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             If you haven't played my game yet, what are you waiting for? Play it here


Linen! A not very hard platformer! you're a little bunny and you need to escape from the grey world! find all the diamonds and go home! Beat all 15 levels. all the levels are 100% possible

                   Here's the storyline for my new game called Linen
                Please tell me if there is any grammatical error in this story

It all started when Bunny, who lived in a very happy and colorful world, returned from playing with his friends in the park. On the road, he found a very bright light that glowed down a bridge, he decided to go down to see what it was and when he reached it he discovered that it was a floating diamond (nothing strange, right?). He wanted to know why it shone like that, so he touched it and the diamond shone as never before and bunny, stunned by all those lights, fell into a deep dream. Upon awakening, Bunny discovered that he wasn't in his colorful world that he knew and loved so much. He was in a gray and opaque world where everything was sad, he felt terrible, he just wanted to go home. So he got up and started his journey home, obviously not easy, but he knew he could get home. When he ventured into the woods of that gray world, Bunny found another brilliant diamond and obviously, he touched it again, but this time the diamond did not shine much, again, it took it to another place, but in the same gray world. After this happened about 15 times, bunny found a diamond (again) but this was not the same as the others, this was in the form of a house and touched it (thinking that it would be the same as with the others ) And you know what happened? Well, actually the answer is a total mystery, only the destiny could say what really happened. Was it all a dream? it wasn't? why? Where is this bunny? Tell me, what do you think happened?

  Tell me what do you think about this storyline and suggestions. Should i make Linen 2? As usual, follow for more amazing projects!
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Since the old Sonic the Hedgehog topic, over 500 pages, started to load slowly and lag, I decided to start a new one. Here's a link to the original Sonic topic. Below, post anything about Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA's most popular video game franchise and one of the most iconic video game franchises in the world. If you're a Sonic fan, drop in!

If you want to collab on something “Sonicky”, come over to the Sonic Saturn collab! We're trying to produce a neat animation series based on Sonic.

If you're about to post about shipping, direct yourself to the Sonic shipping topic.

For general SEGA discussion, come over to the SEGA topic.

What is Sonic the Hedgehog?
Sonic the Hedgehog is a science fantasy platform video game franchise by SEGA. Taking place in a world where humans and anthropomorphic animals (basically Golden Age of Animation styled funny animals with Japanese traits) co-exist, it's about a speedy blue hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, who tries to foils the plans of the vicious mad scientist, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotik and save animals throughout a speed-based environment. Rings are scattered around and springs are ready to be bounced on! As the series marches on, Sonic approaches more detailed and dangerous stories involving Eggman's new plots and encounters of more animals with unique superpowers including Miles “Tails” Prower, Silver the Hedgehog, and Amy Rose. Despite how tough and difficult the solution is, Sonic never loses!

If you like animals, robots, fast-paced action, and/or anything science fiction, Sonic the Hedgehog is for you!

For the Dragon Ball Z fans, Sonic the Hedgehog is basically DBZ but with animals!

Is Sonic the Hedgehog age-appropriate?
Yes, yes, of course. Unlike most of other SEGA's games, Sonic the Hedgehog is kid-friendly video game series and suitable for all ages. There's some cartoon violence, such as robots being smashed and Sonic falling with this rings tossed, however it's pretty mild and contains no gore. Some games have darker concepts, for example: Sonic gets killed in Sonic ‘06 and Shadow uses guns in Shadow the Hedgehog; but it’s no big deal. Be careful though, some Sonic fan content are obscene and inappropriate for minors.

Resources for learning about the blue blur
*Those were removed by the mods because they were ticked off by the warning of mature content being located somewhere in the site, so I have added them again but without links.

Things you can talk about or share
  • All of the Sonic games, modern, Dreamcast, or classic
  • Yo' favorite characters, either hero, anti-hero, or villain
  • Catchy Sonic music, with lyrics or not
  • Sonic TV shows (such as Sonic X and Boom)
  • Sonic Moblie apps
  • Sonic comic books (Archie, STC, and IDW)
  • Sonic OVA
  • The Sonic fandom (fan art, fan fiction, fangames, fan videos, fan music, fan characters, etc.)
  • Your own Sonic universe
  • Sonic memes (such as Sanic and “It's no use”)
  • Sonic merchandise (such as plush, figurines, apparel, and food)
  • Hacks of Sonic games and bootleg games
  • Theories and rumors (headcanons are accepted)
  • Official Sonic events and conventions (such as the Summer of Sonic, Sonic Boom, and E3)
  • Sonic-related news
  • Anything Sonic!

Rules and notices

It's recommended that you learn about Sonic the Hedgehog before jumping into the conversation (visit the links in the resources to receive the gift of hedgehog knowledge), because there might be some aspects which may confuse non-Sonic fans.

Remember, only Sonic stuff in this forum can be in this topic. Any other Sonic topics will be considered duplicates. It's the official rule. The only exception is if it really needs to be discussed outside this topic, such as being a flamebait.

And please follow the community guidelines. Nothing inappropriate or offensive. Although Sonic is for kids, the fandom can become REALLY REALLY nasty. Believe me, the fandom can produce stuff which NO ONE wants to see. (NFE content, such as minor bloodshed, is okay if there's a warning. You can mention Sonic fanwork with obscene content, just don't go into detail. And I do not want any anything related to fetishes here, such as vorarephilia, body inflation, and male pregnancy. They're gross and totally NSFW.)

Also, be friendly, no flaming. Never be troll Blaze. If you want to criticize something, you can but please do it in a kind and friendly way so everyone will appreciate it. Downright negative will upset some users and no one wants that. Please also refrain from discussing topics that have caused flaming in the past, such as shipping. Don't forget to report any flamebaits that pop up. (SERIOUSLY, the previous topic got closed three times due to the blazing flames.)

Please, spam is a NO-NO. You may post a couple of Sonic-related memes and funny content you find on the Internet SPARINGLY as long as you allow us to go with an interesting discussion.

I'm not sure but there might be some spoilers, especially if we're talking about a game we're playing.

Please report any post in which you think might be obscene or harmful.

If you are not interested in Sonic the Hedgehog, do not want to discuss about it, or disagree with these rules, I'll say one word: leave.

https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/post/2038456/ (no longer updated, but check it out if you want)

Stay Sonic!

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HI! Feel free to post your Mario Kart times here!

Also, no TAS times will be allowed, due to this being a non-human controlled player.

