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Please do NOT post glitches here. Thank you!

Now now, we all find glitches in Scratch somewhere…
Of course, you need to start a new topic.
For the name, call it the summary of your glitch. Like “search bar sometimes takes over things on right”. Put it in note-form.
Next, you can start.

This is what to include when making your topic:
What the glitch is
Where you're having it
How you found the glitch
When it started

Your browser info and stuff should automatically appear in the box before you start typing. If it doesn't, click on the globe icon.

Do not post script troubles here
These things go into the “help with scripts” forum. Here's what I mean by script troubles:
'I'm having trouble making my project a thumbnail. The art's okay, but the thumbnail doesn't fill the screen. My scripting is
when green flag clicked
set x to (0)
set y to (0)
set [ghost v] effect to (100)
Can someone help?' Any script troubles topics will be reported to be moved to the “Help with scripts” forum.

This is what the first post should basically look like
I've got a bug. The search bar sometimes takes over the messages icon, the my stuff icon and it makes it really hard to access my profile and my account settings. I'm having it on (example profile). I just went onto the person's profile and saw it. A friend linked it to me and it just started today. My browser / operating system: Windows 8.1, Chrome 49.0.2623.87, Flash 21.0 (release 0)

I know that was a bad example. xD I hope your topic's better than mine. It may be an idea to write the topic in note-form - like a log.
By the way, if you're experiencing glitches, try another browser first.
Thanks for the tip BY147258369

Please reply to this if a) you need help or b) you think a part of this could be modified. B would be really helpful since this needs expanding. Please do not post glitches here.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

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I am making a project using many cloud variables but a limit has been reached so I want to know how or when I can lift the limit or if i have to wait half an hour or something or if i can't do anything about it.it is quite annoying.
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The Bug
The “last post” section of some forums appear completely blank at some times. The bug stays until someone else posts on it. If this bug is happening because the most recent posts are being moved or deleted, then it should revert back to the older most recent post instead of being removed altogether.

The Bug's Fix, and Reappearance
The bug was seen almost every day in the week before May 18th, 2017, where multiple spammers were active. However, on May 18th, some unknown changes were made to the filter system, at which point the bug seemed to disappear forever. This topic was closed after the bug didn't appear for the week, and Paddle2See seemed to agree that the filter changes might have unintentionally fixed the bug. However, on August 21st, 2017, the bug managed to a appear again, through these changes, in the Open Source Projects forum. Why the bug happens is still unknown.

Documented Occurrences (★: Many Occurrences on that Day; ⁂: Spammers Active on that Day)

March 13th, 2017 (Original report)

March 15th, 2017 (Reported by customhacker and me)

March 24th, 2017 (Reported by me)

March 25th, 2017 (Reported by me)

March 26th, 2017 (Reported by stickfiregames, Forum_Helper1, lance4dragons, DominoDragon1 and me)

March 29th, 2017 (Reported by me)

March 30th, 2017 (Reported by ZZ9PluralZAlpha and isthisausername)

April 19th, 2017 (Reported by PkmnQ)

April 20th, 2017 (Reported by ZZ9PluralZAlpha) (Replicated this image with Inspect Element)

May 8th, 2017 (Reported by me)

Later that day… (Reported by me)

May 9th, 2017 (Reported by me)

Literally only a few seconds later… (Reported by me)

A few minutes later… (Reported by me)

May 10th, 2017 (Reported by Invisible_Factory, ZZ9PluralZAlpha, jromagnoli, and me)

May 11th, 2017 (Reported by customhacker and jromagnoli)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by ZZ9PluralZAlpha)

Later… (Reported by Invisible_Factory)

Later… (Reported by me)

★ ⁂ May 12th, 2017 (Reported by Econinja, jseeli, kenny2scratch and jakeI181)

Later… (Reported by customhacker, kenny2scratch and jakeI181)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by ZZ9PluralZAlpha)

Later… (Reported by me)

May 13th, 2017 (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by PkmnQ and kenny2scratch)

May 14th, 2017 (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by me)

★ ⁂ May 15th, 2017 (Reported by PkmnQ, Abstract-, and me)

Later… (Reported by ZZ9PluralZAlpha, jromagnoli, venyanwarrior, Invisible_Factory and me)

Later… (Reported by CutieCow17 and me)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by me)

★ ⁂ May 16th, 2017 (Reported by PkmnQ, ZZ9PluralZAlpha, and me)

Later… (Reported by venyanwarrior, httpsscratch-mit-edu and me)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by Invisible_Factory and customhacker)

Later… (Reported by me)

Later… (Reported by httpsscratch-mit-edu)

Later… (Reported by venyanwarrior)

Later… (Reported by me)

May 17th, 2017 (Reported by awesome-llama)

August 21st, 2017 (Reported by customhacker, RetroTV, ZZ9PluralZAlpha, LordOfMuffins, powercon5, Invisible_Factory and me)

October 20th, 2017 (Reported by venyanwarrior, -frostyiceprincess-, and –Waterfall–)

February 18th, 2018 (Reported by hellounicorns2)

Official Responses

April 2nd, 2017 (Response from Paddle2See*)
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Finished Orders

We currently have 97 orders completed!



