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Hello! I found out how to convert a SB2 to EXE. Yes, I found a way to convert Scratch Project 2.0 files into regular, professional looking, game files for Windows. First, see inside your scratch project. Now, goto the top-left corner and click File. Then click download to your computer. Now you have the sb2 file. Goto the SB2 to SWF Converter and select the options of your choice. Once the options are selected, click Convert to SWF. Once downloaded, add an “.swf” to the end of the filename. Next, download the VaySoft SWF to EXE Converter Trial Version here* and install it via installation wizard. Next, open it and click Add files under Embed fonts. Select the SWF file and then select a Executable Output Folder. Un-Check-Mark the SWF file name, then click Convert in the bottom-left corner. Finally you will have your SB2 converted to EXE. I hope this helped!

*I have removed this link as it possibly contained a virus. I did not detect any viruses after a MalwareBytes scan, but that is not very thorough when it comes to some types of viruses. If you do want to go to the website, then go here.

Disclaimer: I no longer approve of using the Vaysoft SWF to EXE converter, there are more efficient and less “virus-y” SWF to EXE converters that exist now.

Lastly, do NOT try to use any links from the reposts of the old version of this post in the forum topic to get to the Vaysoft converter quicker. These links could be EVEN MORE dangerous than the link that I placed above.
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그리고 최근 홍보방글을 보시려면 여기에!
여기로도 최신 가능합니다.(가끔 오류남)
1.서명바꾸기를 이용해보세요!
서명은 맨밑에 회색줄 밑에 나타나는 건데, 당신이 글을 쓰실때마다 항상 밑에 써져 있게 됩니다.
주로 홍보,자기소개할때 많이쓰이죠 : D
또한,지속적으로 홍보를 하지 않아도되는 번거로움이 사라짐니다!
사용방법:토론방 맨밑에 서명바꾸기를 클릭하시거나(이링크는 토론방 메인페이지입니다.)
또한, https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/settings/(사용자이름)/을 적어 이용하실수있습니다.

2.링크를 걸어보세요!(예시:나의 프로필 ㅎ)
링크를 한수 파란글씨가 되는데, 그 파란글씨를 클릭하면 자신이 넣은 사이트에 이동하게 됩니다.
링크로 홍보하실때 좋은점은 자신이 홍보하고 싶은 것의 사이트나 경로를 쓰지않아도 클릭하면 저절로 들어가지는 간편함이 있습니다.
사용방법:새로운댓글작성에서 사슬모양(또는 ctrl+l)을 클릭후 자신이 링크걸고싶은 사이트를 넣으시면 됩니다.
그리고 “Your text to link here…”이라는 칸에는 자신이 파란글씨로 작성할 글을 써넣으시면 됩니다.

3.홍보를 자세히 해주세요!
홍보시 그냥 스튜디오,프로젝트 라고만 하면 상대방이 무엇인지 몰라 들어가지 않는 경우가 많습니다.
그러기 위해서는 제목,내용등을 써주시면 됩니다. xD
그렇게 거창하게까지 할 필요는 없고, 대충 자기가 홍보하는게 무엇에 대한건지만 간단히적으시면 됩니다.

4.홍보의 역효과
도배,비속어등을 사용시 상대에게 호감이 떨어지는등으로 인해 오히려 역효과를 줄수있습니다.
홍보하실때 도배는 하지말아주시고, 비속어사용도 자제해주세요.ㅎ
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Please only bump once every 24 hours!

Previous Shop (full of spam)

How to order: copy (ctrl+c or command+c for Mac) one of the boxes below. Paste (ctrl+v or command+v for Mac) into the box at the bottom of the page. Then, fill out the form. Press the submit button to post your order.


Please follow the topic if you order so you can be notified when your order is completed.