Leaderboard for fastest laps on the highest cc the game will allow:
Big Blue: 200 cc 1:09.000 – dave4681

Luigi Circuit: 1:16.561 – dave4681
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:23.543 – KoolKidzSC
Mushroom George: 1:57.832 – dave4681
Toad's Factory: 2:02.660 – dave4681
Mario Circuit: 1:29.941 – dave4681
Coconut Mall: 2:11.773 – dave4681
DK Snowboard Cross: 2:08.124 – dave4681
Wario's Gold Mine: 2:03.972 – dave4681
Daisy Circuit: 1:37.324 – KoolKidzSC
Koopa Cape: 2:39.036 – KoolKidzSC
Maple Treeway: 2:30.042 – KoolKidzSC
Grumble Volcano: 2:09.521 – dave4681
Dry Dry Ruins: 2:09.884 – dave4681
Moonview Highway: 2:01.163 – dave4681
Bowser's Castle: 2:39.300 – dave4681
Rainbow Road: 2:41.936 – dave4681
GCN Peach Beach: 1:20.081 – dave4681
DS Yoshi Falls: 1:05:881 – dave4681
SNES Ghost Valley: 0:56.993 – dave4681
N64 Mario Raceway: 1:56.624 – dave4681
N64 Sherbert Land: 2:17.064 – KoolKidzSC
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:28.483 – KoolKidzSC
DS Delfino Square: 2:17.692 – KoolKidzSC
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 2:06.766 – KoolKidzSC
DS Desert Hills: 1:49.599 – dave4681
GBA Bowser's Castle 3: 2:17.782 – KoolKidzSC
DK's Jungle Parkway: 2:35.577 – dave4681
GCN Mario Circuit: 1:38.075 – KoolKidzSC
SNES Mario Circuit: 1:20.479 – dave4681
DS Peach Gardens: 2:13.196 – KoolKidzSC
GCN DK Mountain 2:24.870 – dave4681
N64 Bowser's Castle: 2:52.781 – dave4681

Luigi Circuit: – 1' 40.920" – IgDegOo

Submitted times:

Big blue: 150 cc: 2' 42.350“
Big blue: 200 cc: 1' 14.540”

Luigi Circuit: 1' 40.920"

Big Blue: 200 cc 1:09.000
Luigi Circuit: 1:16.561
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:24.008
Mushroom George: 1:57.832
Toad's Factory: 2:02.660
Mario Circuit: 1:29.941
Coconut Mall: 2:11.773
DK Snowboard Cross: 2:08.124
Wario's Gold Mine: 2:03.972
Daisy Circuit: 1:39.275
Koopa Cape: 2:39.118
Maple Treeway: 2:36.559
Grumble Volcano: 2:09.521
Dry Dry Ruins: 2:09.884
Moonview Highway: 2:01.163
Bowser's Castle: 2:39.300
Rainbow Road: 2:41.936
GCN Peach Beach: 1:20.081
DS Yoshi Falls: 1:05:881
SNES Ghost Valley: 0:56.993 (2nd best record)
N64 Mario Raceway: 1:56.624
N64 Sherbert Land: 2:25.728
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:31.098
DS Delfino Square: 2:20.879
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 2:08.583
DS Desert Hills: 1:49.599
GBA Bowser's Castle 3: 2:32.229 (3rd best record)
DK's Jungle Parkway: 2:35.577
GCN Mario Circuit: 1:46.164
SNES Mario Circuit: 1:20.479 (Best record by far)
DS Peach Gardens: 2:14.790
GCN DK Mountain 2:24.870
N64 Bowser's Castle: 2:52.781

Mario Kart Wii:
Moo Moo Meadows: 1:23.543
Daisy Circuit: 1:37.324
Koopa Cape: 2:39.036
Maple Treeway: 2:30.042
N64 Sherbet Land: 2:17.540
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:28.483
DS Delfino Square: 2:17.692
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 2:06.766
GBA Bowser's Castle 3: 2:17.782
GCN Mario Circuit: 1:38.075
DS Peach Gardens: 2:13.196

MK8DX = Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
MK8 = Mario Kart 8
MK7 = Mario Kart 7
MKW = Mario Kart Wii
MKDS = Mario Kart DS
MKDD = Mario Kart Double Dash
MKSC = Mario Kart Super Circuit
MK64 = Mario Kart 64
SMK = Super Mario Kart

To avoid confusion, here is a form you can fill out with your time.

Example: (this is my time)

Game: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Course: Big Blue
CC: 150 (If there is no option, then disregard this.)
Time: 2:42.350
Any tips for other people?: Drifting is KEY.

Also, PLEASE don't lie about your time. It ruins it for everybody and goes against the CG's.
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Banner made by -AwesomeAdvanced-

Welcome to the SCO, or the Scratch Cubing Organization. This organization is for Scratchers who like Rubik's Cubes. Want to join? Fill out one of the forums below.

Don't know a cubing term? Find definitions here.

This topic is for:
-helping cubers get better (suggestions, better algs, etc.)
-meeting at comps

Fill out the Observer form (below) if you either don't know how to solve a Rubik's Cube or if you just want to be partially involved.
How long have you liked cubing?:
Anything else:
Fill out the Beginner form (below) if you know how to solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube.
Personal Best (2x2):
Average Time (2x2):
How long have you been cubing?:
Anything else:
Fill out the Cuber form (below) if you know how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube. If you don't know how to solve a 2x2, then leave the 2x2 spot blank.
Personal Best (2x2):
Average Time (2x2):
Personal Best (3x3):
Average Time (3x3):
How long have you been cubing?:
Anything else:
Fill out the Developed form (below) if you know how to solve a 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 Rubik's Cube.
Personal Best (2x2):
Average Time (2x2):
Personal Best (3x3):
Average Time (3x3):
Personal Best (4x4):
Average Time (4x4):
How long have you been cubing?:
Anything else:
Fill out the Advanced form (below) if you know how to solve a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 Rubik's Cube.
Personal Best (2x2):
Average Time (2x2):
Personal Best (3x3):
Average Time (3x3):
Personal Best (4x4):
Average Time (4x4):
Personal Best (5x5):
Average Time (5x5):
How long have you been cubing?:
Anything else:

Ability Groups:
Beginner: nobody is in this group yet
Cuber: ThunderChicken314, Destroyer1727, 16itople1, wafflelot-, CodeBit, 2Cool4School______RN, -Bonfire-
Developed: mormon7118, Aroothief
Advanced: -XxX-MEOW-XxX-, -AwesomeAdvanced-, adsuri, -HedgeHog-, Sigton

Average Groups:
Beginner (can solve a 3x3 cube): Destroyer1727, 16itople1, CodeBit, 2Cool4School______RN
Cuber (averages less than 1 minute on 3x3): adsuri, wafflelot-, -HedgeHog-
Developed (averages less than 30 seconds on 3x3): -Bonfire-
b]Advanced (averages less than 25 seconds on 3x3): mormon7118
Speedcuber (averages less than 20 seconds on 3x3): -XxX-MEOW-XxX-, --AwesomeAdvanced-, Aroothief
Really Advanced (averages less than 15 seconds on 3x3): Sigton
WAHT (averages less than 10 seconds on 3x3): nobody is in this group yet

Personal Best Groups:
Beginner (personal best is more than 1 minute): 16itople1
Decent PB (personal best is less than 1 minute): ThunderChicken314, adsuri, CodeBit, 2Cool4School______RN, Destroyer1727,
Good PB (personal best is less than 30 seconds): -HedgeHog-
Nice PB (personal best is less than 25 seconds): nobody is in this group yet
Great PB (personal best is less than 20 seconds): mormon7118, -Bonfire-
Epic PB (personal best is less than 15 seconds): -XxX-MEOW-XxX-, Aroothief, wafflelot-
Amazing PB (personal best is less than 10 seconds): -AwesomeAdvanced-, Sigton
WAHT (personal best is less than 5 seconds): nobody is in this group yet
Replies: 1135

Banner by @wafflelot-

If a staff member fails to respond to an activity check, he/she gets and activity strike (*). Get four activity strikes and you'll be fired (if you are on the board of directors you need five to get fired). You can reapply after you've been fired, but the chances are VERY low. The space between activity checks are short, but you have lots of time to respond.