Banners, logos, thumbnails:




Sound effects/music

Intros and outros



Image hosting

Scrolling LED sign gifs

Typewriter gifs


Back to main menu!
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As you probably know, Scratch is finally getting around to creating a new version of Scratch, called Scratch 3.0 or Scratch 3.

New features

If you've been on Scratch for while, the most exciting part for you might be the new features in Scratch 3.
New blocks that I know of are:
glide (1) secs to [mouse  pointer v]::motion

go to [front v]::looks
go [forward v] (1) layers::looks
costume [number v]::looks reporter
backdrop [number v]::looks reporter

set [pitch v] effect to (0)::sound
change [echo v] effect by (25)::sound

set drag mode [draggable v]::sensing

[hello] contains [world]?::operators

Pen, instrument blocks, and video sensing are now extensions. Pen has two new blocks:
set pen [color v] to (50)::extension
change pen [color v] by (10)::extension
These allow you to select color, saturation, transparency and brightness.

Scratch 3.0 will also work on mobile. I don't know much about the mobile version of Scratch, so post on this topic if you do.

Also, you are now able to search the costume and sound libraries.

Smaller changes can be found here

Trying it out!

There are two known links to test it. Post if you know more. The links are:
Scratch 3.0 Preview - stable test site
Scratch 3.0 Graphical User Interface Develop Branch - up-to-date

View bugs at https://github.com/LLK/scratch-gui/issues

The code is on github at https://github.com/LLK/scratch-gui and https://github.com/LLK/scratch-vm
Scratch 3.0 is also built with Blockly and Scratch Blocks

More info

Scratch 3.0 on the wiki

Scratch 3.0 will be out in August 2018

Post if you know anything
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Life Story is a Life Simulation game which I made 1 year ago, my dream is to make a project where people can use bit their creativity to make a Family, House and control their life from birth to death. The game is base on The Sims, one of the best selling game on PC. (Or well has been)
I want to make the game BIG-ish because of that I will need a Team working on it.

Before you start thing about a Role….

You need to work hard, try not to forget. Unless you want to get annoyed by me asking you when you are doing it
Check 2 of the LS4 Demo, and see if you can go somewhere like it or can improve it. Music might be replaced by other music if I like the music for my game from the music role.

LS4 Creator DEMO (2)

A demo of creating a person.

LS4 House Maker Engine

A demo of creating a house.

You all will be credited and be invited to LIFE STORY 4 STUDIO.

Coders -
I expect some advance coders and at least use ‘More Block’.
● Fix bugs
● Relationship
● Want & Fear (They will link to the family's action and their traits)

Artist -

NOTE: It should be in Vector!!!
(added) Most Objects and floor should be pre-rendered, please use Blender

● Object Artist

● Floor Artist

● UI (User Interface) Artist

The art will be based on TS4 and the graphics are cartoon look, object can look sightly realistic like The Sims 1 Object and please make your own.

Please make your own objects, you can use tutorial to learn how to make one. If it looks too similar to ‘The Sims’ Object then it might get rejected…

Music -
Anything which sounds quite like The Sims without using their soundtrack, in other words. You had to make one
● Splash
● Marriage
● Birthday

If you are using someone music make sure it okay to be used. If the song is by e.g. Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor etc. It best to not use it for copyrights reasons. If it from scratcher, just ask them if it okay to use it. If it from you (That better) then uses it if you think fit in.

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Definition of easter egg - a hidden feature meant as a joke.

Does this belong in this forum? Just wondering.


Searching up “the answer to life the universe and everything” will open the calculator, which states that the answer to life the universe and everything is 42. This is a reference to a novel called A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

According to the Google calculator, “the loneliest number” is equal to 1, as is “the number of horns on a unicorn”.

Searching up “once in a blue moon” will bring up a weird calculation for the occurrence of a blue moon.

If you search up “recursion”, directly below the search bar, there will be text reading, “Did you mean: recursion”.

If you search up “anagram”, directly below the search bar, there will be text reading, “Did you mean: Nag a ram”. “Nag a ram” is an anagram of “anagram”.

Similarly, if you search up “define anagram”, the text will read “nerd fame again”. (Courtesy of @coolcat98)

Searching up “solitaire” will bring up a solitaire minigame that you can play.

Going to google.com/teapot will bring you to a weird error 418 page. You can click the teapot to cause it to tip over an pour out tea. This is a reference to a nursery rhyme.

Going to https://www.google.com/?hl=xx-pirate will bring you to a seemingly-normal Google search page, but the text on the search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons are different. You can also replace “pirate” at the end of the URL with “piglatin”.

Searching up “google in 1998” will cause the google search page to change to what it looked like in 1998. Search up “take me back to the present” to revert to the normal page.

Searching up “do a barrel roll” will cause the entire page to do an aileron roll. (Courtesy of @DaEpikDude)

Searching up “askew” will make the page tilt slightly.

Searching up “zerg rush” will bring up a ton of small O's that “attack” the search results, and once you're defeated by them they will spell out the words “GG”. (Courtesy of @Dabzers)

Searching up “atari breakout” and going into images will bring up a game of pong.