What You Want Code To Do:
Notified On Profile When Order Is Finished (y/n):
Anything Else:
What You Want (banner, logo, etc):
Notified On Profile When Order Is Finished (y/n):
Anything Else:
Notified On Profile When Order Is Finished (y/n):
Anything Else:
Notified On Profile When Order Is Finished (y/n):
Anything Else:
What You Want To Be Reviewed (project, art, etc.):
Link/Imageshack (if project, put a link to the project. If art, please use imageshack, etc.):
Harshness level (1-10, 1 being the least harsh and 10 being harsh)
Notified On Profile When Order Is Finished (y/n):
Anything Else:
Color Code:
Red = Owner – Has total control over the shop. Also can do the below.
Orange = Co-owner – Can hire and fire Scratchers from the shop. Also can do the below.
Blue = Employee – Can take orders.

Lots of employees were removed because of inactiveness.
To join, fill out this form.
What you could help with:
Following the topic? (yes or no):
Anything else:

Have A Good Time At The Meow Shop!
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Scrolling LED sign gifs

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“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

Hello. Welcome to Super Hero RP. This is a revival/revamped edition of the original. Our last post can be found here (and that one links the post before that if you really want to read the archived threads that far back.) and our previous studio can be found here. However, let me stress one thing. This revival is specially designed so you don't need to read the archives. What you will need for reference will be linked or quoted in a separate post. Our current studio is here (and I assume I don't need to link our current thread… that's where you are right now…). This post will be reserved for application forms, messages to current members, recent news, and so on. The aforementioned reference post will contain a summary of what has happened so far, in event you joined after the revival got into full swing.
Character creation:
Talents and skills:
Super Powers (if any):
Power Limitations: (Limits to a character's power. These are NOT weaknesses, although they can be incorporated into them. For instance, Superman's weakness is Kryptonite, but it's also a power limitation because it shuts down his abilities. Includes durations.)
List of Special Attacks: (things you can do in a single attack action. Anything an average person can do should be excluded.)
Equipment (items that come with the character. These items tend to be unbreakable or in large supply, and thus will always be with the character. Please specify if an item is unique (only one exists, unbreakable, stays with your character all of the time) or not (can be used by other characters, is breakable, and may not always be with your character.):
Other info:

Join form:
How active are you? (1 (Once a month) - 10 (I am almost always on)) :
How committed are you? (1 (Not really bothered) - 10 (I will not rest until my task is done)) :
How well do you work in a team? (1-10):
What are your skills? (Art, Animation, Ideas, Coding etc.):
Will you follow the rules?:

Rank system
Our collaboration has three main ranks, with a singular deviation from one (that would be me.). You may only apply for Member - the rest are either voluntary or appointed (my position is voluntary for admins)
These ranks are as follows:
Supervisor/Leader/GuyWithMostPower - Breaks ties in admin votes. Makes sure admins don't get out of hand.
Admin - Assists with running the RP. These people can accept forms, reject forms, dictate changes to forms, negate RP actions, completely alter RP actions or their effects, and even punish members. However, the last is rarely used, only when a member gets out of hand and risks the integrity of the RP in doing so.
Member - Standard run of the mill dude. Can roleplay on the studio, chat on the thread, post apps, edit their own apps (however they must be reapproved if edited after acceptance) and overall participate in the RP in most ways imaginable. Can be promoted to Admin via supervisor appointment or an admin vote.
Infrastructure Manager - A fancy title for an admin who manages the first post and the reserved posts. Has no real additional power aside from the ability to reword certain parts of certain things. (Bios will never be touched, but summaries and rules may) This rank is held by only one person, lays at the same level as an Admin in terms of hierarchy and is typically given to an admin who volunteers. This only changes hands between iterations. (When one thread dies and another is made)
Anyway, lastly, the rules.
1. Everyone can die. No characters are invincible.
2. Don't act on other people's turns. It's simple. If someone has yet to take a turn, don't do something to affect their character. This means that you cannot dictate the effects of any actions you take (unless of course they're guaranteed success by nature, like certain character abilities and large area effects like poison clouds.)
3. Listen to the admins. What they say goes. You may respectfully disagree with them, but at the end of the day, if they negate something, they negate something. (Unless another admin comes by and negates the negation.) If you see two admins fighting, alert MTBH immediately.
4. Play fair. It's no fun if you play as an unstoppable death machine and never get beaten just because you don't make your weaknesses obvious or because you block every attack. Oppression can be fun, but when it is unconquerable, it becomes boring, sometimes costing someone a character they really liked.
5. Be reasonable. If you are using a loophole in a character's abilities or weaknesses, don't push it too far. Using said loophole is fine, so long as it doesn't break play for everyone else.
6. Have fun. Just try not to do so at the expense of others.
7. Be respectful. This includes of other users and all canon and non-canon works. We reserve the ability to, in an organized project, take liberties with your character concept in favor of making a better project. Not all depictions of your characters will be perfect.