THE THUMBS UP SHOP! Owners: @Wahsp
Specializes in thumbnails and logos! Not satisfied with thumbnails, logos of our shop? Go to the thumbs up shop!!!
KDT123'S SCRATCHSHOP! Owners: @KDT123 Head of Department 1: Vacant (Join!) Head of Department 2: @congyingzhou
We need more workers! A small shop at the start and got 300 views on the second day, with 3/4 workers! Apply to become a worker too! A strong bond between TIPS. @KDT123 and @congyingzhou are great friends! Go to KDT123's SCRATCHSHOP if we can't get your job done in the limited time!
THE EMERALD SHOP! Owners: @JakeCarrol @FloatingMuffins
A really big shop! Offers EVERYTHING, from coding to BBcode, and signatures. Banners too! Banner by @wafflelot (one of our workers). Second Vice President: @pinkiepie710 (also one of our workers). Partnership officer: @congyingzhou (me ^_^). Need help on art or BBcode or signatures? Go to THE EMERALD SHOP!
ᗯᗩᖴᖴᒪEᔕTOᖇEᔕ Owners: @wafflelot-
╚»★«╝ ᖴᗩᔕT, ᖴᖇEE, ᖇEᒪIᗩᗷᒪE ᔕTᗩᖴᖴ TO ᗰᗩKE YOᑌᖇ OᖇᗪEᖇ ᑭEᖇᖴEᑕT╚»★«╝ ᗷIGGEᔕT ᔕᕼOᑭ Oᑎ ᔕᑕᖇᗩTᑕᕼ! ᗯE ᑎEEᗪ YOᑌ! ╚»★«╝Go to ᗯᗩᖴᖴᒪEᔕTOᖇEᔕ!
~ Elemental Shop ~ Owners: @WarriorCatLover1212
Offers ideas, logos, thumbnails, art (of all kinds including text), writing, coding and debugging! Come order or join the ELEMENTAL SHOP!!!
<<The Hospital>> Owners: @congyingzhou
The Hospital is owned by @congyingzhou and takes any debugging order! The workers are called ‘doctors’, and they ‘cure’ and ‘sick scripts’ (they debug the scripts that have problems). This shop doesn't take any other order, sorry. Want your project to be debugged? Go to <<The Hospital>>!
~The Recording Shop!~ Owners: @aaa253
We take any voice acting, music or review on music project offer! We also give ideas for music for different projects. Music note art and noteblocks help are also offered. We don't take thumbnails or logo orders (even those featuring music), sorry. If you can't get music orders done here, try and go to ~The Recording Shop!~!!!
The Ninja Shop! Owners: @NinjaCraft16
We offer anything related to coding: debugging, scripts, you name it! We have quick delivery! | We have the items that will meet your needs! Come to The Ninja Shop now!

Position(s) you are applying for:
Scratcher Status (New Scratcher or Scratcher):
Are you following this thread?:
Example (only needed when you apply for chief)*:
How active are you (1-10):
Why should we choose you?:
Remember to read the Terms and Conditions. VERY IMPORTANT
* (not able to use remix for example)

RULES FOR ACCEPTING WORKERS (for first and second vice presidents):





These are the basic rules. If the form is incomplete, do not hire too. Review the ‘why should we choose you’ part carefully and decide whether to accept.

Payment of 1 love on a random project will be carried out every last Saturday/Sunday of each month. If you are on the board of directors then you will get 1 favorite and 1 love/1 follow.

Please note that the people who are top workers or on the board of directors cannot have any strikes.
Please note that there is no ‘grading’ of the ranks. Every one has it own special job. All equals. All needed.
1. President (total control of the shop, can hire workers, fire workers, bump orders, take orders, close down the shop etc.): @congyingzhou
2. First Vice President (can hire workers, bump orders, take orders, mainly in charge of order of the shop, fills in president when he is absent, but cannot close down the shop anytime): @Alex11345
3. Second Vice President (can hire workers, bump orders, take orders, mainly assistant of first vice president, fills in first vice president when he/she is absent, cannot close down shop): @KDT123
4. Marketer (in charge of advertising the shop and MUST frequently bump, can bump orders, cannot hire): @legoboy7107
5. Assistant Marketer (fills in marketer when he/she is absent, helps advertise the shop, can bump orders): @Aurafox12
6. Orders/Events Manager (in charge of unclaimed orders center (format), bumps orders when orders are near deadline, bumps activity checks/votes as reminder): @pinkiepie710
7. Secretary (gives advice on updating the first post, can bump orders, take orders, cannot close down shop): @NinjaCraft16
8. Assistant Secretaries (helps secretary, fills in secretary when he/she is absent, can bump orders, take orders, cannot close down shop): @aaa253
The following goes from most important.
Top workers: @congyingzhou @Alex11345
Senior workers : @NinjaCraft16 @legoboy7107 @Aurafox12 @aaa253 @pinkiepie710 @KDT123 @MystreyTurtle96 @charlottelucy @heyheypizza111
Junior workers : @VideoGamerCanInvent @oscarwoo @omtegu @poptart1323 @InfiniteShotgun @AJanik @evilpacman10


1. Coding
1a. Chief: Vacant
1b. Others: @congyingzhou @it_is_congyingzhou @NinjaCraft16 @Alex11345 @oscarwoo @natedog94 @Cosy1 @AJanik
1c. Trainees: @aaa253 @KDT123 @ometgu
2. Animating:
2a. Chief: Vacant
2b. Others: @congyingzhou @it_is_congyingzhou @MystreyTurtle96
3. Ideas
3a. Chief: @congyingzhou
3b. Others: @it_is_congyingzhou @aaa253 @Alex11345 @ometgu @WarriorCatLover1212 @Suchomimus_Scratch
4. Art
4a. Chief: @Heyheypizza111
4b. Others: @legoboy7017 @NinjaCraft16 @charlottelucy
4c. Trainees: @poptart1323 @Aurafox12
5. Voice Acting
5a. Chief: @pinkiepie710
5b. Others: Vacant
6. All Kinds of Music
6a. Chief: @InfiniteShotgun
6b. Special Sound Effects: Vacant
6c. Backdrop Music: @congyingzhou
6d. Piano: @congyingzhou @it_is_congyingzhou @Mystreyturtle96
7. Thumbnail/Logos
7a. Chief:
7b. Thumbnails: @it_is_congyingzhou @legoboy7017 @VideoGamerCanInvent @congyingzhou
7c. Logos: @legoboy7017 @VideoGamerCanInvent @NinjaCraft16
8. Writers
8a. Chief: @congyingzhou
8b. Fictional: @it_is_congyingzhou @WarriorCatLover1212
8c. Non-Fictional: @MystreyTurtle96
9. Reviewers and Advertisers
9a. Chief: Vacant
9b. Reviewers: @Alex11345 @evilpacman10 @ometgu @KDT123 @congyingzhou @oscarwoo
9c: Advertisers: @oscarwoo @Suchomimus_Scratch
10. Banners (New!)
10a. Chief: @wafflelot
10b. Others: @Mystreyturtle96
10c. Helpers and trainees: Vacant
11. BBcode
11a. Chief: @congyingzhou
11b. Others: @Alex11345
11c. Helpers/Trainees: Vacant
12. Signature Help
12a. Chief: @congyingzhou
12b. Others: @WarriorCatLover1212


Work you want done:
Deadline (date, month and year please):
Project link (if needed):
Are you following this thread (you have to until you fill in the survey):


If you are a New Scratcher, you can order a New Scratcher Box by posting ‘I’d like a New Scratcher Box please’. It will be given to you by a worker. The contents of the New Scratcher Box are as below:
1 follow
1 mini game
1 thumbnail
We guarantee this be delivered in 1day!