Tell Google Home to self-destruct. It acts like it will self-destruct but then says “actually, I think I'll stick around”. (Courtesy of @nickeljorn)

Searching up “super mario bros” will show a box with a question mark. Clicking the box will give a coin and 200 points. Clicking it 100 times gives you a 1-up. This is a reference to the question-mark block in the game. (Courtesy of @scrooge200)

When you search up “bletchley park”, the text to the right of the search results will rapidly switch through several ciphers before settling on “Bletchley Park”. This is because Bletchley Park was a site for British codebreakers. (Courtesy of @PintOfMilk)

Type in “pacman 30th anniversary” to play a minigame of pacman.

Or, you can simply search up “pacman”. (Courtesy of @whatsfordinner77)

There was a doodle called “155th anniversary of the pony express”, which was actually a game. You move up and down with the arrow keys, collect mail, and avoid obstacles in your quest to deliver as much mail as you can. You can still play it here: https://www.google.com/doodles/155th-anniversary-of-the-pony-express

There was also a similar minigame for the halloween of 2016. You can play it here: https://www.google.com/doodles/halloween-2016

Google Gravity (http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/) is like the Google search page, but everything falls to the bottom and you can pick up different buttons and the search bar, and throw them around. (Courtesy of @bostinhadograu)

Searching up “spinner” will bring up an interactive number/fidget spinner. You can switch between them. (Courtesy of @yzyzyz)

Searching up “find chuck norris” and pressing “I'm feeling lucky” will redirect you to a website called nochucknorris.com that displays the following text: “Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” (Courtesy of @bostinhadograu)

Search up “sonic the hedgehog” and Sonic the Hedgehog will appear on the page after being left idle for a while. Clicking on him will make him roll, and if you do it enough times, he'll turn into super Sonic. (Courtesy of @spycapt54 and @MonkeyboyWyatt)

On Google Chrome, when there's no internet, if you press space you can play a fun minigame. (Courtesy of @girlsruless)

The “I'm feeling lucky” button redirects you to the first result, skipping the search. (Courtesy of @bostinhadograu)

Google Terminal (http://elgoog.im/terminal/ or http://www.masswerk.at/googleBBS/) lets you do a google search, except the search gui looks like a code terminal. (Courtesy of @bostinhadograu)

Copy the Google logo in the top-left corner of a search and paste it in a photo-editing program, and there used to be the Google logo with a bunch of random buttons and a transparent/black background (It worked for Bing as well). (Courtesy of @MCJB05)

If you click “I'm feeling lucky” without searching anything, you'll be taken to Google Doodles. (Courtesy of @MJCB05)

Search up “blink html” and the results will appear to be blinking. (Courtesy of @coolcat98)

Search up “is google down” and the word “no” will appear in big letters. (Courtesy of @coolcat98)

Searching up “hai” will bring up the Hindi to English translator. (Courtesy of @Mr_PenguinAlex)

On Youtube: (Courtesy of @MCJB05)
Search, ‘Harlem Shake’, and everything dances to the Harlem Shake.
Search, ‘Use the Force, Luke’, and everything moves around slowly.
Search, ‘Doge meme’, and all the text will be colorful.
Type, ‘Awesome’ on a video, and the search bar will be rainbow.
Go to https://www.youtube.com/leanback and YouTube will appear as it does on the X-Box.
Search, ‘Random video’, or, ‘Random video music’, and a random video or random video with music, respectively, will appear.


If there are any that I missed, please feel free to tell me!
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SPACE-O #1: Part 2

I have made enough content in this upcoming game that I could release what I have made so far as a “sneak peak”.

Edit 2/18/2018: I have not made a sneak peak or trailer yet, but maybe I should think about it at some point.
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Introducing Pikmi Pops! The colourful, collectable animals that come inside plastic lollipops!
My favourites are Huddy the bunny and Tickles the octopus.

Discuss them here!
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Recently, I've shared an endless platformer called Graph Runner. The game's point is to reach as many of the given coordinates as you can on a 24 x 18 coordinate plane.

I'll gladly accept suggestions about what I should improve! An alternate topic to suggest things on can be found here: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/288222/

Features include:
  • A cloud high score
  • Basic platformer physics (gravity, momentum, etc.)
  • Smooth performance
  • Moving blocks

Here's a linked image: It's huge because I couldn't scale it down - it's bitmap

Note: The leftmost and rightmost blocks move up and down.
Note 2: The image is in winter mode. Currently, the snow isn't there, as it's not winter anymore.
Note 3: In update 1.7, a month's best score has been added. That isn't displyed on the image (yet).

Update Log:

v 1.0: Release (12/28/2017)
v 1.0.1: Added thumbnail (1/2/2018)
v 1.1: Added moving objects (1/2/2018)
v 1.1.1: Fixed bug with moving objects (1/4/2018)
v 1.2: Added WASD support (1/4/2018)
v 1.3: Added ability to mute (1/4/2018)
v 1.4: Added floor (1/7/2018)
v 1.5: Added snow (only in winter) (1/7/2018)
v 1.5.1: Changed stage color (only in winter) (1/8/2018)
v 1.6: Player now rotates while moving (1/11/2018)
v 1.7: Added month's best score (1/22/2018)

Upcoming: Update 2.0

  • 11 new characters
  • A title screen
  • Better graphics
  • Better graph
  • More blocks
  • Sound effects
  • Bugfixes
Subtractions: xD
  • Bugs
  • Lag
Scheduled release date: 3/1/2018
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- every time i try to edit something in the ‘what I’m working on' section on my profile, a message pops up saying: “Hmm…the bad word detector thinks there is a problem with your text. Please change it and remember to be respectful.”
- this happens every time, whether I'm trying to add in an extra word, or delete a typo
- this means that it always resets whatever i have tried to change!

mxllow ✿

*this problem is now fixed*

My browser / operating system: Windows NT 10.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, Flash 28.0 (release 0)
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Discuss this awesome(?) family fun center where you can eat pizza, watch animatronics dance, play arcade games, win tickets, and spend tickets on prizes.

