There should be an option in “Account Settings” to not receive studio messages, because me, and i'm sure other scratchers do NOT enjoy the moment when all of their messages are studio messages, so that's pretty much it..


Here is a more universal solution:


I get really annoyed by studio messages. I was thinking, what if there was a button somewhere that you could turn on or off getting studio messages. So if you wanted to turn studio messages off than you press the button and you don't get studio messages ever again unless you turn them on.

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I believe this was suggested before!


There is already a big topic on this. See:


Hi scratch!

I have a question. Do you think it might be an idea to have a setting to turn off studio messages? I mean, it's nice to be in a studio, all the better as a manager, but I can imagine NO-ONE likes waking up in the morning to have 100 messages and half of them are studio messages!

I also know that alot of scratchers, any scratcher gets annoyed by this. All I'm saying is, maybe you could add a feature to turn studio messages off?

Thanks, @HPUser


Am I the only one who's not bothered by studio messages? At all? It's convenient for people in the studio to, y'know, follow activity.
But I support anyway, whatever. I know a lot of people won't stop talking about this until it happens.
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Support this on a per-studio basis.






Support because they Super DUPER EXTREMELY ANNOYING
Except for collab messages.
But what about the jokes about studio activity messages?


Partially supporting


Lol I totally support this


I support, but I think people should only get studio messages if they follow a studio, as following a studio actually doesn't do anything.



Studio messages are annoying




Support! Every day:

Ahh, 2 messages!

I look:

There was new activity in …
There was new activity in …

It's annoying…


-silvermoon840- wrote:

I support, but I think people should only get studio messages if they follow a studio, as following a studio actually doesn't do anything.


I get a lot of studio activity messages from studios which are kind of inactive or dead and only have one or two active members…

I think that when you curate there should be an option asking you whether or not you want to receive messages. (kind of like in Youtube how when you subscribe to someone you choose whether or not you want a notification for their new uploads)


Edit from 4 months after I originally wrote this post: support, because I think it'd be useful for some people to choose whether or not we should be able to receive updates from studios.

I didn't support this suggestion several months ago because I misunderstood the post as “removing studio notifications”, which I was (and still am) against.