Who did the work for you:
Example of work (project link):
Score out of ten:


1. @congyingzhou: 10 Average: 10 Total:
2. @NinjaCraft16: Average: Total:
3. @Alex11345: 10, 9, 9 Average: 9.33333 Total:
4. @aaa253: Average: Total:
5. @KDT123: Average: Total:
6. @legoboy7107: Average: Total:
7. @poptart1323(***): Average: Total:
8. @InfiniteShotgun(***): Average: Total:
9. @VideoGamerCanInvent(**): Average: Total:
10. @heyheypizza111(**): Average: Total:
11. @evilpacman10(*): Average: Total:
12. @omtegu(***): Average: Total:
13. @charlottelucy(*): Average: Total:
14. @pinkiepie710: Average: Total:
15. @oscarwoo(*): Average: Total:
16. @Aurafox12: Average: Total:
17. @Mystreyturtle96: Average: Total:
18. @wafflelot: Average: Total:
19. @Suchomimus_Scratch: Average: Total:
20. @natedog94(**): Average: Total:
21. @Cosy1(*): Average: Total:
22. @AJanik(*): Average: Total:
23. @WarriorCatLover1212(*): Average: Total:

THE HIGHEST TOTAL SCORE (Gets 1 love on random project): @Alex11345


If you're a customer and a worker treated you unfairly, you can fill out this form. I will review it. There will be a vote between the board of directors. The people who don't vote will get two strikes. If you are a worker and see someone doing wrong stuff, you can also fill out this form and I will review it. It will be voted by the whole shop. The people who don't vote before the deadline will get one strike. The form:
Your Username:
Username of the person you are reporting:
Are you on the board of directors?:
Workers Status(if you are a customer type ‘customer’):
Why are you reporting:
How serious was it (1-10)?:

Sign up to our shop directory!

1. OwenMcCraft Art (done by @legoboy7107)
2. Laguy banner (done by @light_cloud)
3. Alex11345 icons (done by @ninjacraft16)
4. Tara20007 idea (done by @congyingzhou)
5. Kittenslikefood OC (done by partner shop)
6. Evilpacman10 review (done by @congyingzhou)
7. Pen_Art-me idea (done by @alex11345)
8. Irongamer223 review (done by @alex11345)
9. MasterGenius_Youtube review (done by @evilpacman10)
10. WarriorCatLover1212 coding (done by @alex11345)
11. wafflelot coding (done by @alex11345)
12. Suchomimus_Scratch signature help (done by @congyingzhou)
13. Cosy1 Logo (done by @congyingzhou and @Mystreyturtle96)
14. JJBullet Banner (done by @Mystreyturtle96)
15. JudahPendleton thumbnail (done by @congyingzhou)
16. Mystreyturtle96 Thumbnail (done by @Ninjacraft16)
17. MaskedMaruder Voice Acting (done by @pinkiepie710)
18. wafflelot- MAP music (done by @Alex11345)

Happy Scratching,

All credits go to TIPS©. DO NOT COPY NAME
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Welcome the the Gamer Guys shop!

Encouraging Scratchers to work hard and do their best!

I'm opening a new shop! ✔ ✔ ✔

The way this shop works is you can earn points and get rewards.

To earn points you can fill out an application

(This one)


The you will get invited to the Gamer Guys studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5347355/

I accept every application

When you are invited accept the invitation and you will get notified on your profile when you can fill out and order.

If you fill out an order you get a point, which can be used for loves, favorites, ect. I will keep track of points so you don't have to

You can check your points at the points project in the studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/245155921/
When you want to redeem your points, tell me on my profile.

If you want to order fill this out:

What you want:
Time limit:

Activity -
- Really Active
- Active
- Neutral
- Not That Active
- Banned

@Nickyman15 - Artist / Co manager
@Inkulumo - Artist
@ge-b - Coder

Partner shop owned by @CrimsonCrusade
Called SAPCB

Thank you for shopping at Gamer Guys
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☁️ Want to listen to the same song with other Scratchers LIVE? Introducing CloudCast. ☁️
Curated by @Squirmyfortherun 9/12/18!


☁️ Check it out HERE! ☁️

CloudCast is a new way to listen to music together through the cloud. Wherever you are, use CloudCast to create a seamless connection between other Scratchers around the world so you can listen to the same song live.

A new DJ is automatically selected when there is no DJ online. If you're the DJ, you can change the upcoming song and view song requests from other Scratchers! There is even a reactions bar with four different reactions! Click on one and everyone online will see it!

CloudCast even features a reaction bar and online chat! Use the reaction bar to share your reactions to everyone online and use our online chat with safe pre written responses!

CloudCast's unique cloud system and CloudSync technology supports unlimited users simultaneously! This is because the music being played is hosted directly on your device!

SmartSound changes the song volume based on the volume of your surroundings in real-time with AI!

CloudCast has been extensively tested with 3 different devices and works with the new cloud limit, so check it out!

☁️ Check it out HERE! ☁️


These reviews are by real Scratchers who tried out CloudCast!

AaryanGamer9 wrote:

Quality content as always! Really innovative and great idea!

Spaacer wrote:

WOW!! I love this!

Blue_Science wrote:

Nice !

willbowman wrote:

LOVE IT! So much!

dic535923 wrote:

WOW!! This is AMAZING! Great job!

NilsTheBest wrote:


CodePoodle wrote:

This is spectacular!

shradibop wrote:

it is amazing. suggesting to be featured…

Luna2579 wrote:

Wow! This is so awesome!!!

-AvrgCoder- wrote:

Nice project!

_Landia_ wrote:

This is such a unique project idea! Wonderful work ahhh

minimastre2746d wrote:

dude! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

go90takes wrote:

This looks amazing!

shradibop wrote:

OMG! So good!

SreeS32 wrote:

THIS IS AMAZING! This should really go on the front page. It's already deep down in featured, but IT NEEDS more fame.

shradibop wrote:

This one is amazing

-AvrgCoder- wrote:

This is a really cool concept!

shradibop wrote:

That's amazing!

xXGokyXx wrote:

Really cool idea.

UnicornCake17 wrote:

This is crazy amazing I love it

Nightslash137 wrote:

AH this is so good oml

DogCatPuppyLover wrote:

Good project!

Scratch_TS wrote:

Nice project!