NO MENTION OF FNAF, PLEASE. Also, no rants against Chuck E. Cheese's, please, since TIRAP is for positivity,

Does anyone know the Rip It Win It sweepstakes, where you can win Sonic Forces?
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So this is my 100th post on the forums! Don't worry, i'm not leaving scratch. In fact i'm using it on the computer i have built myself! so i got a KANO computer kit for Christmas. It comes looking a little like a lego set, with simple and easy instructions to follow. It comes with a raspberry pi and you get to learn how to build a very simple computer which has internet and allows you to do so many amazing things! You can also Build your own screen if you aren't allowed to use your own TV. In order to make the computer work, you need to plug it into to ANYTHING with HDMI. And i also learnt that a computer isn't just a keyboard and a screen, its a very small raspberry pi with loads of switches on, and a speaker attached to it. The screen is just a tablet. if you get the ability to be a master programmer and machine building person. You could make SO many cool things. such as making LED lights with the pixel kit and wave hello to make the sun rise! you also get badges for achieving things along the way. Teaching you everything about computers.
I suggest you should try building your own computer and making things using code on there, it is so much fun to tell a computer to do professional art and music. You get to learn how to make Minecraft even cooler! and it automatically comes with the scratch offline editors too! you can share your creation with the world to see, and that's all i have for now. Have fun scratching!

18-2-18 I got a pixel kit, so I made my own LED board as well.
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Can we make a feature were you can export projects to your other account like you're moving accounts and you can export all if it if the right password of the account is entered.

Ok, Lets just say that you had 100+ projects in your stuff and your moving so it's inconvenient to download them to your computer so instead you can use the export feature and select which projects you want to export then type in the user you want to export the projects to then enter the correct password of your account then it will export the projects to the account you wanted them the user will need to enter the password of the account that requested for the export then if the correct password is entered then the user will have copy’s of the projects
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Друзья! Идут выборы новых царь-скретчеров! Если вы хотите стать кандидатом, то напишите, но вот требования кандидатов и обязаности царь-скретчеров.
Вы должны быть скретчером, ваш стаж должен быть выше пяти месяцев, вы должны иметь минимум 5 опубликованных проектов и 30 постов на форумах, иметь хорошую историю (что вы не спамите, не хулиганите и т. п.)
После подачи заявки на ц.с., напишите немного о себе, и о том почему хотите стать ц.с.
Обязаности ц.с.:
Помощь новичкам, работа на Скретч-Вики, борьба с хакерами, создание учебных материалов на форумах… (обязаности еще будут добавляться).
Преимущества ц.с.:
(будет добавлено позже)
Отличительный знак ц.с. это 1-3 (смотря на сколько он важен) красных звезды в аватарке, надпись в подписе и менеджер в специальной студии царь-скретчеров!
Тот кто наберет больше всех голосов, тот станет главным ц.с. (он руководит другими ц.с.), 2-ое, которые набрали чуть меньше чем главный ц.с. будут его помощниками.
Возможно именно вы станете царь-скретчером! Выборы стартуют 29.01.18, а заканчиваются 20.02.18 (возможно дольше или быстрее)
Можно голосовать максимум за 3-ёх кандидатов! За себя голосовать НЕЛЬЗЯ!

Replies: 16

Sheep_maker wrote:

How about
<user can use cloud?::sensing>
So a) it works for signed-out users, and b) it's purpose is more clear
when green flag clicked
if <user can use cloud?> then
say [hi you new here?] for (2) secs
Makes sense tbh
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Looking for some art to use in your project, than this is the perfect place for you!

If you want me to make you a character include all of this in your request,

-What do you want
-Describe the thing you want
-Due date

If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask
My Scratch Account:LittleJoy17
Here is some of my art
Replies: 148

We are currently voting for a president. Running is open to anybody over the next 3 days. Voting will occur on MARCH 1. An official debate will occur on February 21. Here are the candidates:

President: ncro2005
Deputy: Yet to be appointed
Secretary: Yet to be appointed
Speech: Yet to be written
Banner/logo: Yet to be chosen

President: GrahamSH
Deputy: Yet to be appointed
Secretary: exxe_
Speech: Yet to be written
Banner/logo: Yet to be chosen

President: Python_Megapixel
Deputy: Yet to be appointed
Secretary: Yet to be appointed
Speech: Yet to be written
Banner/logo: Yet to be chosen

President: poppybunny
Deputy cutekawaii59
Secratery: toffeeandvanilla

Hi, I’m Poppybunny.

My values for this election are: equality and fairness.
I hope to be able to let everyone have a say.
I will keep my profile comments open and let anyone make a suggestion.

Scratcher or New Scratcher. 1000 posts or 1. Everyone is equal.

Everyone. Anyone. Open.

