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S'more clicker 2 has been updated! New features include the following: A new rank, and bug fixes. If you have never heard of S'more clicker, it was my best project. (Even though it only had 14 loves) S'more Clicker 2 is the new and improved version of the original. It has 16 updates, and a new ranking system.
I'm not a big fan of clicker games, but in the original S'more clicker I said “If I get 14 or more likes, I'll make a sequel!” Now the sequel is finally out!
If you like clicker games, or vector games, I would really think you would like this game, and I would greatly appreciate if you played it.
Here's a link to the project: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/204767404/

I hope you enjoy it! ~37457
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This has been a game that I have been working on since 2017 and I wanted to release Alpha Debug for people who want to test the game out. If you have found a bug, let me know about it to make the game have less glitches and bugs. If you want to try it out, I'll put a link below. But for now, stay safe people.

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Want to learn ukulele chords? Here's a project with both basic and advanced chords!
I would love to see people learn from this, as well as get feedback on the project. If someone could check it out, I'd be very happy. Thanks!
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when green flag clicked
wait (0.0001) secs
next costume
skryptz skrepts scriptz screpts scripts

my newest project is needing scripters people who make graphics and music and sooooooon we will complete it

a full list of things I need help with on making are on the project

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with the amazing race 2018 season coming to the end, i have made a poll about it called @theamazingracepoll2018
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i just made a new studio called @onlydoublebassplayers! but with spaces in between. if you know anybody on scratch, please tell them about this studio and/or tell me their username!
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Hi! I'm @violet_raven and I've grown a PASSION for making thumbnails for projects!
So today I'm here to offer my passion to anyone who needs a thumbnail for a project!

1. Comment on this forum or my profile page that you want a thumbnail for a project.
2. Send a link to your project (it MUST be shared!!!).
3. I'll do my best to make a thumbnail that includes components of your project.
4. I'll give you a link when I'm done with it.
5. If you like it, put it in your backpack and include it in your project. If you don't like it, tell me why and I'll learn from my mistakes!
6. I won't pressure you about giving credit. You don't need to if you don't want to, but don't do things like say that you made it.

That's all! Have a nice day!
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we should make more animations.
@christiankid5 sets a good example. she is making a movie.

when green flag clicked
move (50) steps
say [my name is partypalace] for (2) secs
define cute
next costume
stop [ all]
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I'm making a secret project. It requires many, many users to have their username and persona (a character you see yourself as in Scratch) put in the project.
Anybody can join! All you have to do is say, “I want to join! Here is a project with my persona: *link to persona project*”
I preffer if it is in Vector, and high quality+resolution, but it really doesn't matter.
Once this is done I will shut down this forum and share the project!! Thank you!
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Join the cast of “Lucy” now!

What the show is about:
It is about a girl called Lucy who gets bullied by two girls, Beth and Ally. The only friends who care about her are Charlotte and Emma. She tries to endure Beth and Ally when tackling other challenges.

Lucy Smith:
Beth Ross:
Ally Ross:
Mr. Smith:
Mrs. Smith:
Charlotte Benner:
Emma Hart:
Mr. Benner:
Mrs. Benner:
Mr. Hart
Mrs. Hart:
Mr. Ross:
Mrs. Ross:

If you want to join the cast, fill this form:

Cast Form:
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Before I explain, I'm not totally sure what forum category this topic should go in, so if it's the wrong one, let me know, so I can request to have it moved to the right forum category.

Alright, so what I want is some ideas for activities for multiple Scratch Summer Camps I will be teaching over the summer. I know it's a while away until summer begins, but I'm going to be busy this summer as I will be attending the MIT Scratch Day this year and am going on a week long vacation shortly after attending the Scratch Day. Also, I am the type of person who likes planning fun things. If I have to plan a schol day I am usually not very excited, but if it's for vacation or some fun thing I am doing that planning is not weird to do for, and I am controlling part or all of the plans of, I will plan it a bit.