AEMpizza15 wrote:

It's really cool and should be featured!

-InsanityFox- wrote:

I love this!!!!

Harudaichi wrote:

Pretty underrated
+ more!

☁️ Check it out HERE! ☁️

Alternative link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/248030317/
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Has no Particular Order in Priority
Owner: @wafflelot-
(Has complete control, can hire and fire.)

Manager: @Raiini
(Can hire and fire, fills in for the owner when away, can call activity checks)

First Vice President: @JJBullet (lots of control, can hire and fire people, fills in for president when absent, can call activity checks etc.)

Second Vice President: @powerofmusic (lots of control, can hire and fire people, fills in for president when absent, can call activity checks etc.)

Chairman: @sti_scratch (*)(Can fire and hire members. Chairs meetings on the board of directors. Has casting vote in the event of a tie. Can call activity checks)

Vice-Chairman: Open(Can hire members. Fills in for chairman when absent.)

Partnerships Officer: Open (Agrees on partnerships with other shops, negotiates deals and reviews partnerships every so often.)

Secretary: Open
(Can hire and keeps track of untaken and unfinished orders. Gives activity checks - commenting on profile and marking them (*) if inactive.)

Marketer: Open
(Bumps and Advertises our shop, Cannot Hire or Fire. Gets an Assistant)

Marketer's Assistant: Open
(Helps Bumps and Advertises our shop, Cannot Hire or Fire. Helps out, Assistant.)

Department Manager: Open
(Looks after the head of departments and makes sure their doing their job right)

Heads of Departments:
(Can hire (ask owner first) into their department and makes sure workers in their department are finishing orders.)
Head of Art:@charlottelucy15
Head of Logos:Open
Head of Banners: Open
Head of Reviews: Open
Head of Music: Open
Head of Writing: @congyingzhou
Head of Code: @leapinleopardstar (*)
Head of Signatures: Open
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GIFS and Animations
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Coders and Writers
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Java Script


Short Story - Fiction
o @Seam49 (*)
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o @TTBGamerForever (*)

Short Story - Non Fiction


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So, I've gotten back into SiIvaGunner and stuff, and I'm trying to make some BPM mashups from my school-owned laptop, and I need to find the BPMs of some songs. I can't find these answers on my ChromeBook; all the websites that have BPMs listed on them are blocked. I'm looking for BPMs of UNDERTALE songs, and songs often used by the SiIvaGunner team (Flintstones theme NES, One Week, Hip To Be Square, Crawling, Bring Me To Life, Numb, In The End, All Star, etc.)
If you know the BPMs to any of these, or songs that aren't on the list, please let me know!

BPMs I know of:
Megalovania - 120

Heartache - 119.5

Replies: 5
Replies: 97
The first post
So I would like to make a actual game outside of scratch with a program called game maker, if you don't know what it is, it is a game engine thats been used for games like Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, Nidhogg 2, Spelunky, etc..

I can do all the coding, but I need someone to help me with ideas, art, probably sound, etc..

And code, if you'd really like!

Here what we have so far!!

Studio link!: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5637963/projects/
Target platform: Windows
Genre: Adventure/Platformer

Story(so far):
Your character comes from the wood kingdom and is on their way to retrieve a hourglass that was stolen from the king, but this is no ordinary hourglass, it's an hourglass that allows you to travel between the worlds, and there's only 10 of them in the whole universe, two for each kingdom, 1 for the king and 1 for the queen. They exist in different dimensions and you have been given the remaining one and are using it to travel to each world and find the thief.
There are 5 main kingdoms you travel through to reach the magical hourglass!
1.The wood kingdom is a forest land with treehouses and bridges throughout
2.The stone kingdom is a city built into a volcano- is it active? you'll have to find out
3.The metal kingdom is a steampunk world built around a clock tower
4.The sand kingdom is an ever-shifting desert world
5.The clay kingdom is an underwater world built into a ravine

There will also be "The secret kingdom" for the final battle against the thief…

As the thief travels through these worlds with you behind them, they steal hourglasses from every kingdom they visit, and use them to move to the next kingdom and to spawn their minions to slow you down!

Follow the thief and get the stolen hourglasses back.
every time you beat the thief, expect in the secret kingdom, you get 1 hour glass, but the thief gets away with one, at the end having 5 hourglasses that after beating the final battle, you will return to their respective kingdoms as the credits roll…
Every level is time based, indicated by an hourglass

Designing the characters, tiles, collectables, levels, menus, etc. around wood kingdom! (everything basically)

We need a name for the thief and the rulers of different kingdoms
Generally any ideas…

Other notes:
After we get the first kingdom done(Wood Kingdom), we could release a demo for play testing! Feedback from that can help us make the game better, and make sure, that we don't repeat some mistakes in the other kingdoms and parts of the development.

Producer and Creator: NanoZ
Lead Coder: NanoZ
Lead Artist(Traditional): TheRealNetherBefore
Lead Artist(Pixel art): -Tetro-
Music producer: NickVBen
Other artists:
Story/Ideas: TheRealNetherBefore, –_Nova_–, Blazepie3, Generally all of the members of the collab!

OST(Original soundtrack)
Replies: 283

Ultimate Logo Shop
The best logos on Scratch!
Get a great logo, FAST

Visit our official studio to view samples and more –> https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5667648/projects/

How to request a logo:
Account name:
Time logo is needed by:
Colors wanted:
Category of projects you have (animations, games, etc.):
Details on logo:
Preferred Designer (if any):

Current Staff:
Shop Manager: @yourdesigner

Assistant Manager (can request firing and hiring to shop manager, can assign logos to staff members, makes sure all staff members are active and doing their part): @JJBullet

Customer service/response: @Yelmut, @PBandJ_Lord, @powerofmusic, NOW HIRING

Beginning Logo Designers: @Sandirocsayzlolz @Prokube, @light_cloud, @MysteryTurtle96, @heyheypizza11, @pizzaman5thgrade, @Lolmander, @JaiAmruth, @GottaLuvCatz, @RP_DESIGN, @paws48, @god286, NOW HIRING

Advanced Logo Designers (must have completed at least 5 logos on the shop ): @16itople1

NEW Intro/Outro Designers: @JaiAmruth, @Lolmander, @paws48NOW HIRING

Designer Bios:
@yourdesigner: I've made over 25 logos and banners! Some banners I have made for shops: Ninja Shop, Lolmander's Criticism Shop, Maruder's Shop, Requests Shop, Ultimate Logo Shop. I've been making logos for a few months and all of my customers have been satisfied! Check out my profile for some sample logos!

@16itople1: I'm 16itople1and I like to work with the Scratch vector editor. I've been designing logos for a while and can also make GIFs! I've done a variety of different logos ranging from anime cats to Tacobell logos and no order is too hard! I am very active and can get orders done usually within 5 hours but sometimes up to 36 hours due to school.

@Lolmander: Hi, am a fairly young boy who is okay at making logos, (See @powerofmusic and @lolmander)
I am pretty speedy at making them too!
I hope you pick me, but, you don't have to.

@Sandirocsayzlolz (not active):
@Prokube (not active):

How to apply for a job:
Account name:
Years on Scratch:
Experience in logo design:
Experience in art:
Job wanted:

Your job application will be reviewed in 24 hours or less.