For a Future Together
Replies: 7
1: Will_Wam

Will_Wam is known for making mario series and cloud votes, he has over 15000 followers

2: WazzoTV

WazzoTV is known for making animations. he has about 22,000 followers

3: griffpatch

griffpatch is known for velocity, recreating games, etc. he has about 77,000 followers
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Hey. nnagelia here. Me and Truguyproductions are thinking about an animation series. It is about 4 spies trying to save the world from the evil gangster organization run by Professor c Cupcake. In order to join, fill out the application

Also, send a link for ONE ANIMATION for me to see your skills

Experience animating(yes or not):
How active you are:
Did you follow discussion:
Interested in cooperating:
Animation Link:

Only applications in the form above will be accepted. Now lets go with the spy info.

the FBI (food, baking soda investigation) sends 4 spies to help. Johnny is the explosive expert. Mary can actually fight and help out. The other johnny is a good computer dude. and shaun is amazing at the math (2+2=5) and is the brains

Together these spies will save the world in a 5 season comedy action.

Thanks. REmember we wil try to make this the best animation possible

Apply today


The other Johnny:
FBI boss:
Professor C Cupcake:
Background Humans:


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Can I comment that?
A Guide to Questions About Comments

First off, before we begin…
Please don't ask questions here. Please make a new topic to get an answer to your question. Asking a question here will only result in it being ignored.
Okay, now that we got that off our shoulders, let us begin.
(Note: These are about comments on the main site, not the forums.)

Table of Contents

Questions about Spam Comments
Questions about Constructive Comments
Questions about Rude Comments
Questions about Threatening Comments
Questions about Inappropriate Comments
Questions about Comments in General


Questions about Spam Comments
To learn about spam, go here.

Are comment trains allowed?
No, comment trains are not allowed.
Here is an example of a comment train:

Spammer wrote:

Tag, you're it! Pass this on to 10 nice Scratchers that you know. If you get 10 back, you're a SUPER nice and amazing Scratcher! If you break the chain, nothing will happen. BUT PLEASE PASS THIS ON! Spread the positivity!!!
No matter how nice the comment is, DO NOT PASS IT ON, as your comment could also be reported as spam. Just report the comment and leave it at that. Passing it on will just create more work for the moderators.

Are “10 facts I know about you” comments allowed?
No, that's also spam. Just as above, report it.

Spammer wrote:

10 facts about you: Fact 1: You are reading this. Fact 2: you cant say the letter ‘m’ without touching your lips. Fact 3: You just tried it. Fact 4 your smiling. Fact 6: You're smiling or laughing again. Fact 7: you didn't notice I missed fact 5. Fact 8: You just checked it. Fact 9 You're smiling again. Fact 10: You like this :)

What are “random numbers to avoid spam”, and are they okay?
“Random numbers to avoid spam” are exactly what they sound like: The author of the comment punches in random numbers so they can repeatedly say the same comment without spamming, since you can't post the same comment more than 3 times in a row.
From what I've heard, they're fine. Most of the time they're just to alert followers that they're moving accounts or to tell animators that a MAP they participated in was completed.

Comment author wrote:

Hello! I'm, just here to inform you that I'm also telling this message to the rest of my 100 followers. Thanks! Random Numbers to avoid spam: 389845
However, if you're repeatedly posting spam messages, it is not allowed.

Is spamming really against the rules?
The Community Guidelines don't say a whole lot about spamming, but the Terms of Use (which is like the Community Guidelines, but bigger and more legal) have something to say about it:

The Terms of Use wrote:

3. Rules of Usage
3.5 You agree not to use Scratch in any way intended to disrupt the service, gain unauthorized access to the service, or interfere with any other user's ability to use the service. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:
4. Repeatedly posting the same material, or “spamming”;
To read the Terms of Use, go here.

Can somebody repeatedly say “Can you give feedback on my latest game”?
Nope. That's also spam.

Spammer wrote:

Can you please give feedback on my latest game? I tried checking for bugs but I just wanna make sure. and if you can, can you ask your friends to give feedback as well?
And look, here we've got a nice transition into the next question…

Is advertising spam?
Depends on where you're doing it. Advertising on profiles, projects, studios, and other people's forum posts is not okay (unless the user/studio allows people to advertise on their profile/studio).
The Show and Tell forums, your own projects and studios, and your forum signature are the only okay places to advertise. When you advertise in those places, it's not spamming.
Even not linking your project, but explicitly mentioning it in your comment is also advertising (which is also why asking for feedback is considered spam).

Spammer wrote:

nice project, plz check out my game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/xxxx/

Spammer wrote:

I love this project!! Oh, I also have an animation called “I love muffins” you can go check it out it's on my profile, it's my featured project

Spammer wrote:

Nice Studio. I have a studio named “Cats, dogs, and bunnies” plz go check it out

Spammer wrote:

Just remember that while it's nice to have followers, Scratch was made to learn about coding, not earn views.