The Scratch Camps I will be teaching will either be held at my local library or the Middle School near my house, I have yet to confirm a location because it will be a few months before any of the camps start. The lenght of each day of each camp will probably be 10 AM-3 PM with a lunch break. I will be hosting a beginner Scratch Camp for 5 days, an Intermediate Scratch Camp for 5 days and an Advanced Scratch Day for 3 days.
There is a suggested age for each camp which varies by level, but ages 7-13, which is similar to the target age of Scratch, are currently going to be allowed to take any of the camps regardless of the suggested age

The camps are something currently mainly myself, and partially my parents are planning out, with no other people helping out at this time, so I'm basically planning the thing right now. That means anything you suggest can be and will be considered by me for the camps.

I'm looking for suggestions for activites with Scratch that each level of camp could do each day. The ideas I have right now are:
Beginner Camp
-Explore the Scratch Website and Project Editor
-Follow a Scratch Tutorial to make a project
-Recreate a basic Scratch Project (by viewing the project, and for onyl 1 minute view it's code)
-Make whatever projects they want and get help if needed
Intermediate Camp
-Recreate a Scratch Project (by only viewing the project and not its code)
-Edit and add on to a Scratch starter project, all of which are listed at https://scratch.mit.edu/starter_projects/
-Make whatever projects they want and get help if needed
Advanced Camp
-Recreate a Scratch Project (by only viewing the project and not its code)
-Make whatever projects they want and get help if needed

On the first day of each camp we will introduce ourselves and on the last day of each camp, parents and friends can see what the kids they know have made during the Scratch Camp. Towards the end of each day, they will be given time to freely use Scratch to make whatever they want, and can get help from the experienced Scratchers working the camps if needed. At the end of each day, during the camps optionally they can show off there projects they made that day to other people in the camp. At the start of each day from the 2nd day of the camp to the last day, they will be given a bit of time to work on projects they were working on at the end of the previous day.

Anyone got any other activities? I feel like I don't have two many. I have some things for the start and end of each day of the camp, but not many actual activities using Scratch. Just remember to make sure your activity idea is something a kid ages 7-13 could do and that can be completed between the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM at either my local library or the middle school near my house.
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I'm on a roll recently with my new battle engine: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/204914067/

I'm in the mood to turn this into a real full on RPG!
Tell me what I should include in it, character, story, battles, etc. and I will make it all in Scratch! The only limits are that the fights must be turn-based!
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Elaborate on these beginnings to make a story! Just make sure to give credit!
The day was cold, the wintry wind biting into my cheek. It numbed those feelings- feelings of hatred, anger and denial. And sadness. Don't forget about sadness.
But…. I felt disappointed in the evilness of my kind. Humankind. I mean, it's kind of odd…. we can be anything we like, and we choose to be this. I'm not saying I wasn't necessarily involved in being bad, cause I was. I was evil too. But if humankind could fend for themselves… which we can't, we never could- maybe we'd be a little bit better than we are today.
A hard hand shoved me into the snow. “Get back up!” It shouted, and I tried, but the hand just pushed me down again. I swallow, and look at the fine red marks of blood. “Please,” I start. “Stop.”A blow strikes me and I topple right back into the snow, and the fluffy, cold stuff looks like a great resting place. I lie down in it.“Get back up! What do you think you're doing!” But I drift into sleep, drift into another world.
Have you ever wondered why nature decided to spring up? I mean, I know there's theories of God and stuff, but how'd he spring up? How'd I spring up?
And how did hatred spring up? Did someone just wake up one morning and decide he was done with passion, with kindness? Decide he was done with… I don't know… humanity?
===================================================================================================================I whimpered. Mother shushed me. “Be quiet,” she whispered.“It'll all be over soon.”
But I hear them stomping around my room. “Mama,”she looks at me.“Will we be okay?”
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Here is the link! Please enjoy and refer the studio to others! We are currently making “Watch Cats,” a spoof on the awesome, Watch Dogs 2 game! Enjoy!
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Here it is: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/204914067/

A very simple battle engine which runs flawlessly. There really isn't any strategy to it at all and it's actually impossible to lose (although in the coding losses are accounted for). Since it's 1 sprite and 10 scripts with minimal clutter and variables, you can easily build an RPG around it!
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Ittle Dew 2+ is a Zelda like puzzle game for the Switch(not sure if it's on anything else).

I really like the puzzles in the game. In the sky dream world puzzle on the left side you have to use the bomb to set off the crystal away from the door, and in the right side you have to use the bomb on the crystal right next to the door. I thought that was a pretty clever puzzle design. Does anyone know how to solve the puzzle with the ice blocks on the right side of the dungeon for the card? I'm having trouble solving it.