Staff Policies
- Must be active on the shop at least once a week
- Must do your job and answer requests from manager/others
- Logo designers must make their logos like the customer asked/not sloppy and made last minute - just a tip: keynote (Mac) is a great place to design logos, it's where I do most of mine. I also sometimes just use scratch vector
- Customer service and response staff must respond to customers at least once a week
- Customer service and response staff can advertise for the studio if they would like, it would be greatly appreciated!
- Customer service and response staff may report who to most active staff member that week and who isn't active at all
- Overall just be nice and have fun!

Logo Policies
- Each Scratcher gets one redo (one other logo) if they don't like the first one
- Scratcher must fill out the whole logo request form
- If you don't like your logo, please explain why, don't just say “I don't like it, this is awful”

Partnerships (currently not looking for more)

Thanks for checking out the Ultimate Logo Shop! Follow me and check out sample logos: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/yourdesigner/
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This topic,some friends and I,make or a few of like projects(usually 1 project in month) and share links.And I add projects in my studio.(Studio link:https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5104214/ ) I think this is great idea.

Turkish discuss:https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/318348
Türkçe tartışma:https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/318348
Replies: 1
Well, I don't have much experience with forums, so someone please help me out xD

So here are the current bios! If you want to apply, do it in the studio, https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5334356/comments/ and follow the requirements listed in the description!

@allbookmonkey//Ariya//Female// Black hair, blue eyes, mischievous grin// Slytherin// Unexpectedly kind, reserved, observant, devious, dark// Year 2 // White tiger//Phoenix feather cedar, 13.5 in.//DADA, Charms, Potions, Transfig, Herbs// Snowy owl (Cirrus)//Coming soon//Coming soon// Good @ duelling

@-MangoTango-//Tori//Female// orange hair, White Jacket // Ravenclaw// Caring, jokester// Tiger//Cedar + unicorn hair// Potions, charms, transfig, herbology, DADA// snowy owl (Cloud)//Ryan//Ryan

@-MangoTango-// Ryan// Male// orange hair, blue jacket// Ravenclaw// Kind, Mischevious, jokester, funny //Tiger //Cedar + unicorn hair//Potions, charms, transfig, herbology, DADA//snowy owl(Carl)//Tori//Tori//

@Leomander//Joshua//Male//looks like pikachu// Ravenclaw// lazy// Year 1// Dragon// Undecided + Phoenix feather// Potions, DADA, Transfig, Charms, Flying// Griffin//N/A//Idk.//N/A

@DragonCindy//Cindy//female//black hair, brown eyes// Ravenclaw// clever, quick thinker// Year 2// leopard patronus + pet cat// dragon heartstring holly// Charms, Transfig, divination, potions, dada

@HonestlyRon//Hermione Granger// Female //Brown, bushy hair// Gryffindor// Sometimes bossy + know-it-all-ish, mostly kind, smart //1// Otter//10 3/4 vine dragon heartstring//Transfig, Charms, Magic history, Potions, Flying// None yet// Ron// None yet//None

@BellatrixNarcissa//Cho Marietta Chang//female//brown hair// loving, funny, popular, smart// 5// otter//holly unicorn//transfig, charms, potions, DADA, arithmancy//pygmy puff//Cedric Diggory//Marietta//likes Harry Potter//Ravenclaw

@HarryPotter-10//Harry James Potter//male//black hair, glasses// Gryffindor//kind,brave, friendly// 1//stag//Hollow phoenix feather// charms, flying, DADA, transfig// none// Ginny// none//Ron & Hermione//none//none yet//

@HonestlyRon//Ginevra (Ginny) Molly Weasley//Female//red hair, freckles, blue eyes, pale//fierce, strong, compassionate //10 years, not ready to go to Hogwarts (future Gryffindor)//Mare//Yew 14 inches, rest unknown//Errol(family owl)// Harry Potter//None yet//

@Lyndenmyer//Ember Marvolo Malfoy // Female // Blond hair, ~5 feet tall // Gryffindor// Nice to everyone except mean people, stresses a lot//3//Wolf//12 in. Maple dragon heartstring // Charms, Flying, DADA, transfig// Daedalus, barn owl//Harry Potter (crush)// Hermione// Brother + family were in Slytherin & got mad when she was in Gryffindor

@T-REXjustin//Draco Malfoy//Male//blond hair// slytherin// never gives up, kind of mean//year 4// snake// dragon heartstring elk//potions, charms, DADA, herbology, and transfig// owl//none// Vincent Crabbe, Greggory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson

@amsheee//Selena Hypnos// Female//red hair, emerald eyes, pale, freckles, cobalt flats// Slytherin//Kind, sassy, shy, cunning, ambivalent//3//Blue Marlin//11“, Hippogriff feather, cherry, pink crystal grip// Dueling, Transfig, DADA, potions, charms//Owl(Emerald)//None// None//None//Skilled in dark arts + dueling

@BellatrixNarcissa//Luna Lovegood//girl//blonde hair and blue eyes// Ravenclaw//quirky, cute, honest// 3//hare//oak unicorn// transfig, Charms. Arith, herbs, DADA// owl// none// none// none//Ginny//stands up for the Quibbler.

@harry_potter396//Isadora Marshall/ /Female// Chestnut hair, brown eyes, freckles//Ravenclaw//Smart, nerd, talkative//3//Horned Owl//Redwood 9.75 dragon heartstring//Charms, DADA, Transfig, Astro, Herbs//N. Saw Whet Owl//N/A//N/A//U/N// Good flier & chaser

@Jace_Heartwell//Jace Heartwell//male//brown hair, brown eyes, tall// hufflepuff//kind, energetic, outgoing, can be shy//year 4//unicorn hair//white stallion//U/N//cat//N/A//N/A

@Oddcandy//Isabelle Stalling (nickname:issy)//female//long blonde hair, tan skin, and green eyes//griffindor//introvert (prefers to be alone)//3rd year//patronus:rabbit//dragon heartstring//typing that later//mouse//none//smart//

Mark//Male//Very dark brown hair, brown eyes//kind and helpful, but sometimes grumpy//Gryffindor//Year 2//Patronus: Sphinx cat// Cypress and Unicorn hair 11 ¾”, surprisingly flexible//transfig, potions, charms, DADA//snowy owl(Elmo)// none// likes reading

Jessica Brown//female//waist length brown hair, hazel eyes, tan//Ravenclaw// bubbly, kind, loving, smart, sometimes grumpy// 3rd year//Wolf//Holly + dragon heartstring 12"// Charms, Transfig, , Potions, care of magical creatures// Barn Owl named Starflight// none yet// none// maybe Isadora Marshal

@-MangoTango- //Snape//male// looks like snape//aggressive but somewhat kind// Potions// Unknown//Doe//Dead// N/A // owl

@HonestlyRon//Minerva McGonagall//Female//brown hair in a bun, green robes//Strict but kind// Transfig//Fir + dragon heartstring, 9.5 inches, stiff//Cat //None//Hermione//Owl U/K

@BellatrixNarcissa//Aurora Sinistra//female//long black hair + silvery brown eyes// astronomy//holly dragon heartstring//phoenix//doesn't know///Cho//owl//none
Replies: 38
This forum is just for Twisty Puzzle rankings, and discussing times. I only made this because the bad word detector has RUINED my description section.