Thank you for reading.
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(Note, this summary occurs around one thousand years after the last thread.)
No plotlines have begun yet. Perfect time to join in!

Turn - A move consisting of up to a move action, a combat/ability action, and any number of free actions. Keep it reasonable.
Round - The period between the ends of 2 of any character's turns. Used to define duration.
Action - A duration unit that is smaller than a turn, but bigger than a free action, such as talking.
Free action - An action that can be done in parallel to the combat/ability action on a turn or that is otherwise instantaneous.
Combat action - An attack, counterattack, use of a superpower (unless otherwise stated) or any special attacks. (Typically only a single attack, but for only one-handed actions, such as swinging a one-handed sword or using a one handed touch-range attack on someone, can be up to 2.)
Move action - A non-aggressive reaction or movement. Example: a dodge, walking from A to B, a run, a jump, etc.


Do not take it personally if I misspell your character's name.

Members List
Supervisor - makethebrainhappy (MTBH)
Infrastructure Manager - braxbroscratcher (Brax)
Admins - Lego_Lovin_Program (LLP), talkingtoilet8 (TT8)
Members -
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Note: This topic is for suggesting studios to be featured. If you want to suggest a project, follow this link.

Know a cool studio? Suggest it to be featured on the homepage here. You’re welcome to suggest studios you created or studios created by someone else. We’re looking for studios for all sorts of project types and topics!

Here are some things we look for in studios we feature:
- Provides an interesting prompt that inspires Scratchers to be creative and make projects
- Is focused on a specific project type or topic– for example, mouse trail projects or projects about historical fashion. We find that more specific prompts can be more inspiring!
- Has at least one active manager (two is even better), but not tons of managers
- Has fewer than 100 projects
- Has at least 2 projects that serve as good examples of what can go in the studio
- Does not allow anyone to add projects (for safety reasons), but does invite anyone to ask for their project to be added by a curator.
- Does not have an animated gif as its thumbnail (that slows down the front page)
- Is not an Add Everything studio

Please try not to post the same studio multiple times! It would be especially helpful if, when proposing a studio, you explained how the studio provides a unique, interesting, and specific prompt for Scratchers.

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Every Dondo is born with oddly-coloured hair, and is given a name that controls their future career.

Servyn, a Dondo butler born with rainbow-coloured hair wants everydondo's hair to be rainbow-coloured, but they don't want that to happen.

Three teenagers, all either 16 or 17, are willing to stop Servyn from doing this to the rest of the Dondo population, and become the butler's bane.

FACT: Those teens can enter the 4th wall of media, such as movies and books.


Dondo - Humanoid that is born with oddly-coloured hair, and is given a name that controls their future career.

Tenecap - The ugly-looking dark hair atop a negative Dondo's head. Comes from the Latin for “dark hair”.

Eritarcap - The opposite of Tenecap. Comes from the Latin for “the rainbow hair”.

Neucap - What a Dondo's hair usually looks like. Comes from the Latin for “neutral hair”.

Antiguzzle - A healthy fruit that looks like a giant blackberry.

Guzzle - A backfired breeding of an antiguzzle plant and a caffeine plant lead to this crazy fruit. Guzzles can cause Tenecap.


Kaah - A mechanic with pink hair. He is 17. He was also bound to a wheelchair for a short period of time, due to a backfired prank.

Symphon - A cellist with purple hair. She is 17. She likes relaxing. Wherever she goes, she brings her earphones and usually listens to music.

Loru - A girl interested in “Lorem Ipsum Dolor”. She is the youngest of the teen trio, aged 16. She is working on a language called Loreman.

Servyn - A rainbow-haired butler who when not serving, attempts to put rainbow curses on other dondos' hair!

