ ) of the same name. S P A C E F E A T is unique, as it will remember what you did throughout the game, and even if you restart the project. Even if you go back and do a different thing, they will know what you did.

Seems like you have it pretty fleshed out already. What do you need help with?

Well, IanTheGuy is really good at making music for this game, and I've pretty much got the programming covered, but what do we do with it?

Here are some ideas we need:
Monsters to encounter
General Story ideas
Random Astronauts
All ideas that are accepted with feature the user's name being featured in the special thanks at the end of the game.
Here's how to can submit each idea:

Monsters to encounter
Submit a concept art of what you would want your character to look like.
Submit a concept of dialouge.
Submit what attacks this monster would use.

S P A C E F E A T is a very story-driven game. If you have an idea for events to happen in the game (such as the alien invasion in the demo):
Submit an idea for an event
Submit the dialogue that would happen
Tell us why you think this would further the plot of the game

General Story Ideas
Where is the plot of S P A C E F E A T even going? We need your ideas to help us!
Submit ideas of where the plot should go and why

Random Astronauts
Extra Characters!
Submit the name of your astronaut (preferably a spin off of your username)
Submit quirks! (s-stuttering speech, REALLY LOAD, very sassy, etc.)
Submit concept of what your extra character would look like, or describe them.

Things to remember when submitting:

S P A C E F E A T will be mostly in black in white for aesthetic reasons, and to illustrate that it's in space! A little color will be used here and there, but don't submit an idea for a “rainbow” character or something.
Not all ideas will be taken. Most will though! If yours isn't taken, submit another one!
Don't spam. We read EVERY post. We won't skip you we promise, even if we don't respond immediately.

We really would appreciate your help in making S P A C E F E A T !

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The Platformer #1 is out!
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So, I'm creating all of my levels in a program called Paint.net.
I'm exporting them as .jpeg.

I have some very precise levels, and I noticed that when I had 2-3 pixel width sections, sometimes the character would glitch through the screen at certain spots…this made me super sad.

Here's my game:


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Welcome to this shop.
please be very specific when you order
here is an example
I would like a kone kss470 button with indecater 1-12.
Here is an example of scratch code help
hello I have a issue of my project where it is not broadcasting to do something.
It come in a project or file link with your username is the name of the file
thank you.
happy scratching
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Hi, here I am looking for ideas for future warrior kitten updates, so feel free to add suggestions…
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If You Dont Wanna Any Spoilers Just Go To The Following Link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/262764726/

You Still There?
Ok So Story Begins With My OC (Alex) Coming Into House, But He Didn't Know Whats Going On. Scratch Buy'd Costumes For Christmas And Asks Alex To Chop The Christmas Tree. Alex Said That Its November, but Scratch Still Didn't Cared And Alex Explained That Christmas Are At December. And Then Scratch Was Stopped For A While And Then He Said That They Got Hole Month Before Christmas And Then A Loud Bass Boost Begin. (Then Outro Starts Playing)
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Welcome to the official Mega Man topic! Feel free to discuss your favorite games, weapons, stages, and robot masters here! Please remember to respect all opinions and take any speculation with a grain of salt, though. So, anyways, let the conversation begin!

I’ve beaten all of the Mega Man 2 robot masters. My order was Metal, Flash, Bubble, Crash, Quick (flash stopper really helps with those dang beams), Wood, Air, and finally, Heat. It’s funny, since those last 3 robot masters are the prominent ones in “I Can’t Defeat Air Man!”.
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I am a very good speaker in edible scratch!
My newest meal (project): Click here
My newest cookbook (studio): Right here!
when gf clicked
cook::custom// program

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Okay. So I imported one of my Scratch 2.0 projects, and the timing was off! What I mean is the wait block was acting like it doesn't exist in my code. I think this is a definite bug. It fixed itself, but not when I first opened the Scratch 2.0 project. Everything else is really good actually, so, yeah. I hope this bug gets fixed!
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Welcome to the Scratch 3.0 Beta Community

Welcome to the Scratch 3.0 Temporary Beta Community, where you can share all of your Scratch 3.0 Beta Projects. To post a project, I will have a form
down at the bottom for submitting a project.

Latest Projects

In this section, I will have a list of the 5 most recently shared projects.

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Most loved projects

In this section, I will display the 5 most loved projects. You can love a project down at the bottom, with the other forms.

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All Projects(as of 11/17/2018 US format)

In this section, I will have a list of all shared projects.

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In this section, I will tell you how to love a project, and share a project of your own.

To share a project, you must first upload the downloaded project to a file hosting service, and then copy the download link. Then post this form:
Project Title:
Project Download:
Project Image/Screenshot(optional):

To love a project, post this form.
I want to love the project (project name).


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