Questions about Constructive Comments

How can I be constructive?
I don't remember where (so this quote is written by memory unfortunately), but I know that Scratch Team member Paddle2See has this little commenting technique on how to be constructive:

Paddle2See wrote:

I like to call it a “support sandwich”, first you type something you like about the project, then you type something that could be fixed or added in the project, then you type how that could be fixed, and then once again, you comment what you like about the project.
So a good example of being Constructive is this:

Constructive person wrote:

Nice project! I really like all of the little animals. However, I noticed that the lion's animation is a bit wonky. I checked the code and saw the costume changes were in the wrong order. That can just be easily fixed with that handy drop-down menu. But, I still really like this! The cats are so adorable!
A bad example is this:

Not-so-constructive person wrote:

THIS GAME IS SOO TERRIBLE!!! You know why? THE LION LOOKS SUPER WEIRD!!! I can't believe you shared it like that lol!!!!!! Fix the costume order!!! Geez why wouldn't you fix that??

Is saying how the project is bad being constructive?
Being rude ≠ being constructive. Saying how the project is bad without saying a fix ≠ being constructive.
If you use Paddle2See's “support sandwich” technique, by saying what's good, then what the issues are, then how to fix the issues, then you're being constructive. If you just say “This project is glitchy in levels 2, 3, and 4. I hate it,” then you're not being constructive. If you say what the glitches are, where they occur, and ways you could fix them, then you're being constructive. Just flat-out saying “Levels 5 and 6 are bad. Plz fix” is not constructive in any way whatsoever.

Is simply saying the fix (without praise or saying what's wrong with the project) being constructive?
Well, yes.
But don't comment that way. It's the worst way to be constructive–I highly, highly, highly suggest you to use the “support sandwich” technique.

Kind-of-constructive person wrote:

Fix the Lion's costume order.

Can I be constructive in a Gordon Ramsay manner?
The Way Gordon Ramsay tells people what they did wrong is in a rude manner–Do not ever comment that way.

Should I take offense to constructive comments?
Absolutely not. Constructive comments are not rude comments; in fact, they are quite the opposite. They are nice comments, because they're helping out with the project.

The Community Guidelines wrote:

Be constructive.
When commenting on others' projects, say something you like about it and offer suggestions.

Can I suggest things on a project?
Sure, just remember what the projects about–you'll want to give suggestions on how to make the project better, not different.
Good example:

Suggester wrote:

Nice project! I think you could add a menu and a game over sign. Once again, I really like this project!
Bad Example:

Not a good Suggester wrote:

Nice project, but I think you could add animations, music, a platformer, a menu and make all of the sprites purple.

Questions about Rude Comments

What should I do if I find a rude comment?
Report it. Just report it.
Example of a rude comment:

Rude person wrote:

The Community guidelines even say to report rude comments:

The Community Guidelines wrote:

Help keep the site friendly.
If you think a project or comment is mean, insulting, too violent, or otherwise inappropriate, click “Report” to let us know about it.

Are flame wars reportable?
Yep. A “flame war” is when two or more people argue about a certain topic, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Usually projects about religion or politics have a big potential for “flaming”. If you ever see a flame war start, “put out the flames” and report the offending comments. Don't ever “feed the flames”, or get involved.

Flame Warrers wrote:

Person 1: I don't like that person.
Person 2: Well if your opinion isn't nice, be quiet.
Person 1: But what about freedom of speech?
Person 2: Being rude is abusing freedom of speech!
etc, etc, etc…

But if Flame Wars are banned, does that mean debates are too?
Let me quote someone in this discussion:

-ShadowOfTheFuture- wrote:

Flame wars ≠ debates. Flame wars, according to the Scratch Wiki, are “unfriendly arguments between two or more users on the forums or main site and also a common type of cyberbullying. Flame wars are not allowed, for they cause a disruption in the community, are disrespectful, and can harm people emotionally.” On the other hand, a debate, according to the definition given by Google, is "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward." The difference between a flame war and a debate is that debates are civilized. It's a good thing that flame wars are banned, because they are a form of bullying and can lead to Scratchers feeling hurt or even quitting Scratch. Banning flame wars does not mean that debates aren't allowed, it just means that they should be carried out in a polite, civilized way, and I'm sure most people are perfectly capable of debating without banging on tables or screaming at each other.

Can you get banned for being rude?
Yes you can. It's against the Community Guidelines:

The Community Guidelines wrote:

Be respectful.
When sharing projects or posting comments, remember that people of many different ages and backgrounds will see what you’ve shared.

What if reporting the comment simply is not enough?
Then use Contact Us. Someone who just says “this is lame” should just be reported, and contacting the Scratch Team isn't necessary. However, if somebody leaves large, offensive comments on a large amount of projects and profiles, contacting the Scratch Team might be a good idea.

What is gossip, and why is it reportable?
Gossip is when you talk about and exaggerate flaws and imperfections of another person behind their back.. It's report-able because it's still rude to the person you're gossiping about. Think about it; would you like people to gossip about you?
Here's an example:

Gossipers wrote:

Person1: Omg, I heard that Person 3 bullied Person 4!!!
Person2: Omg, that's so rude of them. I heard that Person 3 called Person 4 a dirty dog! :(!!
Don't ever gossip. Report the gossiping comments and leave it at that.

Can inside-joke insults be reported?
Well, people won't know if they're inside jokes, because they're inside jokes. Maybe you shouldn't post the inside joke in the first place, because nobody but you and your friend would know that it's an inside joke.

Why is being rude such a big deal anyways?
Because this is a kid's site. Scratch's age demographic is 8-16, even though there's some kids using this site who are younger than that. We don't want to set a bad example for the younger audience, who won't know better.