May: Joanie's younger sister and Servyn's partner-in-crime. She was tricked to work with him. She once had umber (dark yellow) hair.

Leedur: The Dondo queen who caused the hatred of pizza with the symptoms of her allergy. She had yellow hair.

Pizzalih: Named after her allergy, this is Leedur's pet chimera. They still live to this day. They are a lion with a goat head, an ocelot head and a snake tail. Pizzalih only eat antiguzzles, and only drink antiguzzle juice.

Yoja Ia - A yoga teacher. She has green hair. She dislikes graffiti and likes her yoga studio being clean. She is also a singer.

Dennah - A den-building Dondo with blue hair. His breath-holding ability is great for hide-and-seek. He is also a singer.

Cabo - A Dondo with yellow hair. She becomes heartbroken when someone says ‘no capo’.

Mafamah - A purple-haired Dondo who is a maths teacher. He knows ALL the answers, thanks to his purple hair.

Parfait - A pink-haired Dondo. She makes parfait for a living, hence her name. She can be a bit of a prankster. She secretly cut Karay's hair as a prank!

None - A man with dark hair. He can't find, get or ask for an occupation due to his name (remember the whole name prophecy thing?).

Hox - A sleep-deprived Dondo whose pink hair resembles Pinkie Pie's. Hox is non-binary. Xe is always hopping for exercise.

Lawna - She has blue hair. She sings a cover of 2002. She is Wailyf's ex-girlfriend. She has a lawn-cutting service.

Wailyf - When his ‘funny’ prank backfired, it cost him his girlfriend. He has green hair and studies wildlife.

Karay/Lana - A girl with short, dark hair. Karay is usually disguised as a mysterious Dondo named Lana, wearing a purple turban and a kitsune mask. Her hair was cut as a prank.

Keystone - A girl with dark blue hair who supplies garden stones in bulk.

Cornerstone - Keystone's yellow-haired twin. After many backfired pranks, she was put under probation. She has the same business as her twin.

Tone - A musician who always dresses formally. Symphon has a huge crush on him and he knows this, so he returns the kindness to her. He has purple hair.

Kicbocks: A boxer with pink hair. Because of his pink hair, he is a champion. He tries to not get out of control.

Joanie: May's older sister. She is an explorer, who once attempted to make a neutral potion, but SPOILERS: It got out of control and accidentally mixed with the hyper potion, causing her to become half hyper, half neutral. Symphon escaped just in time. END OF SPOILERS


If they become too positive/bubbly, their hair will become rainbow, and if they are too negative/bad/evil, their hair will become a dark colour, gain dreadlocks and grow a bit longer. These symptoms can be reversed by becoming neutral once again. But it doesn't just take “amends then best friends” to cure. Don't think “a friend in need is a friend indeed” here. Think “twist the tale”. Their hair colour determines their abilities. Pink means that the Dondo has vigour and stealth. Blue means they can hold their breath for 2.5 hours. Purple means they are born with abilities (e.g- how to swim, ride a bike, play a cello, ETC) and don't need to be taught them. Green means they can fly (all green-haired Dondos have wings). Yellow means they don't need to eat or drink, and they already have an endless supply of nutrients to survive. Rainbow and dark dreadlocks rid the Dondo of xir abilities (unless ex-yellow-haired) so they can't cause havoc.

Useful links
Link to studio.
Link to trailer concept topic
Link to collab
Link to “the scene Symphon's PSA” topic
Link to “the scene Maniac Promotion” topic
Link to Dondo Bio Cards topic
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A long time ago, when I started Scratch programming, I made a game where you were a fish, which could move up and down by turning, as other fish came towards you. The goal was to eat these fish.

Then, over a year later, I made the sequel, where you could turn and move around a scrolling, 2D world using propulsion and velocities. Other fish moved at a fixed speed, and you'd have to eat them.

Then, another year later, I started on version 3, in which other fish could move with the same capabilities as the player, and you'd get skins with effects and things. It was getting more advanced and user-friendly, but the controls weren't explained and the menus were strange and text-based.

