Hi, I've noticed that when I group something in vector in one costume, and then when I switch to another costume before coming back to the costume where I grouped something, it's no longer grouped. This is kind of frustrating because I tend to animate in vector and I rely a ton on the grouping tool so it's quite a disappointment to see that nothing is no longer grouped so then I have to regroup everything all over again which is very time consuming and stressful. If anyone knows how to fix this, can you please tell me? Thank you!

I hope y'all have a great day/night! ^^


Yeah, this happens in Scratch 3.0. I believe it was a choice made by the ST, but I'm not sure. I remember there being an issue on github about it.


I've noticed this as well, and I don't think the ST fixed this yet for 3.0


That's quite concerning, I sometimes have no issue with this, though it happens a bit too often (Hence the reason I decided to post something about it.)