Questions about Threatening Comments

What should I do if someone threatens me?
Don't believe them and report it. If they continue you to threaten you, use Contact Us.

Threatener wrote:

If you don't love and favorite all of my projects in the next 24 hours, your account will be deleted, and even if you use Contact Us you can't bring it back!!!!
Note: Most threats are not real. There is no way that a Scratcher (Scratcher-status) can get your account deleted without valid reason–not loving and favoriting their projects is not a valid reason.

What if the comment contains names of people I know?
Use Contact Us. Ask the names of the people you know mentioned in the comment if they know anything about it.

What if the person threatening me is someone I know in real life?
Ask the real-life person about it after reporting the comment if possible.


Questions about Inappropriate Comments

What should I do if I see an inappropriate comment?
Report it.

Why doesn't the Scratch Team just fix the problem by making a 13+ site?
This is one of the rejected suggestions for Scratch.

The Rejections Sticky wrote:

12. A 13+ version of the website
Scratch is designed for all ages, and dividing the community would not really help anybody.

Can I comment subtly inappropriate things?
If it's inappropriate at all, don't comment it.

My comment (which wasn't inappropriate at all) was deleted. Why?
It was probably inappropriate in some way and you didn't realise it. If you feel as though it shouldn't have been removed, try contacting the Scratch Team.


Questions about Comments in General

How do I post a comment?
Write your comment, then click the blue button that says “post”.

Why does it say, “Woah, it seems like you're commenting really quickly. Please wait longer between posts.”?
If you're a new Scratcher, you have to wait 30 seconds between posting comments. This may also appear if you're posting many comments in quick succession regardless of your rank.

Can I expand the section I need to type?
Sure! There's two little slanted lines in the bottom-right-hand corner. Pull on them, and you can expand your comment. Please note that this does not expand your character count, however.

Why can't I comment?
Maybe you need to confirm your e-mail. If your e-mail has already been confirmed, you were probably muted for a period of time for posting something offensive or inappropriate.

Can I disable people commenting on my projects/studios/profile?
Yep! There's a little check box that says “Turn off commenting”. If you click on it, you…turn off commenting, and nobody can comment. You cannot disable only certain people from commenting. If you want to turn off commenting in a studio, you need to be the owner–Managers, despite all of the other abilities they have, cannot.

Can I send a private message to someone?
No, because of the potential for bullying, gossip, and difficulty moderating.

Can I reply to my own comment?

How do I reply to a comment?
Under the comment, you'll see a little button that says “reply”. Click on it, type in your comment, then click “post” as you would with a normal comment. Your comment will automatically have the link to the person you're replying to's profile, and they'll receive a message about it. If you're replying to your own comment, everything mentioned above with still happen except for receiving the message.

Considering everything else I've seen in this guide, am I restricted to only Praise and “How are you” conversations?
No, you are not. As long as it's all ages, not spammy, threatening, rude, or irrelevant, you can post it.

Can I have a conversation on a person's profile with a different person?
You can, but you definitely shouldn't.
It's rude to the person whose profile you're commenting on, because they're not included and they're getting spammed with messages.
There are, of course, some people who don't mind, but this doesn't mean that everyone's okay with it.


Thank you for reading! If anything I said is inconsistent, incorrect, a typo, or should be removed, please tell me. If you think I should add something, please tell me. Once again, Thanks for reading!

Posted: 2/9/2018
First Edit: Fixed the length of the border
Second Edit: Added the suggestions mentioned here and here
Third Edit: Fixed the heading of the “Spam comments” section.
Fourth Edit: Fixed a “small” (hehe puns) problem with the Edit List, added a little tidbit to the “comment trains” section.
Fifth Edit: Made major changes as suggested by this, fixed other grammar errors, added some more information, and added the “Contributors” section.
Sixth Edit: Fixed a typo.
Seventh Edit: Added two Questions to the “Questions about Constructive Comments” section
Eight edit: Added a question to the “Questions about Comments in general” section.
Ninth Edit: Added a question to the “Questions about Rude Comments” section.
Tenth Edit: Added a question to the “Questions about Comments in general” section.
Eleventh Edit: Changed the Wiki Link.
Thanks to these people for helping me improve my post!
Replies: 18
CoderWatch: Official Beta Information!

Note, these screenshots are of the Alpha 0.9 verison of CoderWatch. They may be subject to change.
The Game is currently 7.7 MB large, but uses a LOT of clones. When it releases, be mindful of the impact it could have on your browser.

Hey everyone!

This game has been in the making for a while now, and now that it's been announced, I'd like to showcase some of the art from the game and explain what it's all about.

CoderWatch is a spinoff of Scratch Story Mode(created by @-Cinematic-) AND is inspired by OverWatch. It has 4 planned game modes, 10 planned heroes, and a limited multiplayer mode.

Heros/Playable Characters

The Hero Selection Menu. Pico is comparable to Lucio gameplay wise.

The heroes that currently work in-game are Scratch, Giga, Pico, and Oliver.
Each hero is uniquely animation and has their own special kit and powers, and different backstories in the CoderWatch universe.
It takes around 3 hours for me to fully animate each and every hero!

Pico's reload as of Alpha 0.9

Giga's current full moveset.