I've recently started the fourth version. This features much nicer, smoother button animations, and it's all beautiful. The other main difference from other versions is that other fish are recognised as list elements instead of clones, which allows for more complex behaviour, and interaction between other Fishies! I'm trying to fit the entire game (apart from the menus) into one sprite.
You can play it here, or go to the official studio here.

Beta: (4.3…)

Pre-Beta: (4.2…)

Alpha: (4.1…)
-The visuals and programming for the ‘Colours’ button are much nicer and smoother.
-Eating other Fishies now gives you money, which can be spent (with another nice button) on getting bigger. There will be hunger as well, soon.
-You can now know what your health is, through a slightly fancier, better aligned, less obtrusive version of the health (and the currently dysfunctional hunger) bars from v3.0!

-Fishies actually get mass from eating other Fishies, and it no longer sometimes gives it to another Fishy instead.
-Added the (extremely smooth) shop! You can currently use an ugly, temporary vector button to change your colour, with a beautiful, non-text-based, visual interface. The button will look a lot nicer when I get around to making it.
-Changed some Fishy AI in interaction with other Fishies.
-Because larger Fishies find it harder to turn (because otherwise they'd be OP), you now point in the direction you're moving in when you bounce off a wall. No more getting stuck.
-The board is now 4 times larger!
-Larger Fishies no longer have the ‘aura of telekinesis’ from attacking other Fishies from far distances.

-Fishes now eat each other!
-There was a strange bug where you could get huge from eating fishies, but I've now fixed it. The ‘Size’ is now square-rooted when shown, because of how your area went up incrementally.

-Fixed the bug which made Fishies swim in convoluted paths towards the bottom of the screen. I got really angry at my computer, but it was actually because they were trying to pursue themselves!
-I've started programming this again, now that it's no longer futile!
-Fishies now react to the closest fishy to them, including the player! They chase smaller fish, and flee larger ones!

Pre-Alpha: (4.0…)
-You're now all TRAPPED in my fish tank!
-You can no longer go outside of the world. If you try to go through one of the black border lines, it bounces you back.

-You couldn't see other fishes in the minimap, but now you can, for the boards now 1024*1024, rather than 262144*262144, which it was in the previous two versions.
-The board's size is now customisable in the variables, and everything works with it.

-The minimap now applies to other fishes!

-Fishies now work as list elements, and have behaviour similar to v3.0!

-Added the framework for other Fishies!
-You can now move around! I've simplified the camera, which was broken in v3.0.

-Added the extremely beautiful menu! Even if you want to play the game, you should have a go at the new button physics. I've redesigned all of the button behaviour and visuals, so they're a lot smoother now.
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Order Forms

Fiction Writing
Chapter or Short Story?
Plot Rundown:
Due Date:

Nonfiction Writing
News Report or Factual Text?
Due Date:

Link To Story:
How Much Editing?
Due Date:

Link To Story:
Easy, Medium or Hardcore?
Due Date:

Note: Staff have a right to refuse any order with a deadline of 48 hours or less.
Extra: If you have a Supershoppa Rewards personal card, privately tell @XCat your card code and you will be credited 5 points!
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22/04/18 - Shop is opened!
22/04/18 - @Coder_Annika joins as secretary!
23/04/18 - @RPP-Exploration joins as Editing and Critique staff!
10/05/18 - @annahil joins as Fiction and Nonfiction staff!
16/05/18 - @-NationalNerd- joins as Fiction staff!

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Here is a studio with some remixes:
Here is a collection of remixes:

“Waving” by Kouzeru:


“Wireframe Kukulkan” by me:


“Cubit Emulated in 3D Scratch!” by me:


“Solids of Revolution” by me:

Replies: 23
Ideas I'm working on:

1. @Raytracing's cubit

2. Nintendo 64 logo animation

3. 3D synthesia

4. Wireframe Minecraft

5. GameCube logo Animation

6. 3D Galton board
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Game #1: LCZero (white) vs. Midecah Chess (black): https://lichess.org/hXdatdQP (LCZero wins in 15 moves)
Game #2: Game of Kings Chess (Sulfurous engine, white) vs. LCZero (black): https://lichess.org/BBdJkOoq (LCZero wins in 60 moves)
Game #3: Bonsai Chess (Sulfurous engine, white) vs. LCZero (black): https://lichess.org/0jfy5yim (LCZero wins in 51 moves)
Game #4: Game of Kings Chess (Sulfurous engine, white) vs. LCZero (black): https://lichess.org/Ssyh54j3 (Draw by threefold repetition, 52 moves)
Game #5: Bonsai Chess (Sulfurous engine, white) vs. LCZero (black): https://lichess.org/7xf9RE6h (LCZero wins in 23 moves)
Game #6: Archimedes Chess vs. vs. LCZero (black): https://lichess.org/Zpg67uAW (LCZero wins in 13 moves)
Game #7: LCZero vs. The Turk
Game #8: Archimedes Chess vs. LCZero
Game #9: LCZero vs. The Turk
Game #10: LCZero vs. Midecah Chess

LCZero playing at mode “Normal”. Version 266 and above.
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Arizona & Ash

Midnight lay on a grassy hill, a massive man with tanned skin lying next to her, lazily running his hands over her, his large muscles relaxed. “Midnight,” he whispered, his blue eyes shining, “Please come with me to the Fire Kingdom, and be the Lady of my territory.”

Midnight slowly turned to face him, her black hair flying around her indigo gown as she rolled over. “I'm so sorry, Blaze, my darling,” she whispered, her hands reaching up to caress his hazel hair, “But I can't leave Ash. It just wouldn't be proper, after all Ash has done for me. And I can't leave the Grass Tribe, as I am Ash's deputy. I'm sorry.”

Lord Blaze nodded slowly, trying to keep tears from his eyes. “I understand, Midnight.” He gazed into her eyes, “Responsibility ties us all up.”

Midnight nodded back, tears welling in her violet eyes. “I just wish…that Ash was daring like you…” she sobbed, “…and that he loved me like you do…”

Midnight leaned her head onto Lord Blaze's chest, her tears soaking his beige tunic and seeping down to his shorts.

Lord Blaze whispered, “Oh darling.” He gently caressed her hair, “I'm so sorry this has happened to you.”

Midnight slowly closed her eyes. “I know.”

Lord Blaze gently stroked her pale cheeks. “Sweet dreams.” He whispered, and slowly closed his eyes.
Please critique and offer suggestions!
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I think we should be able to customise our profiles so that we could move the ‘loved’ or ‘favourited’ columns etc. around. It would also be good if we could have backdrops for them as well but that is just an idea and it will probably not get added but y'know it might be useful. Here is an example that I made!

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Before you say anything, THIS IS NOT A TEXT-BASED GAME.
Hello everyone! Welcome to a game called “Hurt and Heal”. Where you eliminate the Spongebob episodes you hate, and heal your favorites. Today, we will do all the “Y” Episodes.
1. You can only vote every 30 minutes.
2.You may only use 3 HP.
3.All Episodes start at 5 HP, the maximum a episode can have is 15 HP.
+3 Yeti Krabs
-3 You Don't Know Sponge
+2 Your Shoe's Untied, -1 Yours, Mine and Mine
+1 Yeti Krabs, -1 Yours, Mine and Mine +1 Your Shoe's Untied
Yeti Krabs-5 HP
Your Shoe's Untied-7 HP
3rd-You Don't Know Sponge
4th-Yours, Mine and Mine
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AI Battle - The smartest AI powered battle bot - Can YOU beat the AI?

Fight the AI!

AI Battle features a specially trained artificial intelligence (AI) powered robot to battle against a player. Unlike other AI bots, the bot in AI Battle is designed to fight the player instead of other more common uses. The bot is trained to recognise many common moves and react to them.

Play AI Battle today and fight it out to defeat the AI!

Fight the AI!

The AI is trained with many mechanics and performs multiple simultaneous calculations every battle.

The AI is specifically programmed and trained to:
Attack at the player
Move towards the player
Defend attacks
Switch to long-range attack when far from player
Switch to close-range attack when close to player
Dodge player jumping on AI from above (Beta)
Dodge attacks from laser and knife
Jump on platform if player is on platform
Jump on the platform if player is standing still on platform (Beta)
Recognise and predict attacks
Learn from player movements
Global player training
Advanced learning

Fight the AI!