❒ Club Records:
2x2- 0.88 seconds @Brenderp
3x3- 7.01s @imachicken215
4x4- 42.66 @Sigton
5x5- 1:51 @imachicken215
Pyra- 2.50s @hpope2
Mega- 2:27 m @Brenderp
Skewb- 4.61s @mormon7118
One-handed 3x3- 27.31 s @Sigton
Clock- 16.02 @mormon7118
Gear Ball- 2.19s @mormon7118
Gear Cube-

❒ 3x3 rankings
@imachicken215 - 7.01 s
@ScratchyCat98 - 7.54 s
@-AwesomeAdvanced- -8.36s
@Sigton - 8.89s
@Aroothief - 10.36 s
@Brenderp - 12.26 s
@hpope2 - 12.4 s
@-XxX-MEOW-XxX- - 12.61 s
@mormon7118 - 13.64 s
@rradicobb - 14 s
@DankMisha - 16.53 s
@new_gamerin - 17.96 s
@ Surface_Bro - 20 s
@supersmiley15 - 21.70 s
@Rubikscello - 28 s
@2Cool4School______RN - 32.95 s
@FunkyDanDan - 33s
@ThunderChicken314 - 33.07
@Gamerslime2112 - 36.42
@lemonboy19 - 41.33 s
@duhhhhh ~ 50 s
@CodeBit - 57.05 s
@ HSJ-92987 - 2:12 minutes
@SuperDoom - 2:16.48 minutes

4x4 Rankings
@Sigton 42.66 seconds
@-XxX-MEOW-XxX- -1:05m
@new_gamerin - 1:11.56 m
Replies: 20
This is Team Intelligent Projects Shop, a shop.

If you want to join the collaboration, sign up as a worker at the shop I someone will give you the link for the newest version of the project.

Enemy AI: @congyingzhou @it_is_congyingzhou
Background and simple sprite controls: @Alex11345 @aaa253
Battles: @NinjaCraft16
Bonus stuff and effects: @KDT123

We really need help! Come join our shop!
Replies: 7
My computer won't work to make projects!
Replies: 67

All shops/members get one vote each. Votes are held in the voting thread.

Shop Voters

Single Voters
  • MasterOfTheTiger (judge*)
  • sti-scratch (non-shop member)

*Judges may not vote in elections and other certain votes.
Replies: 2339

dude341 wrote:

OK, this order doesn't use the music order form from this shop. This is because I copied and pasted this from another shop, I want both shops to do this order but I'm just seeing which one is faster. Please respond to let me know what will happen, when this will be done, etc!
Music Form:
Username: dude341
What kind of music do you want: See “anything else”
Who do you want doing it: Anyone
When do you want it done: See “anything else”
Are you going to leave a review: Maybe
Anything else: OK, so this is an order a bit different from a standard music order. If you make music, you should know what a MIDI is, right? Even if you don't, you should have an option to export as a MIDI in your music making program. If you don't, then “Anvil Studio” is a great free music making program that can export as a MIDI. A MIDI is a special type of music file, that instead of just containing audio, instead it contains where the notes are and what instruments (from a selection of 128 instruments which will be familiar if you've ever used the note blocks in Scratch 1.4.) to use. It's how apps like Synthesia work and stuff. Anyway, what I would like is a recreation of the Wii Sports track “Tennis (Training)” (here) in the MIDI format. Basically just listen to that song and try to recreate the song yourself. Try and get the instruments as close as possible and use multiple instruments, not just one. I understand that recreating a song by just listening is very hard so you can get it done by December (NOTE: In the original order I meant December 1st. Due to the delay I will raise this to December 25th Due to this order not being taken, I will raise this date to January 09) to give you enough time. Please do not simply run the original song through a “MP3 to MIDI” converter, they are not meant for this type of thing and will just create a jumbled mess of piano notes! Thank you!

ronsid wrote:

Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music): scripting
Description of work:A logic evaluator which takes a list in the format Gate(ina=k,inb=l,out=someout)
Colours: (if art)
When you want it done: 1 week (10/18)
Are you following this thread (you don't have to):no
Any more info:Notify me when it's done

hcarrieres wrote:

Hello! I have a few orders for my new game, Circle wars and an extra OC!
Username: hcarrieres
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music) Scripting
Description of work: I need a pause button that is programmed to pause the game without stopping it.
Colours: (if art) None, because it's not art.
When you want it done: Well, it might take a while, so you have all the time you want. But please don't procrastinate…
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes!
Any more info: Please remix my game with the button and coding, I will (with credit) copy the scripts to the original. Also, I might draw the button myself, but if you want to try drawing it, feel free to do so!

Username: hcarrieres
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music): Art / Sprite / Animation
Description of work: I need a girl with short brown hair and brown eyes. Make her full body. I would like a green shirt and a long dark pink skirt. If possible, I would like some animation frames, too.
Colours: (if art) Green, brown, dark pink
When you want it done: It could take a while, so there isn't a deadline.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes!
Any more info: None.

Note: The first order is the most urgent one.
Thank you for reading!

JudahPendleton wrote:

Username: I would like to be called JP_cards (JudahPendleton)
Work you want done: thumbnail for my final project Halo Capture The Flag 2
Description of work: add my the basic player in the game but in 3D, also can you add some explosions.
Colours: Background - blend dark Red and Navy Blue
have two flags - both blue and red have one of the flag being carried by a player
When you want it done: in the next 2 days
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): yes
Any more info: heres the link to my project - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/206644145/
oh and also I may modify the thumbnail a bit

TheNeonBoy wrote:

Username: @TheNeonBoy
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music) art
Description of work: Uno cards for my uno game that I Will be making
Colors: (if art) colors of the UNO game
When you want it done: As soon as you can (Take your time)
Are you following this thread (you don't have to) : Yup
Any more info: Please make sure you do the reverse cards and color switch cards
here are some pictures of uno cards, https://bennuttall.com/christmas-coding-challenge-uno/
You don't have to do all of them, but plz do some number cards, reverse, and color switch! thx

MajorityWindow23 wrote:

Username: MajorityWindow23
Work you want done: profile picture
Description of work: I want a cool looking guy coming out of the letter M
Colours: (Any just not too much dark colours)
When you want it done: either today or tomorrow
Are you following this thread: Yes
Anymore info: thanks hope it gets done soon.Until then!

RioluPokePie wrote:

Username: @RioluPokePie
Work you want done: Logo
Description of work: My OC, Riola, in a Bendy Halloween costume
Colors: Black, brown, blue (maybe)
When you want it done: By Halloween
Are you following this thread: Yes
Any more info:

Dynamoo wrote:

Username: Dynamoo
Work you want done:Logo
Description of work: Pastel Aqua
Colours: (if art)
When you want it done: 4 days
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): yea
Any more info: My current logo has some things i like on it if that helps

leonaja wrote:

Username: leonaja
Work you want done: vector art of mango
Description of work: None
Colours: “Mango” colors
When you want it done: Anytime
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes
Any more info: Nope!