Gameplay: AI bots and Cloud Multiplayer

A project I released recently showcasing very simple Support AI. The blue is the Player (me), the Green is the AI, and the red is the enemy AI.

Originally, I planned to have Cloud Multiplayer, but with how fast paced the gameplay is and the heavy usage of clones, I've decided to just create simple AI that works against and with the player depending on the team. Until I can find a workaround/any of you are willing to collaborate, there will be only bots that can be played against live. However, I do plan to make a “limited” cloud multiplayer mode that allows you to battle against a bot that takes a random player's name from a list.

What's the game look like/How does it play?!

Gameplay of Alpha 0.9. Scratch can use Blink to move forward quickly and Rewind to go back in time, similar to Tracer.

CoderWatch is a top down game that plays identical to OverWatch. Each attack has a cool down and every player has an ultimate.

Well, what do you think? Comment any ideas you have for the game below, any characters from OverWatch that you'd like to see transferred over into CoderWatch, or any thing you don't like so far!

The Beta Version of CoderWatch will Release Soon!
Replies: 18
AI Progression Section!
Percent Complete: 60%

Watch as the AI assists me (Scratch) in taking down some Gigas!


The AI, who previously had trouble switching targets, can now autoswitch targets on the fly. While this is mostly useful in an environment with a lot of enemies (Survival Mode), in 2v2 mode this means the enemy AI will be able to switch targets after they have defeated one, or at any random instance.

This makes the AI look a lot less glitchy and appear smarter!
Replies: 18
Elimination Mode Progression!
10% Complete


There's currently a VERY buggy spectator cam that I added to the game. This pretty much will allow you to watch the game while you wait to spawn back in. As you can see, when you die, the AI goes CRAZY and starts shooting like a madman! Maybe he's avenging your death? Either way, good progression towards Elimination mode!

Also, the game itself is pretty buggy, as nothing preloads. I'll have to create a loading phase AND a few extra menus for choosing your game mode once I finish the core mechanics.

Replies: 1
“Monsters are real, but you all know that.” A buff man stood in front of a group of students talking into a microphone. “In fact, I'm willing to bet that some of you have lost loved ones to those creatures” his voice echoed through the auditorium. “They're dangerous and amount to about thirty percent of all deaths in England. That's why you're here, this world needs defenders, and more than that we need newer, better, more efficient, and less dangerous ways of killing these things, you will be taught all we know about monster anatomy, weapon building and usage, medical things, and generally how to be the most dangerous, most lethal, and coolest individual wherever you so happen to be You might not get a job that deals with monsters, but here at -insert school name here- we pride ourselves on making sure that no matter what field you go into that you are prepared to protect the people around you from things they can't protect themselves from.” the man finished speaking and looked out at the crowd of new students. ‘How many gifted are out there in the crowd? How many of these students will die before they finish this school? How many of them will die due to monster attacks after they leave this school; my bet is most if not all of them.’ the man thought to himself. The crowd erupted into applause at his speech.


Rank 1:
Mostly harmless, and are usually able to be taken down by any normal humans with a weapon.
(Ex: a zombie)

Rank 2:
More dangerous than Rank 1's, but they usually don't pose a huge threat.Takes some skill to take them down.
(Ex: Lizardfolk, low-blood werewolves)
Rank 3:
Usually takes a trained hunter to take one of these down.
(Ex: ghosts, necromancers, ghasts)
Rank 4:
Incredibly dangerous should be avoided unless preparations are made. Usually takes a group of hunters to take these down.
(Ex: Vampires, high-blood werewolves, demons)
Rank 5:
Should be avoided at all costs. If found immediately report it to your superiors and fall back. Usually takes an elite squad to take these down.
(Ex: Vampire lords, liches)
DO NOT ENGAGE. Report to your superiors immediately. Call all government officials, evacuate as soon as possible. Usually takes a contingent to take down.
(Very large, very strong creatures, not quite Kaiju. Ex: King Kong)
Special cases:
DO NOT ENGAGE. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN. Contact officials when possible, mass evacuation should occur within a few hours. Usually takes battalions or more to take down.
(Leviathans, but with special powers. EX: Godzilla, Gamera)
Approach with limited caution should not lead to confrontation.
(EX: Animal people, some Lizardfolk, some Succubuses, some werewolves, some ghosts)
Almost impossible to notice. Usually only Rank 1 or 2, but can be up to rank 4.
(A monster that takes the form of it's latest victim, possesses below average human intelligence.)
Incredibly Dangerous. Incredibly smart. Do not approach. Call in superiors. Usually takes an elite squad, but can sometimes take a contingent.
(Monsters with incredibly powerful magic and above human intelligence)

Monsters- Any creature that is not human-like in appearance.

Magic- Anything produced by monsters that is not human created. (EX: Plasma, radiation, slime, necromancy, energy beams, etc.)

Gifted- Any person with powers.

Kaiju Protection Force(KPF)- A military force specially trained to fight Leviathan and Kaiju class monsters.

Trackers: Agents who specialize in tracking monsters.

Hunters: Elite solo agents who specialize in the elimination of monsters. (Usually able to take on up to rank 4's single-handedly. High mortality rate.)

Low-blood: A term used to refer to monsters that do not have the full range of their species abilities usually due to genetic issues.

High-blood: A term used to describe monsters with all the abilities of their species that also have unique abilities.

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