Can YOU beat the AI?

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In generation 4 there is a glitch that greatly increases the shiny rate, known as the cute charm glitch. By RNGing your secret ID you can make it so shiny Pokemon appear ~20% of the time. I have also heard about the Scramble challenge and would like to try one. So why not combine both?

Rules for my playthrough
  • Unless a Pokemon can only be one gender or is genderless I may only catch it if it is shiny.
  • I must follow the rules of the Pokemon I am given.
Um okay that was short. Anyway a scramble works by someone being told which 6 pokemon they will use on their playthough and rules the Pokemon must abide by. Examples of how this looks like can be found in this post I made on Pokefarm Q. Anyway the rules for giving me a Pokemon are as follows:
  • I must get a cute charm Pokemon. This will be the only Pokemon on my team that isn't shiny. It can be any Pokemon that gets cute charm in gen 4 but Skitty as I do not have access to them. (So Cleffa line, Jigglypuff line and Lopbuny)
  • The Pokemon must be able to be both genders, I will have my entire team sans the cute charm Pokemon be shiny.
  • Please nothing like no evolution caterpie or anti agent from the post with examples earlier. I am looking for something easier than a NFE Jigglypuff and Micheno run I did, or in other words Pokemon that need healing after facing 2 Pokemon 10 levels lower than them. Also please nothing frustrating such as it needs to be raining, and the foe needs to be confused and paralyzed before you can attack.
  • No X Pokemon must always lead. I need my cute charm Pokemon to be first or it destroys the shiny part of this playthrough. Along with that no pokemon must solo all pokemon of x type.
  • Any Pokemon other than my cute charm Pokemon must be able to be caught in the wild.
  • Though this isn't a rule please consider that the shiny rate via this method is about 20% before giving me pokemon with low catch rates
  • Please be creative. I do not want a Pokemon that is just solo 7 gym leaders or has to use X move at the start of every battle.
  • I'll prefer if the Pokemon had a backstory to it.
  • I want to be able to use two pokemon before the first gym. This means my cute charm pokemon + one other Pokemon. I will chose them from the Pokemon I am given before I start the playthrough(or maybe more if more people give me Pokemon, but that isn't likely). After that I will allow people to submit Pokemon to use until I beat the first gym, then I will finalize the team I will be using for this playthrough. The reason for this is that I want to start my playthrough as soon as possible and the time it takes for me to get to beat the first gym will hopefully give people enough time to give me the other 4 pokemon. I am posting this on multiple sites so if I manage to get more pokemon than I have room for on my team I will chose the more creative pokemon to use.
Other notes: My cute charm Pokemon will be a guy and the rest of my team will be girls. I can trade over any TM from my Diamond game if you want to give me a scramblemon that knows a TM move right off the bat for the sake of the challenge. I have pokemon Emerald so I can catch pokemon that can be obtained via GBA insertion with Emerald.

Also I think I should explain what I am looking for in these scramblemons. I am looking for creative scramblemons to constantly shake up my experience. You know, stuff such as must switch after every 3 turns, act like the battle style is always set for this pokemon and other non-switching based things. The idea of a Pokemon who's only challenge is just do x to evolve or solo x seems boring to me as after you do those things the scramble part of the mon goes away. I want to roleplay a lot in this scramble so pokemon with backstories are definitely preferred. Also I hope not to get a team with a ton of solos for major trainers/battles. I want to use my team for most of the game, not just a single pokemon.

Pokemon being used
Wish the Cleffa from Hitmonleet on Smogon (Yes, my username on Smogon is ACottontail)
ACottontail, take this Cleffa (Recommended Name: Wish).

Sensing your intense desires for a Cute Charm pokemon, this altruistic Cleffa has come to help you and your run. It isn't required, but you should probably breed this one with Wish. It isn't necessary for the scramblemon, but from a flavor-based perspective, it is appropriate.