I like how they have an in game timer if you want to speedrun the game. (spoilers for the secret final boss)I feel like they added the timer in because of the Simulactrum. They said they kept speed running the island, and they needed a way to keep tract of their times right?
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Can we make a extension for Scratch where you can connect your xbox controller to your project to control the controllable sprite
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Hey guys! I just finished coding a nice game called Pixel Pastries.

I think this project has the best graphics for any pixel game I've created.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone could check it out and give me feedback.

There's also a minor glitch where, if you die, a variable that times how long you've been alive updates even after you die. I know why; it's because every second it changes by one, so if you die in the middle of a second, the loop will need to finish, so it will still change by one after you die. If you need clarification, tell me! Also, if you know how to fix it, then please tell me!

The link's down in my signature.
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Ask to be a curator at my new group, Making Projects Famous (Click here to view group).
Post 2 projects daily, get advice from curators, and talk with the community.
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Hello! I've recently released a huge project as beta on my profile called Notility Mesh! I think it has a couple of features on it right now! (About 25+ features) My plan for the project is to create a massive operating system on it! I have about 20 more features in my mind right now!

However, right now, I want to start getting feedback form this project. There are still a lot of things that are still left to do in this project! Please note that I will not use Stage3D, (you can look that up on the Scratch Wiki) which means I will not use the effect blocks in order to prevent lag. (Unless there's a way to prevent lag with Stage3D without buying a new computer)

So please take a look at this project and give any ideas on what I should change, add, or remove!
-If you would like to, please point out any bug fixes and grammar errors.
-This project is in beta. It is not complete so expect missing features and (maybe) bugs!
-This operating system is NOT Windows, even though it looks similar to Windows.
-If you see “Notility Verified Genuine” or “NVG”, it just means it was made by me.
Active Hours: (because of school -_-)
Saturday and Sunday: (Weekend Schedule)
PST: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM/9:00 to 20:00
UTC: 5:00 PM to 4:00 AM/17:00 to 4:00
EST: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM/12:00 to 23:00
-Any day that I have school off uses the Weekend Schedule. For example, If I have school off for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Monday would use the Weekend Schedule and Tuesday through Friday would use the Weekday Schedule. Hope that makes sense!
-Active Hours mean that I am usually active around that time! It doesn't mean I'm on ALL the time when the time is inside the schedule.
Monday through Friday: (Weekday Schedule)
PST: 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM/17:30 to 20:00
UTC: 1:30 AM to 4:00 AM/1:30 to 4:00
EST: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM/20:00 to 23:00
Before you post anything, please look at these lists:
Color Code:
Red: Ideas that will be included in the future.
Blue: Suggestions that have been added into the project.
Green: Suggestion has been accepted and placed into “Ideas That Have Been Suggested So Far”.
Ideas That Are in My Mind Right Now:
Hiding Windows
More Customization Features
Cleaning up the Code
Fixing the title bars, as in it will not be unequal in height.

Control Panel
A writing program.

The Web Browser designed for this OS.
Platformer and Snake Game.
A paint app.
Things that crash the OS, in fact, I will eventaully remove that feature anyway.

Ideas That Have Been Implemented Into the Project:
Nothing to see here yet.
(idea) - Suggested by (user w/ link)
^ This is a placeholder ^

Ideas that have been suggested so far:
Nothing to see here yet.
(idea) - Suggested by (user w/ link)
^ This is a placeholder ^
Apologies if this thread is in the wrong place, as I don't exactly know which forum you should ask for feedback on.

I will bump this thread at least once every day, and check it at least twice every day!

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Hewwo, Flame here ☺
Here is some info:
Requests: Open
Taking Requests: Open

Please read these rules in order to request from me.

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S'more Clicker was my most liked and Favorited game, and I've been working hard on the sequel! I've added tones of new features, upgrades, and mechanics. Even though the original S'more Clicker wasn't even that popular, I'm still happy with how good it did, and I would love for the sequel to do better! I would really appreciate it if you would go over to the S'more Clicker 2 to check it out. You might even enjoy it! ~37457, A small developer.

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