-BubsyBobcat wrote:

Username: -BubsyBobcat
Work you want done: A thonk (I think it's an emoji order -pinkie)
Description of work: Basically a vector sprite of the thinking emoji, but it looks like Bubsy.
Colours: Bubsy's colors
When you want it done: IDC
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): That's purr-ect!
Any more info: No.

YaBoiSiege wrote:

Username: YaBoiSiege
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music) Logo
Description of work: I kind of need a logo that abbreviates Siege's Projects
Colours: (if art) Light blue and white, like the scratch bar
When you want it done: As soon as possible
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): No
Any more info: Nope

Lolmander wrote:

Username: Lolmander
Work you want done: art
Description of work: a meteor
Colours: Meteor colors
When you want it done: Take your time
Are you following this thread yes
Any more info: nope.

tardistimemachine wrote:

I need two of your services.
Username: Tardistimemachine
Work you want done: Music and voice acting.
Description of work: I need a contemporary classical song called The Scratch Cryptids Theme. I would like it to be kind of like the music of John Williams. I also need two female voice actors and a male voice actor. I will need the male voice actor twice after this, as this is for a series of three animations.
When you want it done: In one week, if possible. I understand if you can't.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes.
Any more info: The voice actors will need to remix this project with their voice work. Lines and descriptions are in the Notes and Credits.
Thank you so much!
^^^ Needs two voices actors (male and female), and the music

wafflelot- wrote:

Username: wafflelot-
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music) Animation
Description of work: An animation of something of the animator's choice!
Colours: (if art)
When you want it done: In a week (17/10/18)
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes
Any more info: Please include my OC. If I like it I'll re-share it and give you a shoutout on my profile

MajorityWindow23 wrote:

I need some voice acting done
Username: Majorityindow23
Work you want done: Voice acting
Description of work: A male voice over the age of 11 saying" Oh yeah we wanna! for sure!
Colours: None
When you want it done: Today or tommorow
Are you following this thread: Yeah
Anymore info: nah that's it

get it done soon!

sippingcider wrote:

I have a bunch of artwork I could use some help with completing, so I am going to list a bunch of orders. No need to do them all, just pick one that looks fun to do.
For all of these orders: They are for the game: Adventures in Phycia, they are backgrounds for different scenes in this text-based Adventures/RPG game. Anyone who does art for it will get credit in the comments of the game.
Username: SippingCider
What You Want Done: Game Background Scene Art (480x360 pixels)
Description of work: A medieval training camp on the shore of an island. Here are some details but they do not all need to be shown in the scene: the island has mountains. There are rats in the training grounds. There is a ship docked at the camp. The soldiers at the camp are well equipped and heavily armored. This camp is ruled by the nation called Chea.
Colours: any
When you want it done: the sooner the better, but no set deadline.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): no
Any more info: see top of this post
Username: SippingCider
What You Want Done: Game Background Scene (480x360 pixels)
Description of work: A medieval town on a beach next to a thick forest. Here are some details but they do not all need to be in the picture: The town is surrounded by a wooden fence. There is a stone well, a tavern, a general shop, a mystics hut, and a library. The town's name is Kindle, and there is a sign to the entrance of the town that says, "Welcome to Kindle Town, where good things start. There is a farmhouse on the edge of the town."
Colours: any
When you want it done: the sooner the better, but no set deadline.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): no
Any more info: see top of this post
Username: SippingCider
What You Want Done: Game Background Scene (480x360 pixels)
Description of work: A thick forest. Here are some details but they do not all need to be in the picture: The trees are mostly tall, blocking out the sun. There is a native people's village among the trees in the center of the forest. All sorts of magical and non-magical creatures live in this forest.
Colours: green
When you want it done: the sooner the better, but no set deadline.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): no
Any more info: see top of this post
Username: SippingCider
What You Want Done: Game Background Scene (480x360 pixels)
Description of work: A city with a golden palace in the center. Here are some details but they do not all need to be in the picture: The city is divided into two parts, the rich inner part and the poor outer part. There is a maze of alleyways in the poor part of town. Gold domes glitter in the sun from the rich part of town. A golden gate separates the rich from the poor. Priests from a church walk the streets, preaching to the commoners. The town's name is the Sun Palace.
Colours: gold (for domes), otherwise any colors
When you want it done: the sooner the better, but no set deadline.
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): no
Any more info: see top of this post
That's it, thanks for reading!

wafflelot- wrote:

Username: wafflelot-
Work you want done: (e.g. logo, scripting, music) I some MAP Parts
Description of work: I would like the song, Girls Like You by Maroon 5 Divided up into 20-24 MAP Parts. Please don't use the one with the Carli B feature. Here's a download link https://music.pleer.download/#!b0fa4200318e7c297bfe016380dbe88f
Colours: (if art) No Thanks
When you want it done: I need this done ASAP guys!!!! The person to do it will receive loves from moi and credit
Are you following this thread (you don't have to): Yes
Any more info: Please get this done soon!
Unclaimed orders! Be sure to snip out the ones you're not taking to avoid cluttering the forum!
Just for reference, the oldest orders are at the top. Please take some of those, even if you’re not in that department!
~don't quote the entire post~
~snip the orders that you aren't talking about~
Replies: 33
Complete list of translated suggestions:

that need more replies!

Suggestion from @MaximeThiel
I'm suggesting a new block to be implemented.
I am pretty sure that everyone already knows this:
stop all sounds

But wouldn't the block
stop sound [ v] :: sound
also be practical, in some cases?

2 replies
Suggestion from @2005200439
There should be a button named “Under renovation”, when a published project is being maintained, whether it's to fix bugs or add new things. It could be near the “Work in progress” button, and it could let users know why the project isn't working or why there is a bug.

needs clarification
2 replies
Suggestion from @2005200439
New block ideas:
((...) [first v] [letters v] de [Something]:: operators)
((...) [last v] elements of [list v]:: list)

This would be useful to avoid:

(join (join (join (join (join [] []) []) []) []) [])

1 reply
Music suggestions!

Suggestion from @orlan03
For noteblocks, it would be useful if there were chords:

Play notes (...)(...)(...) at the same time for (0.5) beats ::sound

1 reply
Edit by NTB: actually, doesn't this have a simple workaround? Just thought of a system

Suggestion from @Itharius
More than chords, I'd like it if we could play a certain frequence
Play (...) hertz for (...) beats :: sound

1 reply

2005200439 wrote:

A variable that knows the speed of the mouse pointer :
(speed of mouse pointer:: sensing)

A “round to” block where we can round up to a certain amount of digits (not very clear)
(round (7.25) to [tenths v]:: operators)
needs clarification

A block that sets a sprite to a layer :
go to the layer (2):: looks

New styles of pen (eraser, pencil…) :
set style of pen to [eraser v]:: pen

An event block :
when <>:: events :: hat

Others keys :
<key [& v] pressed?>
<key [+ v] pressed?>
<key [ctrl v] pressed?>

Variables for look effects:
(effect [ghost v]:: looks)

A variable who know the place of a letter in a word :
(place of [e] in [Hello]:: operators)

A block who set all scripts, sounds (or others) on “pause”, then on “play” :
set [all scripts v] on [pause v]:: control

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