Wish's goal in life is to improve the lives of others, including yours, and to try to make them better people. As such, when you obtain Wish, select at least one of the following Virtues. These restrictions affect the entire party, so be warned. These also have a point value assigned to each. Be sure to remember the point value total and the number of Virtues you take. The Virtues are as follows:
  • Chastity (4 Points): Abstain from your desires. You may not use items on your pokemon. Held items are fine, but you cannot use any items on them, such as potions or X items.
  • Temperance (2 Points): Everything in moderation. None of your pokemon may use the same move twice in a row.
  • Charity (2 Points): Give freely to others. You must immediately switch out a pokemon once it drops to yellow or below, and you must heal it as soon as possible.
  • Dilligence (8 Points!): The main story always comes first! You may never buy items from stores (excluding pokeballs) or heal using Pokémon Centers.
  • Patience (4 Points): You believe that rushing in is a mistake. Your pokemon cannot use any directly offensive moves without a buff (i.e. Boosted stats, Safeguard, weather and a weather ability, etc).
  • Kindness (4 Points): Your foes should have a chance too. You must waste the first turn of any trainer battle (trying to run, using a pokeball, etc).
  • Humility (2 Points): Everybody shares the spotlight. Excluding solos, after every enemy pokemon defeated, you must switch to a different pokemon.
Wish wants for the other members of the party to succeed, moreso than themselves. Two of Wish's teammates must have evolved, and at least 4 points worth of Virtues must be taken before they can be evolved into Clefairy. All of Wish's teammates must evolve and +6 points of Virtues must be taken to evolve into Clefable.

Wish takes great pride in being supportive of others. Wish must always have at least 2 status moves (as indicated by the symbols).

Finally, throughout the course of your journey, Wish fears that they have failed in their goal, and that the others haven't improved. This comes to a head at Mount Coronet. After Spear Pillar, if you have less than 8 points worth of Virtues, you must box/release Wish. You may not replace Wish with a different pokemon.

Too hard? Virtues aren't required, and the limiting values are dropped by 2 each.
Too easy? Whenever a pokemon faints, you must swap Wish in and have them solo the mon that fainted it.
STILL too easy? Solo the Cyrus fights.
If you insist on using Igglybuff as your cute charmer, you can consider this an after-Roark mon instead.

Hope you enjoy!
Bugutar the Kricketot from Auroura_Wolf
Kricketot / Kricketune
The rule with this Kricketot is that it must have learn all sound-based moves it gets a chance to learn. If you want to make it more difficult then also keep all the sound-based moves it knows
Nickname: Buguitar (If you want to choose your own, go for it)
My self imposed rule:Buguitar must use at least one sound based move every battle she participates in.

Pokemon Given so far
Hot Air the Drifloon from Wahsp, modifyed by Muellly. Original challenge
Take Hot Air the Drifloon

Hot Air has always wanted to be the fairest ghost type of them all. She has constantly asked her mirror who the fairest ghost type of them all was. The mirror would always answer with Fantina's Drifblim. To be the fairest ghost type Hot Air decided to only use ghost type moves, however because mono typing her moves is stupid and would leave her open to normal types, she settled for only using moves that start with the letter G,H,O,S and T. She believes that switching while the other trainer switches is only for beginners so she must act like the switch style is always set. She believes that relying on healing items is cheap so she may only use one item between trips to the pokemon center.

Because she is the trying to be fairest ghost she must prove herself. If a ghost type ever faints one of the Pokemon on the team she must solo it to prove herself. She also needs some awards to show off to prove herself. Because ghosts are beautiful and cool Hot Air must win both the cool and beauty contests and one of them in super rank to evolve.

The fairest ghost type of them all is Fantina's Drifloon according the mirror. Because of this Hot Air must solo Fantina to prove she is the fairest ghost type of them all. A NFE pokemon is obviously less fair than an evolved pokemon so she must be a Drifloon to solo Fantina. After soloing Fantina Hot Air comes to trust her trainers judgement a little more. She may use two healing items between pokemon centers after soloing Fantina. Members on her own team could be a threat to her fairness. Hot Air can never have a ghost type switch into her.

Anyway with that out of the way I hope to see you tell me a Pokemon I should use along with it's rules so I continue this challenge!
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Here are the orders for the shop. If you place an order, please put it in this forum.
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I think JorPro has already seen this, but everyone else, here it is! Kirby Star Allies Dream Friend thingy for Keeben!
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